Could presence of the string “_CONSOLE” in multiple files indicate a hack?

I run a combination of Linux & Windows machines with Dropbox.

Many "selective sync conflicts" occurred, for unknown reasons. Meaning two copies of the same folder appear on dropbox – each copy should be identical.

I will pick one example folder: a music album, folder contains 12 .mp3 files, and a number of .jpg’s.

All files are the exact same file size between the two copies, butdiff clearly shows the contents are different.

Running linux strings on the newer version, every file contains the string _CONSOLE, and the majority of the file has been zero’d out, i.e the data is gone.

Uploading the file’s to for a scan yields a completely clean scan.

Question: is this likely to be malicious? What does the string "_CONSOLE" indicate? Can anyone advise if it is common string for a windows or linux executables?