Get SharePoint 2010 workflow history for a list item

Every time I create a list item, a SharePoint 2010 Workflow runs.

This workflow sends an e-mail to a specific user. I’ve created a page with a CEWP and I would like to show a sort of “log” of e-mails sent by workflow, but I did not find a REST API to get these informations.

For example I would display a list with these informations:

- ListItem 1 --> Email sent to address@domain.tld on mm/dd/YYYY at HH:mm   - ListItem 2 --> Email sent to address@domain.tld on mm/dd/YYYY at HH:mm  [...] 

Is there a REST API to call to obtain this data? Even running date-time and status of the workflow should be good for my purpose.

prevent the “SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview” from executing any workflows during the migration from SP 2010 to SP online

We want to migrate a sharepoint on-premises 2010 to sharepoint online. and we are planning to do a test migration using the “SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview” downloaded from

now our SP 2010 contain many sub-sites, document libraries & lists + some libraries and lists have workflows attached to them and those workflows will be executed when adding/editing the items. so i need to make sure that those workflows will not be executed during the migration, as this can result in sending hundreds of emails and updating external systems which we do not want it to happen during the migration. We do need the workflows to get migrated but without been executed during the migration, i checked the available options inside the “SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview” tool but I did not find any option to present the workflows from been executed during the migration, or this will happen out of the box?


which SharePoint online list i need to use to migrate an on-premsies sharepoint 2010 “Project Tasks” list

I am working on a sharepoint on-premises 2010 farm, where we are planning to migrate it to sharepoint online. now we are planning to use a third party tool (named avepoint) to do the migration, but i have noted one thing is that inside the SP on-prem 2010 there are many lists of type “Project Tasks”, as follow:-

enter image description here

now i am planning to check with the vendor of the migration tool on how those lists will be migrated as in sharepoint online we do not have any list type named “Project Tasks”..

so can anyone advice on this please? generally speaking what is the sharepoint online list template which replace the “Project Tasks” list found in SP 2010?

SharePoint Online w/ 2013 workflow calling 2010 workflow

Currently we have a collection with six sub-sites, each site has a document library to store operational functions relating to the facility. To help standardize the approval and notification of these documents I generated a reusable 2010 workflow that was published globally.

The initial problem is that on the collection level a contact list was created, with information that pertains to each facility.

  • Site Lookup : Cannot publish globally, causes same workflow on multiple sites.

To rectify my primary problem I introduced a 2013 workflow, which would perform a web request to obtain the information rather than have a site lookup. But this introduced the following:

  • 2013 workflow does not have associative columns, forcing me to “Start 2010 workflow” with initiation columns.
  • Cannot deploy 2013 workflow globally like 2010 workflow.

Which introduces an issue on a sub-site where the 2013 workflow is trying to add parameters to a global 2010 workflow, it will not do. If I create a copy of the global workflow and use that on the list the parameter box appears without an issue.

Only solutions I can think of would be a 2013 workflow that populates a list on each site, then pause the 2010 workflow to use that value. Create multiple contact list, requiring multiple maintenance locations.

Is there a better way? Or am I going to be forced to duplicate workflows to some degree?

Copy list structure from SharePoint Online to SharePoint 2010

I have one list (RequestList) in SharePoint Online.

I have a requirement for which I want to create a replica of this list (RequestList) in SharePoint 2010.

I tried to copy structure of a list from SharePoint Online to SharePoint 2010 using Sharegate but I open the list, I am getting an error as below:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c' or one of its dependencies

is there any way to copy list structure from SharePoint Online to SharePoint 2010? Or I will have to create this list manually?


Upgrade our Operating System from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 for sharepoint 2010 and 2013, can it cause issues

We have 2 sharepoint on-premises farms 2010 & 2013,which have the following architecture:-

  • 2 SharePoint application servers (2010 & 2013) which are installed on Windows server 2008 R2
  • 2 SQl servers 2008 R2 installed on Windows server 2008 R2.

now since windows 2008 R2 will have its end of life on January 2020. so we are planning to upgrade the OS for the sharepoint application servers (2010 & 2013) and thier database server from windows 2008 R2 to windows 2012 or 2016 R2. but i am not sure if this will be a straight formawrdward task? or we need to reconfigure or re-install the sharepoint? our on-premises farms have site collections (mainly enterprise wiki + team site), sub-sites and some farm solutions for server-side event recievers.

so i am not sure if upgrading the OS will affect the 2 sharepoint on-premises farms (2010 & 2013) ? or things on paper should work well out of the box?

Workflow History in SharePoint 2010

I created OOB approval workflow in sharepoint 2010.i want to add workflow history list in my webpart i search in my list and libraries webpart that list not showing..i dont have access for sharepoint designer.

I can visible that list using this link:


Can anyone have the solution for this?