Can someone be tracked in real time 24/7?

I’m in a situation where I know the person behind this is doing it, but not sure how.

It’s been over a year and people seem to show up to places that I go to, places that I’ve told privately and places that I’ve gone out on a whim.

I’ve heard weird things from friends such as, repeating things that I’ve said on my landline phone in a private conversation and also mentioning places that I’ve gone to time and time again (i.e. gym, places that I frequent to eat, etc).

These are people that do not live in the same state as me either.

Also, I’ve been accused of having a social media account with tons of followers, but not one person will tell me where and why they are saying this. Almost as if it should be a secret.

The person behind this is a former business partner and a sociopathic liar. It seems as though everyone around me is convinced that I’m the one posting/writing things and I’m deemed as crazy when I deny it.

Can a car be traced 24/7 in real time and can landlines /cell phones be hacked easily? This person has also stolen my social security card and id as well.

Windows Service 24/7 consistent with clean architecture

I have to write windows service running 24/7. Service must process documents from various sources. I wrote some code but, I don’t know how to apportion it on assemblies and folders consistent with clean architecture. It is windows servide so I don’t have presentation layer. Can I count on some advices? This is simpler version of my code:


public interface IConfiguration  {       int ThreadCount { get; set; }        Dictionary<string, string> ConnectionStrings { get; set; }  }   public class Configuration : IConfiguration  {       public int ThreadCount { get; set; }        public Dictionary<string, string> ConnectionStrings { get; set; }  }   public interface IDocumentProviderConfiguration  {       string Name { get; set; }        string Type { get; set; }        string StoredProcedure { get; set; }        string ConnectionString { get; set; }  }   public class DocumentProviderConfiguration : IDocumentProviderConfiguration  {       public string Name { get; set; }        public string Type { get; set; }        public string StoredProcedure { get; set; }        public string ConnectionString { get; set; } } 

Root class

public interface IService { }  public class Service : IService {     private readonly CancellationTokenSource _cancellationTokenSource;     private readonly CancellationToken _cancellationToken;     private readonly List<Task> _tasks;      private readonly IConfiguration _configuration;     private readonly IFeedingProvider _feedingProvider;      public Service(IConfiguration configuration, IFeedingProvider feedingProvider)     {         this._configuration = configuration;         this._feedingProvider = feedingProvider;          _cancellationTokenSource = new CancellationTokenSource();          _cancellationToken = _cancellationTokenSource.Token;          _tasks = new List<Task>();     }      public void StartProcessing()     {         _feedingProvider.Start();          for (var i = 0; i < _configuration.ThreadCount; i++)         {             _tasks.Add(Task.Run(()=>RunProcessor(), _cancellationToken));         }     }      public void StopProcessing()     {         _feedingProvider.Stop();          _cancellationTokenSource.Cancel();          Task.Factory.ContinueWhenAll(_tasks.ToArray(), result =>{ }).Wait();     }      public void RunProcessor()     {         System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print("started");          var processor = new TestProcessor();         try         {             while (!_cancellationTokenSource.IsCancellationRequested)             {                 var sleepTime = 1000;                 using (var item = _feedingProvider.Dequeue())                 {                     if (item != null)                     {                         var result = processor.Process(item);                          //log                          item.Commit();                          sleepTime = 0;                     }  Task.Delay(sleepTime, _cancellationToken).Wait(_cancellationToken);                 }             }         }         catch (Exception exception)         {             if (!_cancellationToken.IsCancellationRequested)             {                //log             }         }     } } 

Feeding part

   public interface IItem: IDisposable     {         Guid Id { get; set; }          void Commit();     }      public interface IDocumentProvider     {         IEnumerable<IItem> GetItems();     }      public interface IFeedingProvider     {         void Start();          void Stop();          IItem Dequeue();     }      public class FeedingProvider: IFeedingProvider     {         private readonly ConcurrentQueue<IItem> queue;          private List<IDocumentProvider> documentProviders;          private readonly Timer feedingTimer;          public FeedingProvider()         {             queue = new ConcurrentQueue<IItem>();              feedingTimer = new Timer(2000);         }          public void Start()         {             feedingTimer.Start();         }          public void Stop()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }          public IItem Dequeue()         {             queue.TryDequeue(out var item);              return item;         }          public void Load()         {             foreach (var documentProvider in documentProviders)             {                 foreach (var item in documentProvider.GetItems())                 {                     queue.Enqueue(item);                 }             }         }     } 

Process Part

  public abstract class Processor     {         public abstract ProcessingResult Process(IItem item);     }      public class TestProcessor: Processor     {         private readonly ICustomerProvider _customerProvider;         private readonly IDocumentRepository _documentRepository;          public TestProcessor(ICustomerProvider customerProvider, IDocumentRepository documentRepository)         {             _customerProvider = customerProvider;             _documentRepository = documentRepository;         }          public override ProcessingResult Process(IItem item)         {             //Processsing Item             //Use _customerProvider             //Use _documentRepository             return new ProcessingResult             {                 IsSuccess = true             };         }     }      public class ProcessingResult     {         public bool IsSuccess { get; set; }     } 

DocumentProvider part

   public class TestDocumentProvider : IDocumentProvider     {         private readonly IDocumentProviderConfiguration _documentProviderConfiguration;          public TestDocumentProvider(IDocumentProviderConfiguration documentProviderConfiguration)         {             _documentProviderConfiguration = documentProviderConfiguration;         }          public IEnumerable<IItem> GetItems()         {             foreach (DataRow row in GetDataTable().Rows)             {                 yield return new TestDocument(row);             }         }          public DataTable GetDataTable()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }     }      public class TestDocument: IItem     {         public Guid Id { get; set; }          private DataRow dataRow;          public TestDocument(DataRow dataRow)         {             this.dataRow = dataRow;         }          public void Commit()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }          public void Dispose()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }     } 

Additional parts

 public interface IDbProvider     {         void ExSPNonQuery(string sqlCommandName, List<SqlParameter> sqlParams = null);          DataTable ExSPDataTable(string sqlCommandName, List<SqlParameter> sqlParams = null);     }      public class DbProvider: IDbProvider     {         private  string connectionString { get; set; }          public DbProvider(string connectionString)         {             this.connectionString = connectionString;         }          public void ExSPNonQuery(string sqlCommandName, List<SqlParameter> sqlParams = null)         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }          public DataTable ExSPDataTable(string sqlCommandName, List<SqlParameter> sqlParams = null)         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }     }   public interface ICustomerRepository     {         IEnumerable<Customer> GetCustomers();     }      public class CustomerRepository: ICustomerRepository     {         private readonly IDbProvider dbProvider;          public CustomerRepository(IDbProvider dbProvider)         {             this.dbProvider = dbProvider;         }          public IEnumerable<Customer> GetCustomers()         {             var customers = dbProvider.ExSPDataTable("dbo.GetCustomers");              return customers.AsEnumerable().Select(c => new Customer             {                 Id = c.Field<int>("Id"),                 Name = c.Field<string>("Name")             });         }     }      public class Customer     {         public int Id { get; set; }         public string Name { get; set; }     }  public interface IDocumentRepository     {         void AddSomethingToDocument();          void DeleteSomethingFromDocument();     }      public class DocumentRepository : IDocumentRepository     {         private readonly IDbProvider dbProvider;          public DocumentRepository(IDbProvider dbProvider)         {             this.dbProvider = dbProvider;         }          public void AddSomethingToDocument()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }          public void DeleteSomethingFromDocument()         {             throw new NotImplementedException();         }       } – Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support


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