why does my simple 0x86 shellcode execve not do anything?

I’m just starting to learn execve command, so I’m sure this is a very easy mistake, but I’ve stuck on this for hours, so any help or hints would really be appreciated, my code is as follows:

section .text

global _start


xor eax, eax  push eax  jmp short _execline 


pop ecx push eax push 0x74656777    ;wget push 0x2f2f2f2f    ;//// push 0x69622f2f    ;/bin mov ebx, esp push eax mov edx, esp mov al, 1b      ;11 as the code for execve command int 0x80 


call _exec line db "/bin/wget www.google.com", 0x0a 

In theory I should be passing execve (“/bin////wget” , “/bin/wget, www.google.com”, “”) and it should be creating a html for google.com, but right now when I run it, it does literally nothing, I’m close to giving up at this point.