How to assign IP addresses for 150,000 users without exceeding it by 20% (180,000) [duplicate]

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  • How does IPv4 Subnetting Work? 8 answers

The nearest subnet mask to achieve this was But the problem was that it contained 262,142 usable hosts which exceeded the 20% limit. So, I’m not allowed to assign more than 180,000 IP addresses.

Assuming that we can use any available public address for this problem, the approach I took was to use two separate subnet masks which contained 131,070 usuable addresses (IP range and which has 32,766 addresses (IP range –

But the problem that I’m facing now is regarding the gateway address. If I had only one network, the first IP address of the network could be used as the gateway address of the router. Now that I have two small networks, what would be the gateway address for the overall network?

Is there any other way to achieve this using just one network? Thanks.

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