Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, ….

I'm selling my website change text case
This website will help you easily convert text between different cases, maybe you Accidentally left the caps lock on and typed a text , you can use this tool instead of retyping the text again

Text conversion cases?
you can choose between:
Sentence case
lower case
Capitalized Case
aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

Additional Features:
• It uses a light weight script
• Easily to customize and change
• It…

Case Converter site lower, UPPER, Capitalized, ….

How to create a db schema for “if this then… elseif …. elseif …” and so on?

I want to create an app where a user will go through a series of steps every day. All the subsequent step will depend on the previous ones, that is, 2 users can have different experiences depending on the choices they make every day in my app.

Something like

   if .... then .... =>        ..... if ... then =>            ... if ... then =>       ..... elseif ... then =>       ..... elseif ... then =>        ..... default ... then =>     else if ..... then =>     ...............    ..... default ... then =>     // and so one 

I struggle to start off. How can I create a database schema for this — for the steps and dependencies between them?

Magento 2.3 Install failed …. Invalid Index using addColumn method

Installing Magento 2.3, I get error Invalid Index, the error points to the attached code in the setup file and error states the index is ‘tinyint(1) NOT NULL default 0’. Dropped back to 2.2.7, it works fine.

if (!$ installer->getConnection()->tableColumnExists($ ins taller->getTable(‘catalog_product_option’), ‘customoptions_status’)) { $ installer->getConnection()->addColumn( $ installer->getTable(‘catalog_product_option’),
‘tinyint(1) NOT NULL default 0’ ); }