factory settings MacBook Pro 13 inch 2011 – grey screen stop sign

Because I am selling my old MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2011) and, for this reason, restore it to the factory settings.

I have followed the steps for this. First the discs were erased which only partially succeeded. In the next step “reinstall macOS” I now get a gray screen and I can’t get out (even after I turned off the laptop). Hellup.enter image description here

How can I disable AMD radeon and use Intel Integrated Graphics on 2011 iMac?

I have a mid 2011 iMac, 27-inch. The graphics card has failed, and causes the computer to randomly crash. This is a known issue, but it didn’t fail in time for Apple’s replacement program. But I digress…

I’d like to install Ubuntu on it and disable the broken AMD graphics card so I can use the integrated Intel graphics. The output of

lspci | grep -E 'VGA|Display' 

is as follows

00:02.0 Display controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Blackcomb [Radeon HD 6970M/6990M] 

Running lspci -k shows that the AMD device is using the ‘radeon’ module, and the Intel device is using ‘i915’. So, I’m assuming that this means both graphics devices are detected and have kernel drivers. (If I’m wrong, please let me know)

So, I tried blacklisting ‘radeon’ in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, but this causes the system to hang at boot. It gets part of the way through the ubuntu logo loading screen, then the screen spits out some text, ending with the line “Started GNOME display manager.” (sorry, I can’t get a screenshot of the screen).

How should I proceed, or how should I go about disabling the dedicated graphics card and using the integrated intel graphics?

H2B visa denied in 2011, but wanting to go on vacation in the USA this summer

I was denied an H2B visa to the United States in late 2011. I tried to get an ESTA not long after but was rejected.

It was denied as at the time I had little residency in the UK. Now circumstances have changed, and I am looking to travel over with my own family for a holiday.

I don’t want to apply for an ESTA until I’m confident I will be able to travel to the USA. I’ve tried contacting the embassy but had no reply.

Installing Lion through Internet Recovery on a MacBook Pro 8,11 (Early 2011)

This has me frustrated for almost two days now but how do I re-install Lion? I have made an Apple ID and followed many unnecessary proprietary procedures Apple wants me to do but I can’t seem to reinstall Lion, when I try to do so it will only pop up “Item temporarily unavailable”. I found out that it might be because it’s out of the app store. I literally have no OS running since I wiped my harddrive with confidence that’d be finally able to install it but with no avail. Is there any way to install Mac with other methods? I don’t really have a USB but my Android phone can be used as a boot flash drive for ISO files (I’ve tried Arch Linux but I can’t do much since it’s live booted). Help would be appreciated, thank you!

Selling a 2011 Casasious S2 BITCOIN BRASS COIN?

Im selling from 2011 Casasious S2 Bitcoin!

Let me know if you guys are interested.

Starting BID: 1.5 Bitcoin Buy it now: 2 Bitcoin

I’m auctioning it here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5133882.msg50681127#msg50681127

if you guys want to bid there.

Or JUST PM directly ( i don’t know if you can here) if you want to buy it now!

I can’t upload pics here. but there are links on that bitcointalk.

https://imgur.com/v7oTJWe https://imgur.com/rryhZlc

Thank you!

13” MacBook Air 2011 stuck at blank gray screen, no boot option working

i have a MacBook Air 13″ A1369 stuck on a grey screen, when i startup i can hear the chime and the computer proceed to go to a blank gray screen immediately. The screen has no apple logo or loading bar.

What I tried as of now:

-Booting in recovery by holding CMD+R — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in single-user mode by holding CMD+S — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in verbose mode by holding CMD+V — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in safe mode by holding Shift — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in hardware diagnosis mode by holding D — no effect, blank screen

-Resetting PRAM by holding CMD+ALT+P+R — no effect, blank screen

-Resetting SMC by holding Shift+Alt+Control while pressing the power button, then pressing the power button alone — no effect, blank screen

-Choosing another booting drive or recovery partition by holding Alt — no effect, blank screen

Is there something else I could try to get past this gray screen?

MacBook Pro 8,2 (Early 2011, 15” Unibody 2.3 GHz i7) – OS crashes randomly, after log in screen goes all white

I have a Macbook Pro, randomly started running into issues when logging in after start up. Occasionally will get the desktop to load but shortly thereafter the OS crashes leading to a screen with multiple colored lines which sometimes resolve after varying amounts of time. Following the crash and after re-boot/log-in the screen will go to all white.

After many of these crash sequences I booted into Recovery Mode and did a complete wipe of the harddrive with a fresh install of macOS (Sierra). I created a new user profile and logged in. All seemed well with normal use but after about 15 minutes of function as usual it went back to the same crashing sequence and white screen after log in.

Suspecting a hardware problem, I ran AHT (apple hardware test) and cycled 4 times with the Extended Testing which read “No trouble found.” for each cycle. Subsequent to this and suspecting a hard drive issues that is simply not being picked up by the AHT I booted again into Recovery mode to try running first aid on my hard drive and noticed that it is registering and being completely used with no free space (after a complete wipe and reinstall of macOS…it should be essentially empty).

I figure the complete wipe and re-install of mac OS would have solved any software related trouble that could be leading to this issue. That being said, I’m leaning toward one of three potential hardware issues being the source of my woes: hard drive, logic board or RAM. Right now the hard drive is my top suspicion but the clean cycles of AHT is confusing me.

Any ideas on where I can go from here to try and narrow down the source of the problem before I go trying to get any of the hardware replaced?