How would you have avoided the Miss Universe 2015 mistake?

In case you missed it, over a week ago Steve Harvey incorrectly announced Miss Colombia as winner of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. He later apologized and corrected himself; Miss Philippines won.

Harvey essentially blamed his cue card for being confusing, and I don’t blame him for blaming said cue card:


Assume that it’s not a publicity stunt (I don’t think it is):

If you’re a program director of the pageant, how would you prevent this mistake? [Added Jan 1] In other words, how do you ensure the announces the correct winner and then immediately announces the first runner-up?

I’m assuming most would re-design the cue card (I would), but that doesn’t have to be the solution.

Here’s some requirements and restrictions, though:

  1. The host may not have a teleprompter or large cue cards held by a stage hand (because the finalists are onstage with the host).
  2. The host must refer to the third-place contestant as “Second Runner-Up” and the second-place contestant as “First Runner-Up” (though they don’t necessarily need to be referred to as such on paper).
  3. Once the final three contestants are determined, the host announces the Second Runner-Up who then leaves center-stage. Once the final two contestants are determined, the host announces [edit: the winner, referring to her as as Miss Universe YYYY, and then immediately names the First Runner-Up.]

Assume that

  1. Any printed information that’s seen by the host will only be seen by the host until The End of Time.
  2. [Edit again] Over the previous three pageants (2012-2014), there has been no commercial break between the announcement of the Second Runner-Up and the winner. In other words, there’s usually not sufficient time to hand a separate cue card to host when only two contestants remain.

I have my solution (I’ll post it) but I’m curious to see what others plan.

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Problema con el enrutado al ejecutar métodos de varios proyectos en una solucion en visual studio 2015

Tengo una solución con varios proyectos. Intento ejecutar la acción de un controlador de uno de ellas desde el inicial. Para ello creo una instancia de ese controlador en a para llamar a su método Index.

El problema es que busca el método desde la raiz del primer proyecto, no desde el otro donde está. Así la ruta que busca es /localhost:xxxx/Home/proyecto2/Home/Index

El error:

HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found Se ha quitado el recurso que está buscando, se le ha cambiado el nombre o no está disponible en estos momentos.

Un saludo y gracias.

Android 6.0 – how to update rooted and tweaked MotoG 2015

Recently I got a notification update to version When I tried to install it I received error:

mount point :/system  location: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system ,  file system type: ext4script  aborted: Package expects build fingerprint of  motorola/osprey_reteu_2gb/osprey_u2:6.0/MPI24.65-33/36:user/release-keys or  motorola/osprey_reteu_2gb/osprey_u2:6.0.1/MPI24.107-55-2/2:user/release-keys;  this device has  Motorola/omni_osprey/osprey:5.1.1/LYZ28N/sultan04050349:userdebug/test-keys. Proces Updater terminated with error: 7 I:Legacy property environment disabled. Error while installing zip '@/cache/recovery/' Stopped executing script 
  • Device: Lenovo/Motorola Moto G 3 2015 (osprey) XT1541
  • Current OS version: 24.41.33.osprey_reteu_2gb.reteu.en.EU reteu
  • Compilation no: MPI24.65-33
  • Root: Beta-SuperSU-v2.76-3-20160630161323 (replaced unlocked_logo to remove unlocked warning)
  • Recovery: TWRP 3.0.2-r1
  • Xposed version: 86-sdk23

I know that there were many questions about updating rooted device and every answer provided a solution to flash stock system, recovery and boot images but what I want is to avoid reinstalling all software and starting from clean Android only just to install one update. I even found a solution to do that on rooted device but I did more: installed Xposed and removed unlocked warning.

What is the easiest procedure to install this update without loosing all data, apps and settings?

Replaced battery won’t charge (macbook pro 2015 model)

My MBP battery got swollen and replaced it with the new one. Everything is connected properly, battery is detected but it doesn’t hold the charge (laptop shuts down immediately after unplugging the cable) and doesn’t charge at all.

I have tried SMC reset few times but it didn’t work.

This is the battery report from coconutBattery:

enter image description here

Cable works fine. I can turn on the laptop while plugged, it’s the battery that won’t charge.

What might be the problem?