Ubuntu 18.04 only detects 2080Tis

I have couple 2080Ti and couple 1080ti. I recently installed 2080Tis.

Before that, 1080Tis were working just fine. After installing 2080Tis and upgrading NVIDIA driver with and without CUDA, its only detecting 2080Ti, NVIDIA drivers are completely ignoring 1080TIs. What am I missing? How can I fix this?

lspci shows ALL devices, even with their proper versions/names. Like 2080Ti and 1080Ti, but nvidia-smi is not showing 1080Tis

P.S. Everything is latest, Ubuntu, Drivers, CUDA version all, I downloaded and install everything just now (except OS, OS is same that was detecting and working with 1080TIs)

P.S.S. Its not for gaming, no SLI. It will be used for machine learning model training