Ubuntu 18.x fixing nvidia screentearing results in custom cursor error

I am using the nvidia proprietary driver. I have fixed the nvidia screentearing by doing:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/zz-nvidia-modeset.conf  Insert this:  options nvidia_drm modeset=1  Then ctrl+o press enter key ctrl+x to save file and exit.  Then run this command:  sudo update-initramfs -u 

After applying this however, I get this kind of graphics error when moving a window with the mouse: Cursor bug

The interesting thing however is, that it does not happen with all kinds of mouse icons. Examples of mouse icons creating the graphics error is:

  • Whiteglass
  • Redglass

These mouse icons can be seen under “Gnome Tweaks”.

What could be causing this?

Unable to resize the partition because the disk was locked in Ubuntu 18.X

I tried to resize the partition using GParted, and it didnt work because it’s being used by system.

enter image description here

Someone said that i need to do the GParted in a live CD, so i made a Ubuntu Installer into a USB using rufus. I also changed the boot priority in BIOS to boot the USB stick first. But i am unable to enter the live CD installer. It just keep appear the grub menu which show which OS should i use, Ubuntu or Windows.

How could i resize the ubuntu partition in proper way ?