Fantastic Passive Income Games Site Making $600/mo, 30k uniques/month

More than 2500+ games. Generate automated income $ 600/mo through ads displaying while you are enjoying life without any effort. 30k unique visitors/mo. SEO friendly and good looking design.

Brief history of the site

The web site was launched on May 2020. This web site offers one of the best free games collection for personal use on the web. The website is a directory of room escape games, outdoor escape games, horror escape games, japanese room escape games, adventure…

Fantastic Passive Income Games Site Making $ 600/mo, 30k uniques/month

Dropship eCommerce business making $600/mo

Why are you selling this site?
I have over 8 websites in my portfolio and it's time to start purging. Looking to focus on my other websites that I am more passionate about.

How is it monetized?
has Over 2000K Products

How does the business generate revenue?
We drive store sales Currently through Organic & Social Media Traffic

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
The Following Social Media Accounts
Pinterest – 1.6k Followers…

Dropship eCommerce business making $ 600/mo