Driver for QLogic 10GE 2P QL41162HxRJ-DE Adapter on UBUNTU 16.04

we have few dell R640 servers which are being used on Ubuntu 16.04. We wanted to utilize these dell server’s 10G NIC port. This card is not coming up/ not active and the status for the card is shows as down:

Down 1 Disabled NIC, RDMA No Link No Link for the for the QLogic 10GE 2P QL41162HxRJ-DE Adapter.

any help with the QL41162HxRJ card’s driver for 16.04 would be hugely appreciated.

(No, we cannot upgarde to 18 or higher, i had verified that the card is detecting and up in 18.04 , rhel etc. and am interested in solution for 16.04)

Thanks & appreciate any help in getting the 10G NIC card up.