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What is the difference between screen with resolution 2560*1440 with zoom – 200% and screen with resolution 1280*720?

I have a laptop with native screen resolution as 2560*1440. So that means it has 2560 pixels dot horizontally and 1440 pixel dots vertically.

I can also force the system to display as a screen with resolution as 1280*720 (which is basically 1/4th of the pixels when compared to 2560*1440). which forces the system to use 4 native pixels to display 1 pixel of the picture.

                   .    .     .       ->                     .    . [2560*1440]      [1280*720] 

Similar effect when i keep the screen resolution at 2560*1440 and zoom of 200%. ie, to display every pixel of the picture, screen uses its 4 native pixels.

Still i see difference in the screen clarity between the two settings. Please see below for the screen shot of the two-

screen with 2560*1440 resolution with zoom of 200% enter image description here

screen with 1280*720 resolution (without any zoom) enter image description here

Can somebody explain the reason for this difference in clarity?

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