Hosting a free speech website in 2020? [closed]

Noob here. What are the essentials to hosting a free speech website in 2020? I want to make a PeerTube clone that’ll allow all kinds of political content.

All I know is web host/registrar and DDOS protection, which you’re also going to need. Does site builder also count because I know that WordPress and Squarespace regularly remove content they disagree with. As for the first two, if you want to host something on the clearnet you’re either going to need a small non-English-speaking domain registrar or certain country-specific top-level domains who would be largely immune to bad PR. Like Eranet or .su. As for DDOS protection, Matthew Prince only allows 4chan to stay up because he’s good friends with Moot. Alternatively you could use Vanwanet or possibly Akamai / BitMitigate. Alternatively you could self-host (i.e. static/dynamically generated webpages) but you would have to know what you’re doing so that Antifa doesn’t pwn your LAN. Also, hosting controversial content from your home server is generally not a good idea anyways. And if you’re using static, depending on your ISP, you might need a business plan otherwise it won’t work and in some cases they might terminate you for AUP violations. Then you’ll essentially be without internet. And I think it might also be illegal if I’m not mistaken.

Anything else I’m missing out on? What’s trivial and non-trivial.

How to Build a Combat Viable Cyberpunk 2020 Character that DOES NOT Use Guns

I am a first time player of Cyberpunk 2020 and I am eight sessions into a campaign with a party of four. We have a Rockerboy, a Solo, a Nomad, and a Fixer (me). When I started making the character I did not really want to focus on using exclusively guns nor did I want to get so cybered up that I would be in danger of cyberpsychosis. With that in mind, I put a few points into hand guns (I’m at a skill level of 3) and then quite a few more points into basic melee skills. Dodge & Escape (3), Melee (3), Brawling (3), and very recently Wrestling (4). I have realized that the most beneficial skills to learn will be some martial arts and I already had a tendency to do a Topple, Grapple, Hold, and Choke series of attacks so Wrestling will make that much more viable.

Combat ends up showing how I made a mistake in the path I’ve gone down, the Solo and Nomad are both using decent guns that deal 5, 6, or 7D6 that I did not put skill points into and would rather not spend all my future General IP to learn. I use a Heavy Handgun that deals 3D6 when it hits and when I am in close range I either wield a chainsaw for 4D6 but with a heavy loss in accuracy or I resort to chip damage with punches, kicks, etc. (The Rockerboy is in a similar boat to me, but has decided that he will be spending most of his money on grenades.)

The party is also very short on money right now as we were recently kicked out of the gang we were with and the local corporate power has a bounty on our heads, so I only have about 1500 to spend on gear or cybernetics. In the future, I believe we will have more to spend than right now, but I would like some advice on a build that I can start now. I am looking for a solution more permanent than buying a bunch of explosives to augment my damage for a few sessions.

We are only using items, abilities, gear, etc. from the core rulebook.

I have a body type of 8 to give a small bonus to melee attacks and I have max reflexes to make sure any attack has a better chance to hit.

I am comfortable with getting cybernetics, even if they end up taking away 15-20 humanity, as I am currently at 93.5. (I have a cybernetic eye with some augmentations to see in the dark and see more details.)

With this information, what would be some valid ways forward to deal more damage without straying too far from my original idea for the character?

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As of 2020, is there any fix for 802.11w deadlock?

This is an old 802.11w issue that has been documented and it’s a very big issue as clients can be selectively attacked and enter a deadlock, where only disabling and re-enabling wifi solves the issue (in fact I’m currently experiencing these attacks from an unknown source).

So my question is if there’s a way to solve this problem or if there’s a new standard that already fixed it.

I currently have an ASUS RT-AC68U (stock firmware) with PMF set as required.

“Mission impossible”-style latex masks in Cyberpunk 2020?

It’s a classic of spy movies: A character suddenly reaches for the back of his neck and tears off a latex mask he was wearing, which was perfectly imitating someone else’s face, revealing that he had been the big bad/hero in disguise since the beginning. How would you run that in Cyberpunk 2020?

In the Fixer extension book Wildside, there are plenty of options for altering your biometrics (changing your fingerprints, voice, iris)… but I couldn’t find anything for the face, apart from heavy cosmetic surgery.

Did I miss something somewhere? Is there another way I could run something like this, with cybernetics for example?


phpseclib has been around for some time now. I just started toying with it and I am definitely interested in using this for a project. That said, I am not able to find much information on how professionals feel about the library versus other possibly more secure ones.

I’m posting this simply to ask if I can trust phpseclib (relatively). I would want to use 2.0. Sometimes things are too good to be true and this feels like one of those times. If there are better (preferably easy to implement) solutions out there I am all ears. I had originally been researching the php ssh2 extension but extensions aren’t desirable.