Flujo de trabajo: estado interno colgado-Sharepoint 2013

Tengo un subsitio en Sharepoint 2013, tengo varios flujos, bibliotecas, listas etc… creadas y funcionando normalmente, creo una nueva lista inicio un flujo de asignación de una tarea y el flujo me aparece ESTADO INTERNO: colgado; es curioso porque esto pasa solo con ciertos usuarios, revise el tema de permisos y todo esta correcto, en otra lista no hay problemas con estos usuarios pero en esta el flujo no arranca

SP 2013 Blog Page Shows List when clicking on Blog Post

I have been asked to fix a SP2013 Blog site created by my boss. The issue is that when you click on the title of a specific blog post from list view, it simply shows the list again on load. The expected action is to view the details of the item selected.

I have not tried to delete the blog because it’s actively used with about 125 items. Is there a way to edit the part specifically so that when clicking the item you see just that item?

Any help is appreciated.

Get Page View Count for SharePoint 2013 in JavaScript

I’m new to SharePoint and am trying to figure out how to get a SharePoint page’s view count. I am following this guide:


Here is my code so far:

var context; var web; var list; var currentItem; function getPageViewCount() {     context = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();     web = context.get_web();     list = web.get_lists().getById(_spPageContextInfo.pageListId);     currentItem = list.getItemById(_spPageContextInfo.pageItemId);     context.load(currentItem);     context.executeQueryAsync(         Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceededView),         Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailedView)     ); } function onQuerySucceededView() {     var keywordQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.KeywordQuery(context);     keywordQuery.set_queryText('PageGuid:"{' + currentItem.get_fieldValues('UniqueId').UniqueId.toString() + '}"');     var searchExecutor = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.SearchExecutor(context);     results = searchExecutor.executeQuery(keywordQuery);     context.executeQueryAsync(SearchDone, SearchFailed); }  function onQueryFailedView(sender, args) {     //Error Logging } 

This is my error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Microsoft is not defined     at onQuerySucceededView (data.js:349)     at Array.<anonymous> (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5     at SP.ClientRequest.$  32_0 (sp.runtime.js?rev=5f2WkYJoaxlIRdwUeg4WEg%3D%3D:2)     at Array.<anonymous> (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5     at Sys.Net.WebRequest.completed (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5)     at XMLHttpRequest._onReadyStateChange (ScriptResource.axd?d=VGnZ4IhGxDE3UL4BqAqm13Vs3hX7c15EyW3dFkx7WWEUXlD2hObd8zO-jiNQJcph_PRJcHvm7ho6jIpak67gAH06xRIDA91t-U_UwaghtLFMJPQJI5m_9C8oun1rCclNUnx9wxY0i9JCTyX_TfjlHN6LyKFr3ZSZO19TmUqAkqqaENXhdgGoVfUXuqHXa-tL0&t=10c151ff:5) 

Problem Installing SharePoint 2013 SP1

I’m trying to install SP1 on my SharePoint 2013. But when I run the .exe I got error while detection.

Do you have any ideas ?

I checked the OPatchInstall log, but I can’t find anything because it’s too huge.

Edit: Server is W2008R2. Only 1 server with SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server. Current version is : 15.0.4420.1017 (RTM). And I’m trying to install the kb2880552.

When I try to install March2013PU and October2013CU or directly SP1, I still got the same error “error occured while running detection process”. I tried foundation updates and server updates, no luck.

When I use PowerShell to detect which product is installed, I got this two IDs : 9ff54ebc-8c12-47d7-854f-3865d4be8118 b7d84c2b-0754-49e4-b7be-7ee321dce0a9

These IDs refer to “Foundation 2013” and “Server 2013”.

SharePoint 2013 (Welcome Page) Search People missing from Page Layout

I want to create a Employee Directory then i followed some link to do it.

I am trying to add the (Welcome Page) Search People from Page layout but i can’t find it.

All required features were already activated but i still can’t find it. I am using SharePoint 2013.

Hope Someone could help me. Thanks in advance

Sharepoint 2013: simple api call not working

[site name]_api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘ListName’)/items 

So why does this not work? All the examples I see indicate that it should work.

<m:error xmlns:m="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/metadata"> <m:code> -1, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.InvalidClientQueryException </m:code> <m:message xml:lang="en-US"> The expression "web/lists/GetByTitle(‘ListName’)/items" is not valid. </m:message> </m:error> 

(20161101) More info:

I’m working through this example: [https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sridhara/2014/08/21/fix-sharepoint-2013-workflow-recursion-prevention-part-2/]

List 2 successfully creates a new item, and I can get the GUID from that new item. This next step fails.

HTTP Web Service info: [%WorkflowContext:CurrentSiteURL%]_api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘List2’)/items?$ filter=GUID eq ‘[%Variable: NewItemGUID%]’

Response Code = BadRequest. I also log the http web service call string:

https://testwebsite/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘List2’)/items?$ filter=GUID eq ’38bc1c7d-e020-4c71-a8bf-5b1a344e6b1d’

What’s wrong with the above?

SP 2010 Site Collection Migration to SP 2013 On-Prem to SP 2016 On-Prem to SP 2019 On-Prem | Moving from Classic to Modern Pages

I am new to an organization that is making the move from SP 2010 to SP 2013 to SP 2016 to SP 2019. These are all on-premise versions. The site collection has almost 3500 sites. There are lots of customizations – webparts that include more content editors that point to both jquery and html files.

For testing purposes, a team upgraded from SP 2010 to SP 2013. Nothing broke – yet. My concern is when they migrate to SP 2016, and the modern pages are turned on – content editor webpart does not exist in modern pages – SPFx rules. What happens on those pages where content editor webparts have been used for purposes of pointing to files? Is there a document for the best practices?

Sharepoint Designer 2013 Workflow Save as Template fails

I modified a list workflow of one of my subsites. I can modify and publish the workflow, but I actually use this subsite to test my workflows before deploying them to other sites of the collection. So when I’m done with testing, I want to save it as template to deploy it.

I used to be able to save as template, and am no more. When I click on “Save as template”, Desginer seems to be doing something, but I’m never presented with the successful completion pop up, and the wsp does not show in my Site assest. I have a bunch of sites to which I want to deploy this updated workflow, but am completely stuck now.

I am the site collection administrator, so I wonder what else could explain that I have lost this capability.

Has anyone experienced this kind of issues, and found a solution?

I somewhat ruled out a Designer installation issue, as “Save as template” works for another site (not in the same collection) that I own and administer as well.

Thank you for your help!