How can a character be able to Detect Thoughts on multiple people at once?

Since this video came out (timestamped to the important part), I have been puzzling over any spell I could find to understand what’s going on. While I know a DM can invent all they want for NPCs and enemies, I also know that Monty Martin (the DM of that game) finds pleasure in beating his players with enemies that conform to the same parameters that PCs have (thus making a RAW PC as his villain and outplaying the actual PCs). So I am sure that this demonstration of skill from the sallow-eyed man is an actual RAW spell or ability, though I have not been able to find such a trick since that episode first aired.

Does anyone know of a way that a character can be granted "mass detect thoughts"?

Restrict CA to issue certficates for one domain or to be able to sign just one server certificate

I have a server and I want my iPhone to connect to it securely. However, I cannot just install the self-signed server certificate on my iPhone. When I install the profile (that’s what they call the certificate), it says "Not verified".

Normally, you would go to CA Trust settings and enable full trust for the certificate. BUT I deliberately made the certificate with critical,CA:false constraint. That’s the reason it does not show in the CA Trust settings.

Why did I do it — I just need to install the single certificate and I don’t want to totally compromise my iPhone security, if my CA credentials got stolen.

Do this have a solution? iOS probably requires a CA to trust a certificate, but I don’t want a possibility to create certificates at all (beside the one), or at least for another domains.

One potential "solution" might be to create the CA, sign the server certificate and then delete the CA key, as it would not be needed and would live for a shorter time (lower chance to get stolen).

However, people except me wouldn’t be stoked to install it. (I don’t want to buy a certificate as its a home project and I don’t even have a domain name, just the IP address.)

The certificate complies with apple’s current requirements for server certificates. (

Not able to capture 4 way handshake using airodump-ng

I am not able capture 4 way handshake, I also tried manually disconnecting and reconnecting my device to the network in hope that airodump-ng will capture the handshake but no luck. I checked the device was successfully getting disconnected after sending deauthentication packets, and gets automatically reconnected the moment I stop sending the packets. I am using Kali 2020.2 in VirtualBox. My Wifi adapter is TP-Link TL-WN722N(V3) with Realtek rtl8188eus chipset. Also one weird thing I noticed, deauthentication attacks do not work everytime, it only works roughly 1 out of 5 times and discovering networks around me take 30-40 seconds. I tried reinstalling VirtualBox and Kali Linux, still no improvement.

Commands that I am using

  • airodump-ng –bssid (bssid of router) –channel (channel number) –write handshk wlan0
  • aireplay-ng –deauth 32 -a (bssid of router) -c (target client) wlan0

I can see the captured packets in handshk.cap file but no handshake is being detected by aircrack-ng.

Result of aircrack-ng

root@kali:~# aircrack-ng handshk-01.cap -w test.txt  Reading packets, please wait... Opening handshk-01.cap Read 2180918 packets.          BSSID                 ESSID               Encryption  1 (bssid of router)   (name of the network)   WPA (0 handshake)   Choosing first network as target.   Reading packets, please wait... Opening handshk-01.cap Read 2180918 packets.   1 potential targets   Packets contained no EAPOL data; unable to process this AP.     Quitting aircrack-ng... 

Can Dragonbait read or write Common, since he is able to understand it?

In D&D 5e, Tomb of Annihilation includes Dragonbait, a saurial. His stat block claims that he can understand Common but not speak it, due to the strange way in which saurials communicate. From Tomb of Annihilation, p. 218:

Languages understands Common but can’t speak

Is there any evidence, either in 5e (which I assume is just what’s presented in Tomb of Annihilation) or anything from previous editions of D&D, that suggests that Dragonbait (whether it’s about Dragonbait specifically or saurials generally) can read or write Common, since he can apparently understand it?

Would someone be able to create this table in dbt using sql + jinga?

This table will only show the newly added rows from the source table every time the dbt command(dbt run) is run

The code for could be something like this –

{% if is_incremental() %} where date(date_column) >= (select max(date(date_column)) from {{ this }}) {% endif %}

with table_var as (

select * from {{ref(‘table’)}}



DATE_TRUNC(date(date_column), QUARTER) as q, column_1, column_1, max(column_1)

group by 1,2,3

Should we think of 5e’s greatsword as an especially beefy longsword, still able to be carried at the hip?

Historically, greatswords were so long they were impossible to carry at your hip, so you typically carried one around with it resting, point-up, against your shoulder. One benefit justifying this inconvenience was their reach. However, in 5e, greatswords are not “reach” weapons. Should we therefore think of the 5e greatsword as just an especially beefy longword–twice as heavy, but still short enough to be carried at the hip? Or, since we’re telling fantastical stories about fictional epic heroes, do we simply buy into the Hollywood back sheath, no matter how unreasonable that’s been shown to be in real life?

Bonus Question: Does your same answer apply to 5e’s other heavy and 2-handed but non-reach melee weapons, the maul and battleaxe?

How does the spell Siphon work for a caster who is both spontaneous and able to cast prepared spells?

If I have a multiclassed spellcaster (both spontaneous and able to cast prepared spells), can I use Siphon (Complete Scoundrel, p. 102) to regain one or more spell slot/s of any class I wish?


Is the regained spell slot of the same class I have cast Siphon with?



You drain the charges from a wand or staff you hold to replace spells you have already cast. As long as the wand or staff has at least 5 charges left, you can expend 5 of those charges to replace a cast spell. The spell replaced must be of a level equal to or lower than the highest-level spell the staff or wand holds. If you prepare arcane spells, you can regain any one spell of the affected level that you have already cast that day; if you cast spells spontaneously, you can regain a spell slot of the appropriate level.

Not able to understand this problem ( home page – latest posts) not showing properly

Hi i am working on my friend’s site it is using gwangi theme ( and my website is

it is working fine in localhost (xampp) but after i upload it to my hosting server only home page shows extra contents below footer. ( if i de activate 4 plugins) it is working fine but without these plugins functions are not working. somebody help plz