SharePoint 2016 InplaceSearchQuery cant Work in _layouts/15

I’m new to SharePoint.

When I using the InPlaceSeach in SharePoint it’s does not shown me the results as I want.

Its only display the all the items in my list without filtering.

Here with SharePoint InPlaceSearch Query. The Query had any wrong? 

Getting 401 HTTP Unauthorised for file under _layouts/15

Attempting to retrieve a file from Sharepoint using guidance from this page

generally works.

I can access these types of files programmatically(download them locally): “server/sites/site/folder/subfolder/myfile.xlsx”

However: “server/sites/site/folder/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=entry&file=myfile.xlsx”

has beeen annoyingly inaccessible for me – all I get is:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

I can access the file in my browser without any issues. What am I missing here? I cannot find any references in the documentation nor online on what else to try here.

It is a requirement that I retrieve this file with a REST request and to download them locally.