How i can include Python 2.7.13 in my standalone program made with cx_freeze, windows?

Im working in a standalone application in two systems windows and linux, I already made this python script named:

import sys,os print("this is my standalone app"); 

I use this command to compile my script, in both(windows and linux).


The is compiled correctly, without bugs, giving like a result: app.exe in the dist directory, but unfortunately the app.exe only run when Python2.7.13 are installed in the computer, not work if i uninstall Python2.7.13, i already read about cx_freeze and the people say cx_freeze automatically include the python library for make de app independient, but not for me, i already try including python27.dll and anyways not work, the app not runs without python installed on the computer.

Note: pyinstaller, is not a good option for me, because pyinstaller is a malicious compiler, who inject a virus(Trojan[Downloader]/Python.Agent.n) in the python compiled applications, cx_Freeze is clean and safe for me.

Then how i can include python in my standalone app?, something like this:

C:\Python27\Scripts\cxfreeze --include=Python27 

Or which directory from C:\Python27 i have to copy in the folder of my app, for make my app works without python be installed?