Python 3.7 @dataclass __iter__ and __next___ my iterator wont stop looping. Not sure how to break/stop loop

So I have this code

@dataclass class myQuque: """ simple FIFO quque """ _container: list = field(init=False, default_factory=list) _iter : iter = field(init=False,default=None)  def __post_init__(self):     self._iter = self.__iter__()  def __iter__(self):     return iter(self._container)  def __next__(self):     return self._iter  def pop(self):     return self._container.pop()  def add(self, parm):     self._container.insert(0, parm) 

Then when I call a simple loop on an instance of the object Assuming y is a filled object. My iterator works (yea!) but it won’t stop looping (boo!) Not sure how (I think) make next terminate.

    for i in y:     print(i)