Associates Update (15th May 2016)

This update applies to affiliates and includes:

  • MyHabit (a separate fashion website owned by Amazon) is closing and affiliate commissions will no longer be paid. Fashion items on are not affected
  • Consent update. Your website and use of the Amazon Associates program may be shown as an example to others
  • Amazon third party videos – you can now get $ 3 for every subscription to a third-party network.
  • Disclosure update – See section 10 on the associates… Associates Update (15th May 2016)

WSUS in Server 2016 [on hold]

I am trying to do some research about WSUS installation in Windows Server 2016 and in the organization network there are about 150 servers. Can you pls advice if installing WSUS to patch those servers are sufficient or should we look into any 3rd party tool.

Can you also let me know pros / cons and any other issues in installing wsus in the network that I should know ?

Can you also pls advice in regards to agent vs agentless patching tool installation ? Much appreciated in your assistance. Associates Update (23rd December 2016)

This update applies to affiliates and has some good news:

  • If you live in Louisiana, you can now be an Amazon affiliate again
  • You get $ 3 bounty for 3-month Amazon Prime gifts
  • You get $ 3 bounty for Amazon Music Unlimited free trial sign ups

The full email about this update is below and you can read the full operating agreement at… Associates Update (23rd December 2016)