I will boost yt live stream video with 300+ streamers for 24h. Up to 2 links simultaneously. for $35

Youtube has really complex algorithm! It’s almost impossible to start a channel and grow it to the point where you can do what you like (making videos) and make money from it. Trust me, it will take you a lot of time until youtube even start to show your fresh video for exact keyword on result page when you upload it. This is why i recommend to use only aged accounts Which you can find for 3-5$ and then rename it as you wish. Q : How can your service help me to get natural traffic and to be seen on youutube platform? A : Let’s say you want to stream Apex Legends. Once you start your stream if you don’t have any viewers or engagment you will not be visible to anyone. But if you use my service you can rank your video based just on those viewers who watch your stream and you have 300+ of them. This way, you will get natural traffic, your ranked video will see thousands of people. You can get hundreds of subscribers which are real people intrested in your content!

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