SQL 2012 patching failure – The language of SQL Server instance MSSQLSERVER does not match the language expected by the SQL Server update

I’ve picked up the support for a SQL 2012 instance on a server at our German site and need to apply SQLServer2012SP4-KB4018073-x64-ENU.

The patching is failing with the installer showing error "The language of SQL Server instance MSSQLSERVER does not match the language expected by the SQL Server update. The installed SQL Server product language is German (Germany) and the expected SQL Server language is English (United States)."

The server properties general tab (in SSMS) shows Language German (Germany), but the SERVERPOPERTY(‘LCID’) shows 1033 (US_English). The registry entry shows 1031 (German) as the install language (https://www.sqlserverscience.com/basics/localization/language-used-sql-server-binaries/#comment-191) enter image description here

Trying to use the German patch file SQLServer2012SP4-KB4018073-x64-DEU results in “This SQL Server setup media does not support the language of the OS, or does not have the SQL Server English-language version installation files. Use the matching language-specific SQL Server media; or install both the language specific MUI and change the format and system locales through the regional settings in the control panel”.

Any pointers as to a way forward so I can apply the patch?

Secret of the Ancients (2012) – why leave them here?

Note – this has significant spoilers for the Secret of the Ancients campaign.

Secret of the Ancients has some really interesting ideas and lots of detail but some serious flaws also. However, among the unbelievably coincidental timings, forced plot choices and repeatedly stripping away all of the PCs’ gear, there is a serious question.

In the closing paragraphs of Chapter 4, the ship that the PCs are on:

In Chapter 5, page 91, we learn that:

Then in Chapter 7 when the characters finally succeed in getting into orbit they:

What is the in-game reason for the PCs arriving there? It beats being stuck in deep space with no way to reach an inhabited system or be rescued, but otherwise it is the worst possible location because it is where their enemies are waiting for them. Note that I am not looking for game design reasons for this occurrence, which I understand, I am looking for a plausible in-game rationale.

Why restored SQL 2012 Database on SQL 2016 significantly larger then SQL 2012 Database?

Question about restored SQL 2012 database on SQL 2016 and backed up again on SQL 2016. I’ve backed up SQL 2012 database that is 33 MB in size. Then, restored it on SQL 2016 and created another backup but this time on SQL 2016. The size of the backup changed from SQL 2102 backup file of 33MB to 315MB backup file size on SQL 2016.

Why such big increase to the size of the backup file on the SQL 2016?

Appreciate any help. Wesley

Is it possible to configure SMTP relay on SSRS 2012 RTM?

I am trying to configure SSRS 2012 RTM to work with user and password to a remote SMTP server. In 2016 its working just fine but for some reason on 2012 it doesn’t- when i add the SMTP configuration below and then i try to create an SSRS subscription it will not allow sending subscriptions that are not file share subscriptions. IS this feature supported in 2012? (SMTPAuthenticate= 1)

configuration file SMTP setup: enter image description here

I also checked the error logs and could not find an error. Thanks In advance

Is that pissible to setup openvpn on a vps server with windows 2012 r2 for a smart phone client with ios?

I have recently hired a vps server with windows server 2012r2 as the operating system. The servers IP is from a different country. I wondered if I could use the server as a vpn channel to connect to and access the Internet from my ios device so that I can bypass regional ip filtering. I’ve heard that it could be possible through installing and configuring openvpn on the server. From the following tutorial I was able to proceed with the installation and configuration steps.

However when it comes to run the vpn server I encounter error regarding TAP windows adapter not found. Its icon is actually available in network connections and it is enabled. But it is not connected. Upon the explanation above I have two questions. Firstly is openvpn the easiest and best approach to achieve the goal I declared!? The second question is that how can I further dig into the TAP windows adapter v9 problem and find a solution?!


Destroy cluster windows server 2012 r2

I want know how to delete a Windows Server Failover Cluster. My case is a bit special.

I encountered some problems while creating a failover cluster, and I stopped the cluster services then I did “evict nodes”, then “destroy cluster”.

Then the cluster disappears and now I can no longer recreate a cluster because it tells me that the servers are in a cluster. In this case how to delete a cluster which is not visible in server manager?

It’s for SQL Server high availability.

Regarding Database mail configuration in sql server web edition 2012

I have enabled the database mail and sql agent service both and just to test whether the database mail is working or not, i configured the database mail, created the profile and account along with all the required details like (server name, display name, port, ssl, basic authentication) however when i tried to send test email and i am getting error in the server logs that is “unable to send mail because of the mail server (failure sending email)” something like that. I have checked the server name thrice and it is absolutely correct. Please suggest what am i doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciaated.

Note:- The same configuration i am using in enterprise edition and it is working perfectly fine. I am able to get the test email.

Sql Server 2012 can a subscriber be a publisher at same time

I want to setup a topology for replication. The scenario is such that a subscriber is subscribed to transaction replication based publisher(distributor running on publisher). I want this subscriber to be a publisher to another subscriber. I want the distributor to be on publisher instance(push). can some body help me out. Regards

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