2019 Java confusion – what is worth learning

If this is not relevant for the forum I apologize. I have fallen a little bit down the rabbit hole with Java. I am a novice. I know that there have been several JDK releases since they switched to the 6 month release schedule. I figured this wasn’t much of a big deal until I started learning about reading and writing files and found out that there was a new Stream library introduced in Java 8. It made me wonder, in industry, which version of Java is most widely adopted/what version should be used as a learning starting point? Is 8 the most adopted, or should it go further forward to the other more recent releases. Or perhaps most have not even changed to something more recent and are using Java 7…


Разработка на swift на минимальном бюджете в 2019

Пишу вам по одному вопросу. Хочу начать изучение swift. Бюджет маленький не больше 500$ . Посоветуйте какую технику взять за эти деньги чтобы апгрейднуть и жить спокойно года 2-3.

Nautilus and Terminal refuse to run on Ubuntu 19.04 (up-to-date as of 14 June 2019)

After clicking on them, it loads for a while then nothing happens.

Currently using Tilda and Dolphin as I do not have access to my filesystem and the terminal.

Somehow Nautilus runs when I run it from Tilda command line.

Tried these fixes but to no avail:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall nautilus  sudo apt-get autoremove libdvd-pkg sudo apt-get install libdvd-pkg sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg 

These fixes are from: Cant open nautilus or gnome terminal on 19.04

libdvd-pkg: `apt-get check` failed, you may have broken packages. Aborting

US Open 2019 Golf Pga Tour


US Open 2019 Golf Pga Tour

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Watch NBA Finals 2019 Game in 4k


Watch NBA Finals 2019 Game in 4k