Leave Approval Workflow in SharePoint 2013

I have a Leave Approval workflow that I am working on and not able to make it work.

Logic is I have two approvers Primary Approver and Approving Manager and when an employee submits a request and puts his Manager as (Primary Approver) and Director(Approving Manager) the email should go to Manager asking for approval and if he Approves it should move on to the Director for further approval. If the Manager rejects it, it should stop and not proceed further and send an email to Requestor(Resource Name’) that his/her request is rejected and email is sent to Requester(Resource Name’) when everybody approves it.

enter image description here

Sharepoint 2013 – Combining a list of PDF files on Sharepoint to display as single multipage PDF

I am digging around for some solutions, but can’t seem to find any. Looking for suggestions…

I have a library that I have a bunch of single page pdf documents, each with a sheet number being used as a file name. However, these files are very complex, and each as its own use case in a variety of situations. I would like to enhance user experience by being able to divert traffic by use case, then displaying an appropriate file so users can easily navigate the individual files.

For example, say you have 5 files, with 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 as file names. 1001 is related to a, b, c. 1002 is related to b. 1003 is related to c, d. 1004 is related to c, d, e. 1005 is related to a, b, c, d, e.

I would like to find a way for users to say, “oh, I want everything related to a” and be able display a pdf with 1001 and 1005. Is that possible? Basically, I am looking for something similar to a document set for pdf.

I have considered using a combination of managed meta data, adding category columns for major filters, and search as a data retrieval tool. However, the downside is that people will have to click on each single file and find the file they need, which impacts users’ experience and also efficiency.

While I can certainly combine 1001 and 1005 myself and upload it as a separate file, the challenge is that (1) these files are updated by different people and (2) it will be very difficult to generate a large number of combined files with different sheet combinations.

If I go with premaking all the combined files, each update of a single page at a given time will basically result in a the update of a much bigger number of combined files, which I am certain will result in some files not being updated/or being updated incorrectly (such as the files are combined in a wrong order of sheets, etc). So if there is a good way to devise a system that does this automatically, where I can just predefine a use case of “a” will combine files of names 1001 and 1005, then each execution will ensure that the most current file is retrieved for 1001 and 1005, provided that the individual files are appropriately updated.

I can consider running a script as well to create combined files as well for each use case and upload those files – which may then make this a non-sharepoint question. But seeing what options are available first before making a choice on how to tackle this.

How to add the custom Data to calendar list in sharepoint 2013?

I created the Customs Form as a web part, In that form, there have Several Fields like Title, Location, Date and Time picker, Description, Images and URL. After Filling the Form, a user clicks publish button means data should be inserted into SharePoint calendar list. If user clicks add button in calendar list means our custom dialogue needs to come. I looked into following links, But I need more reference about this.



SharePoint 2013 – Show document library web part from subsite to parent site

I have one document library in subsite.

I want to show the OOTB web part of this library in parent site. To achieve this I have used the solution given in below link:

Displaying SharePoint Online lists to parent or sub-sites.

Which is working fine until I add another library web part from another subsite. When I am adding library webparts from different sub sites on same page, while opening the folders in library web part it is throwing below error:

Sorry, something went wrong.

Does anyone know how to solve this error? or how to show the document library web part from subsite to parent site?

‘Open In Excel’ option is grayed out for .xlsm files in Sharepoint 2013

We know that excel files with macros and password protections are not supported to view in Browser using Office Web App / Excel Web App. In this SharePoint shows small dialogue where it has ‘Open In Excel’ option. However, in our case for some documents this option is grayed out and for some of them its working as expected (Open In Excel option not grayed out). Please find following screenshot. ‘Open In EXcel’ button is grayed out.

error_Open In Excel

Is there any limitations on Office Web Apps / Excel web app that we can only x number of macros / password protected sheet or x number of rows of data with password / macros? What is the best way to enable the Open in Excel option for this scenario on Excel Office Web App / Office Web Apps integrated with SharePoint 2013 environment?

SharePoint 2013 In Site Request Form

On our SharePoint site we have a form. Users download this form and fill in some blanks with their information then have to externally email it someone in order for it to be approved.

My question is: Is there a way in SharePoint for users to click on a link, be prompted with a form where they can fill in their information, and then have the request saved on the site or sent/emailed to an individual to be reviewed?


SharePoint 2013 immediate alerts randomly not sent

I have a random issue wiht Immediate alerts on SharePoint 2013. On a library , a user has created an immediate alert on document creation and modification.

The issue is that sometimes the user receives an email on a document creation and sometimes not.

Other users having created also an alert on the same library receive the alert on the same document creation and some others not

On the next document creation the list of users who do not receive notification will change and so on

After some primary investivations, the issue seems to be in SharePoint and not in the mail infrastructure (Exchange).

Has someone already had this kind of issue on SharePoint 2013 (alerts randomly not sent) Is there a way in SharePoint to see the alerts sent (mail and hour) ?, maybe somewhere in content database ?

thanks for your help !

SharePoint 2013 – Content Organizer – File already exists in drop off library

If a file is stuck in the drop off library (e.g. because there is no matching rule to route the file,…), another file cannot be uploaded with the same name to the drop off library.

The error message we get is “A file with the name xxx already exists. It was last modified by XXX on XXX”. Is there a good way to get around this?

I was thinking of creating an event receiver to programmatically rename the file name on ItemAdded.

Is there another better way? I don’t think it can be done out-of-box SharePoint within the drop off library.

SharePoint Online 2013 Workflow calling external web service with bearer token

I am trying to call a Dynamics CRM Online web service from a SharePoint 2013 workflow in SharePoint online with a HttpSend activity. I am unable to get the call to authorize. The workflow does not automatically send any token for authorization. I’ve tried getting a token and setting the authorization header manually, but the authorization header seems to be stripped off the request if the header value contains “Bearer”, verified by capturing the Http traffic with Fiddler. Both SharePoint and CRM in this case are apart of the same O365 setup and are secured by the same Azure AD directory. I’m hoping someone can validate if this is possible, and if so, point me in the right direction to get it set up.

Store large video files in SharePoint 2013

I have a SharePoint site for one of my clients and it is mainly used for publishing (ECM). In terms of size, the site can be considered as a “small” site as we have overall DB size of 100GB (approx) and a total of 2000 users (not a high traffic site). So far the site is used for publishing pages only (with associated images and documents) but now the plan is to leverage the SharePoint to host videos too. These videos are near HD quality (~720p) and hundreds of MB in size. I understand that it is not a good idea to host all these videos in an Asset Library(s) even though it is considered as a good option for smaller videos. In addition, to host all these videos, I also would like to get the streaming capability for the hosted videos but that is a secondary objective.

I have few options in front of me but I really do not know the best one to choose.

  1. RBS – This seems a good idea because everything resides on the farm and it is not too expensive to add storage. But I am kind of hesitant due to the higher operational cost and complexities. Also, no streaming capability.
  2. Azure Blob Storage – same thoughts as RBS
  3. Azure media services – This seems to be a good an idea as it provides both transcoding and streaming for the uploaded videos
  4. Host videos externally – Look for a third-party video hosting and streaming provider and integrate with SharePoint (just like uploading to a YouTube private channel and embedding into SharePoint page, but the organization policy do not currently support hosting on YouTube)
  5. Setup a separate media server with IIS to host videos, within the farm.

From an on-prem SharePoint 2013 perspective, can anyone of you guide me in the right direction?