SUPEE-6285 – Failed – Magento – Magento Scanner

I’ve got problem with Magento Scanner – i’ve got just one error with:

SUPEE-6285 - Failed. Access to /downloader/Maged/ should be restricted (APPSEC-847), got '500'. Access to /downloader/lib/ should be restricted (APPSEC-847), got '500'.     

I’ve got .htaccess files with:

Order deny,allow Deny from all 

How i can remove this message from scanner to get “You’re site is secure”?

Display a custom attribute below product name in the front-end Magento

I need to display a custom attribute bellow the product name and I don’t know how can I call this attribute.

I am editing the file /app/design/frontend/templatemela/MAG100219_1/template/catalog/product/view.phtml But how can I call this attribute in php? I tried calling a string echo with the name I put in the attribute, but it didn’t work.

Code is as below:

<div class="page-title product-title">  <h1><?php echo $  _helper->productAttribute($  _product, $  _product->getName(), 'name') ?></h1> </div>  <div class="codigoinmetro">  <h2><?php echo $  _helper->productAttribute($  _product, $  _product->getName(), 'registroinmetro') ?></h2> </div>