Rote action and 10/9/8-again in nWoD

Playing nWoD – Mage the Awakening 2nd edition to be exact.

There is rote action dice permutation that says:

Rote Actions: When you’ve got plenty of training and the steps you need to follow are laid out in front of you, you’ve got a significant chance of success. When you make a roll, you can re-roll any dice that do not show an 8, 9, or 10. If you’re reduced to a chance die on a rote action, don’t re-roll a dramatic failure. You may only re-roll each die once

and general 10-again rule

Every die that comes up 10 is a success. You also roll the die again, potentially scoring another success. If this second roll comes up as another 10, count the success and roll it again, on until you roll a number other than 10. This rule is called “10-Again.” Under certain circumstances, a roll might be des-ignated “9-Again” (in which case you would reroll any die that comes up 10 or 9) or even “8-Again” (reroll any success).

Is there any explanation about how those two work together?

For example: Player rolls 3 dices with rote-action permutation and get results of ’10’, ‘8’ and ‘6’. 10-again allows him to reroll dice that came up as ’10’ – and he scores another ‘6’. Now, how many dices he can reroll with rote action permutation? Obviously, he can’t reroll the one that came up as ‘8’, due to rote action rules, but does the first dice counts as coming up as ’10’ as it did initially or as ‘6’ as it did after reroll from 10-again?