Computer that can’t upgrade beyond Windows 1803 – safe to use until when?

I have an old computer that can’t (at least according to Windows Update) upgrade beyond Windows 1803. (Probably due to the manufacturer not releasing updates to drivers.) Until when will it be safe to use?

This seems a little strange to me. In the past, Windows versions had a pretty long life. At least as far as security updates were concerned. It seems as if now with Windows 10, computers have a much shorter life expectancy due to lack of drivers combined with Microsoft treating the updates as something everyone is expected to do, though in reality it’s not possible. Am I missing something here?

C#: How to configurate a network adapter (IP) on Windows 10 1803?

I have a code in my application (C# v.4.5.1) that allows to change a network adapter settings.

Everything has worked well but then I got a report that there is a problem on Windows 10 with Update 1803. My code worked on the previous version 1703 well if it had been run under administrator privileges (BTW on Windows 7, it works even without administator privileges).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a computer with Windows 10 so I can’t check it and fix it right now. I will have it on Monday probably.

Does someone know what has been changed in update 1803 and how to fix it?

This is my code:

static public void SetIP(NetworkInterface NIC, IPAddress ip_address, IPAddress subnet_mask)         {                     if (!NetworkSettingsChanged)             {                 backupNetworkSettings("backupNetworkSettings.txt");                 NetworkSettingsChanged = true;             }              ManagementClass objMC = new ManagementClass("Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration");             ManagementObjectCollection objMOC = objMC.GetInstances();              foreach (ManagementObject objMO in objMOC)             {                  if (objMO["Caption"].ToString().Contains(NIC.Description))                 {                     try                     {                                                 if ((bool)objMO.GetPropertyValue("DHCPEnabled") && !listDHCPNI.Where(x=>x!=NIC).Any())                         {                             listDHCPNI.Add(NIC);                         }                          ManagementBaseObject setIP;                         ManagementBaseObject newIP =                             objMO.GetMethodParameters("EnableStatic");                                                 newIP["IPAddress"] = new string[] {String.Join(".", ip_address.GetAddressBytes())};                         newIP["SubnetMask"] = new string[] { String.Join(".", subnet_mask.GetAddressBytes()) };                          setIP = objMO.InvokeMethod("EnableStatic", newIP, null);                      }                     catch (Exception)                     {                         throw;                     }                  }               }          } 

Windows 10 version 1803 – strange behaviour when opening folders containing TypeScript files

Windows never stop surprising me with its strange behaviours.

This time, after I updated to v. 1803 (build 17134.706) I have this annoying thing when opening folders containing TypeScript files, explorer takes a bit to load the list (even if it is very small) and when done it displays the files as Large Icons instead of Details

enter image description here

Has anybody else experienced this issue?