I have a space between 2 images on 100% width

So, I’m designing a login page. I’m currently stuck on a really annoying issue. So, I have 2 divs, that are supposed to be next to each other, splitting the page exactly in half. But, Instead of being right next to each other, they are seperated by a large chunk of nothing.

html, body {   height: 100%;   width: 100%;   margin: 0px; }  #rightSide {   background-image: url('/rightSide.png');   background-repeat: no-repeat;   width: 50%;   height: 100%;   display: inline-block;   float: left; }  #OrgaChat {   display: inline-block; }  #signInForm {   display: inline-block; }  #leftSide {   background-image: url('/leftSide.png');   background-repeat: no-repeat;   display: inline-block;   width: 50%;   height: 100%;   float: left; }
<head>   <title>OrgaChat</title>   <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> </head>  <body>   <div id='leftSide'></div>   <div id='rightSide'>     <h1 id='OrgaChat'>OrgaChat</h1>     <div id='loginBox'>       <form class="signInForm">         <div class="SignInDiv"><input type="text" placeholder='Email' class='signInInput'></div>         <div class="SignInDiv"><input type="text" placeholder='Password' class="signInInput"></div>         <button type="submit" class="loginFormSubmit">Log In!</button>       </form>     </div>   </div> </body>

This is the HTML/CSS Code. When I run it, I get this:

enter image description here

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    #include <iostream>     #include <algorithm>     using namespace std;      int N;     int *vet;   void atualiza(int, int); int soma(int x); void casoespecial(int , int , int , int, int );   int main() { int  n,m, x,y,a,b,c,d,local,aux,tam=4; int v[tam];   cin>>n>>m;  vet = new int[n];  N=n;     for(int i=0;i<m;i++) {       cin>>n;      if(n==1)     {         cin>>x>>y;          local=x;          atualiza(local,y);      }     else if(n==2)     {         cin>>a>>b>>c>>d;            if(a==b and c==d)         {               if(c==b)             {                    cout<<soma(b)-soma(a-1)<<endl;             }             else             {                 cout<<(soma(b)-soma(a-1))+(soma(d)-soma(c-1))<<endl;              }         }         else         {                  if(c<a and b>=d)             {                  if(d>=a)                 cout<<soma(b)-soma(c-1)<<endl;                 else                 casoespecial(a,  b,  c, d, tam);              }             else if(c<a and d>b)             {                 cout<<soma(d)-soma(c-1)<<endl;             }             else if(a<c and b>d)             {                 cout<<soma(b)-soma(a-1)<<endl;              }             else if(a<=c and d>=b)             {                  if(b>=c)                 cout<<soma(d)-soma(a-1)<<endl;                 else                 casoespecial(a,  b,  c, d, tam);              }           }                 }  }   return 0; 

} void atualiza(int local, int v){

while(local <= N){        vet[local] += v;     local += (local & -local);    } 

} int soma(int local){

int s = 0;  while(local > 0){        s += vet[local];      local -= (local & -local);   }  return s; 

} void casoespecial(int a, int b, int c, int d,int tam) { int v[4];

v[0]=a; v[1]=b; v[2]=c; v[3]=d;  sort(v,v+tam+1);  a=v[0]; b=v[1]; c=v[2]; d=v[3];   cout<<(soma(b)-soma(a-1))+(soma(d)-soma(c-1))<<endl; 


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