Can you craft magic items without specific abilities–and therefore, requirements/costs?

Ghostwalk’s glove of the master strategist is described as follows:

This black leather glove is decorated with purple silk thread. It acts as a glove of storing and allows the wearer to use a true strike effect once per day.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item, true strike; Market Price: 3,600 gp; Weight: —.

Let’s say you don’t need the true strike ability. The glove doesn’t say that the true strike effect requires a command, so it seems safe to assume it’s use-activated. As a 1st level spell (CL 1st) with one use per day, magic item creation rules imply that this ability is worth 1 × 1 × 2000 / (5/1) = 400 gp.

As such, could you craft what’s essentially a glove of storing at CL 6th with only the Craft Wondrous Item feat, preparation of the shrink item spell, and 1,600 gp + 128 XP (half of the base price of 3,200 gp, plus XP costs)?

If so, what would happen if you gave the glove a requirement that the user have at least 1 rank in the Sleight of Hand skill? Is the 10% discount based on the “normal” cost of 1,800 gp (180 gp discount, seems unlikely) or the “intended” cost of 1,600 gp (160 gp discount, seems likely), or does doing so not apply a discount in this way (seems possible)?