Did the 1000 year war involve all dragons

The description of the dragon giant war is ambiguous, on the one hand it says that all dragons fought in the war but the dragons where led by Tiamat and Garyx.

I know that Garyx was worshipped by some gold dragons but I can’t see metallic dragons en mass flocking to fight for Tiamat.

Is there any more detail in DnD lore about the makeup of the dragon army?

Did Bahamut keep out of it, side with the giants or fight alongside the dragons just not near Tiamat?

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One domain linking single post over 1,000 time looks spamming?

When I’m checking Google webmaster tool, it shows one domain linking 1,067 times to my blog single post. All these 1,067 are different blog posts in that site. That site owner added my one blog post as a troubleshooting guide with a Click anchor text.

I didn’t create these backlinks and I have no connection with him/her. I would like to know that, is it spamming backlink? Should I “Disavow” this domain from Google webmaster tool?

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Is there an updated (non-Nmap) top 100 or top 1000 common ports list?

I know Nmap has nmap-services file which gives us the list of top 1000 ports/services found on the Internet. But this list seems to be outdated, as the Nmap top 1000 list doesn’t include several services used now-a-days (like 27017/mongoDB, 6379/redis, 11211/memcached, etc). Is there any source other than Nmap, which can provide the updated list of top 1000 common ports/services used in the Internet?