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autocad 2014 mac

wallet.dat from 2014 shown as empty with latest client 0.18

I have bitcoin wallet from 2014. I have saved it encrypted. Since then I haven’t checked it, until now. I did sync the whole bitcoin block-chain and when copy my wallet.dat and re-scan wit the client, the wallet got shown as empty. My wallet.dat is 88kb. Bitcon core Client dump of the wallet shows addresses only from 2019 and wallet keys dump from the client returns error. Any help is appreciated.

Timeout error while syncing MS SQL 2014 database to azure sql

I’am working on a small Azure SQL Sync test setup and ran into problems. I want to sync an on prem database to the cloud via a sql sync group in azure.

On Premise: 1x MS SQL 2014 Server, 1x Microsoft SQL Data Sync Agent 2.0 and a 500 MB database with some tables (PKs were set in each table)

In Cloud: a DTU based SQL database for the data (100 DTU and 500GB space) and a DTU based SQL for the sync meta.

The database sync group first got a state ‘good’ but after i triggered the sync it ends with different errors. Schema information is obtained successfully, no problems with it. I am able to mark the tables i want to have synced up.

But when i try to sync, i get different error messages. it seems like 9 MB were transferred, because there were some of my tables at the hub database already.

Error Messages got always a timeout warning and the same error code for my on premise database.

Database re-provisioning failed with the exception "SqlException Error Code: -2146232060 - SqlError Number:-2,[...]

or Deprovisioning failed with the exception "SqlException Error Code: -2146232060 - SqlError Number:-2,[...]

The Microsoft SQL Data Sync on premise could ping the sync service succesfully and the firewall is deactivated.

Hope you got a advice for me or a location where i could find more informations about this issue. Or something i forgot to configure maybe? Everything is helpful 🙂

Many thanks !

Insert multiple rows without using CURSOR SQL Server 2014

I have a fairly complex query which insert multiple rows into a table from multiple tables. Its works fine but I really don’t want to use cursor as some blog says cursor took long time for execution (of course it depends). I hope I could find alternative way for minimize my execution time or cursor complexity. Here is my query:

DECLARE @employeeid int; DECLARE @joiningdate date; DECLARE @quitdate date; DECLARE @eodrefs int,@amounts decimal;  select @employeeid=HRMS_Employee.ID,@joiningdate=HRMS_Employee.Joining_Date,@quitdate=HRMS_Employee.QuitDate  from HRMS_Employee where HRMS_Employee.Present_Status=1 and ID=4  DECLARE @tabEodRecord table(eodref  int,amount decimal) insert INTO @tabEodRecord (eodref,amount)  select HRMS_EodRecord.Eod_RefFk,HRMS_EodRecord.ActualAmount from HRMS_EodRecord join HRMS_Employee on HRMS_EodRecord.EmployeeId=HRMS_Employee.ID  where HRMS_EodRecord.Status=1 and HRMS_EodRecord.EmployeeId=@employeeid  IF CURSOR_STATUS('global','PayrollInfoCursor')>=-1     BEGIN      DEALLOCATE PayrollInfoCursor     END  DECLARE PayrollInfoCursor CURSOR FOR (select eodref,amount from @tabEodRecord)  OPEN PayrollInfoCursor;     FETCH NEXT FROM PayrollInfoCursor INTO  @eodrefs,@amounts     WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN insert HRMS_PayrollInfo (PayrollFK,EmployeeIdFk,Eod_ReferenceFk,Amount,PaymentDate,[Status],AlertActive,Entry_By,Entry_Date,Update_By,Update_Date) select 26,@employeeid,@eodrefs,@amounts,getdate(),1,1,1,getdate(),1,getdate() FETCH NEXT FROM PayrollInfoCursor INTO  @eodrefs,@amounts END CLOSE PayrollInfoCursor   DEALLOCATE PayrollInfoCursor 

I hope there is something like this (however this won’t work) because subquery returns multiple rows

insert HRMS_PayrollInfo (PayrollFK,EmployeeIdFk,Eod_ReferenceFk,Amount,PaymentDate,[Status],AlertActive,Entry_By,Entry_Date,Update_By,Update_Date) select 26,@employeeid,(select eodref from tabEodRecord),(select amountfrom tabEodRecord),getdate(),1,1,1,getdate(),1,getdate() 

Macbook pro mid 2014 15″ turns screen off when unplugged and starts fans at max power

I’m having a problem with my macbook where, for some reason, when it’s unplugged to the power the computer randomly turns the screen semi-black (not totally black) and starts the fan at max power. The computer itself is still on (the apple is bright) and I have to turn it off by long pressing the power button.

I’m not able to understand what is going on:

The logs from system.log

Apr 19 09:15:03 marco[1] ([153]): Service exited due to SIGALRM | sent by kernel_task[0] Apr 19 09:15:03 marco syslogd[96]: ASL Sender Statistics Apr 19 09:15:05 marco[1] ([9925]): Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs. Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in(): Apr 19 09:15:05 marco systemstats[107]: assertion failed: 18D109: systemstats + 676139 [952918BC-3D73-37CE-8C6A-851AAF3C70D1]: 0x7f946c61bfe0 Apr 19 10:13:48 marco syslogd[96]: ASL Sender Statistics Apr 19 10:13:48 marco[1] ( Service only ran for 8 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 2 seconds. Apr 19 10:13:49 marco fud[9987]: objc[9987]: Class MobileAssetUpdater is implemented in both /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileAccessoryUpdater.framework/Support/fud (0x1029ab908) and /System/Library/AccessoryUpdaterBundles/ApplePowerAccessoryUpdater.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ApplePowerAccessoryUpdater (0x1054b2a68). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. Apr 19 10:14:01 marco timed[133]: settimeofday({0x5cb98349,0xeea4a}) == 0 Apr 19 10:14:03 marco[1] ([10064]): Could not find and/or execute program specified by service: 2: No such file or directory: /usr/local/libexec/duetknowledged Apr 19 10:14:03 marco[1] ([10064]): Service setup event to handle failure and will not launch until it fires. Apr 19 10:14:03 marco[1] ([10064]): Service exited with abnormal code: 78 Apr 19 10:20:55 localhost bootlog[0]: BOOT_TIME 1555662055 0 

Where 10:15 is the computer still on, but close to the time of “death”. I left it running from 10:15 to 10:20 (in this time the fan was running at fullpower) where I turned it off, but nothing appeared in the logs for that time period (weirdly)

Do you have any suggestion on how to debug and fix this issue? I might consider formatting everything as a last resort but I prefer not to because I have a lot of setup of various work projects

OSX Version: 10.14.3

SSRS (native mode) Report Manager Home folder permissions (SQL Server 2014)

I just recently set up reporting services at the college I work at. I understand how to set site level and item level permissions on the report manager site, and users can successfully access folders and reports as expected.

The problem is, I would like only certain users to have access to certain folders within the Home folder. From my understanding, the Home folder is where all of your reports go when you deploy them from Visual Studio. I have to give users “Browser” permissions to the whole Home folder under “Folder Options”. This is all find and dandy, but that gives all users inherited Browser permissions to each folder in the Home folder hierarchy. I understand that I can just break parental inherited permissions on whatever folder I want and remove users that I don’t want to have access, but this just seems like it isn’t best practice. Ideally, I want to have a folder for each Department, which contains the reports they frequently need to run, and I only want users to have access to their own department’s folder.

For lack of better words, is there a way to make multiple “Home” folders so I can have multiple hierarchys to control parental permissions on a department basis? Or do I just have to suck it up and break the parental inheritance on each folder individually and manually assign permissions to only users that I want to have access?

Side thought: would this have to be accomplished by creating multiple report servers, one for each department?

Thank you, this is my first question on here and I hope I am asking in the appropriate way.

trackpad MacBook Pro Mojave Retina 13 inch mid 2014

My keyboard is working funny. the right side shift will not let me make capital letters. But the left side shift command button will. my trackpad will click, but it stopped working to move the curser around. however the trackpad works perfect if I start up computer using command d. so for the 2 min it takes for the diagnostic test to complete I can move my curser using the track pad just fine. so its not the hardware. today I did not have my mouse near my computer to be able to choose my user at startup so I just pressed the arrow key on the keyboard and it moved my cursor over to my user icon for me to sign in. this tells me that something is telling my computer to listen to the keyboard and not the trackpad. It is not the setting in accessibility that says ignore built in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present. that is unchecked. this is something going on with keyboard settings. can I use terminal to command default settings?

Can i detach Sharepoint 2007 Databases from a SQL Server 2008R2 and attach on SQL Server 2014 without migrate Sharepoint?

I would like to known if i can detach Sharepoint 2007 Databases from SQL Server 2008R2 (Windows Server 2008R2) and attach on SQL Server 2014 (Windows Server 2012R2) without migrate Sharepoint?

Assuming it’s possible, here’s what I would do:

  • Stop Sharepoint Services and IIS on my WFEs
  • Detach the Sharepoint DBs from SQL SERVER 2008R2
  • Attach all Sharepoint DBs on SQL Server 2014
  • Fire up all the Sharepoint Services and IIS again

Anyone have any recommendations?

Tks, Kenny

Applied UK visa within 28 days of expiry of previous visa in 2014, will it be overstay

I am applying for an Australian dependent visa in 2019, and I have a doubt whether I have overstayed in the UK in 2014, I applied for entrepreneur visa within 28 days of grace period, but the same was refused in Feb 2015.

Then I appealed against the decision but since it was taking longer than expected we decided to withdraw appeal and left UK in july 2015 voluntarily, I was told no ban has been applied and when I applied for UK tourist visa in october 2015 my visa was refused on grounds of financial grounds not on any previous ban or anything.

so question is did I overstay in the UK? what should I mention on my Australian Visa now, I am really confused and UK immigration department doesn’t give any clear info, and different lawyers suggest different answers. I am deeply troubled so I will be grateful if anybody could help me. My wife is in Australia and I need to move in with her as soon as possible