KVM’s Virt-Manager is not able to PXE boot KVM machines from MAAS Server

I am using virt manager for deploying maas on kvm and other maas nodes for openstack cloud and juju controller running on those KVMs in a dediated single server. For that purpose i have made 2 networks one is br0 attached with eth0 (physical interface) for maas public access and other is “isolated private network” for maas nodes. i have attached my maas-server running on one of the kvm with these two networks by making 2 interfaces (i.e public and private). Now i am trying to PXE boot juju controller machine from MAAS private network but it does not pxe boot that machine and instead giving an error “No bootable device”. Why this is happening? MAAS is supposed to builtin provide a dhcp and tftp server but juju controller is not able to pxe boot fom MAAS server.. Do i need to configure my network ?? Kindly help

Mac Photo Screensaver no longer able to R/L arrow through photos

Very recently Apple changed something with their screensaver. Before the change, my screen saver would come on and I would see my photos. I would be able to use the left and right arrows to scroll back to a photo or scroll forward through photos. It was pretty fun for my family.

Has anyone found a work around? I have searched the app store for a photo app screensaver.

Not able to add tax while creating order via rest api

I am trying to add tax while creating order via rest api in woocommerce but it is not working.

$  order_data = [                     'payment_method' => 'COD',                     'payment_method_title' => 'Cash on delivery',                     'set_paid' => true,                     'billing' => $  billing_address,                     'shipping' => $  shipping_address,                     'line_items' => $  cart_item,                     'customer_id' => (int)$  user_woocommerce_id,                     'total' => $  total_price,                     'total_tax'=> '100',                     'tax_lines' => [                         'rate_code'=> 'GST',                         'rate_id'=> 75,                         'total_tax' => '100',                     ],                     'shipping_lines' => [                         [                             'method_id' => 'flat_rate',                             'method_title' => 'Flat Rate',                             'total' => $  shipping_cost                         ]                     ]                 ]; 

I should add tax in order.

iOS – Not able to add attachment, while launching gmail from my app

I am using MFMailComposeViewController to Compose email with attachment and it’s working fine

Now I want to compose image with attachment with native email client. I am using code below

 NSString *customURL =[NSString stringWithFormat:@"googlegmail:///co?to=[t0]&subject=[subject]&body=[body]"];      NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:customURL];     if ([[UIApplication sharedApplication]          canOpenURL:url])     {          [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url options:@{} completionHandler:^(BOOL success) {              NSLog(@"%d",success);         }];     }     else     {         //not installed, show popup for a user or an error     } 

It’s working fine with subject and Body, but I am not able to attach attachments(ie:Zip file, screen shots).

is there any way to add attachment, while using gmail or any other client app.

Single user not able to connect to OOF URL on Outlook 2010

I was recently asked to setup an Automatic Reply(Out of Office) message for a user that recently left the company I work at. All users log into Terminal Servers to do their work and as such, to access their emails. After failing to set it using the “Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration” command on the Exchange Shell, I had to get into the user’s profile manually by resetting their password via Active Directory. In Outlook 2010 the “Automatic Replies” displayed the following:

Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.

Testing if AutoDiscover has been configured was successful. The only thing I can try next is correcting the OOF URL, but every other user can set Automatic Replies of their own and are connected to the same Exchange server. Only one user can’t connect it seems. Is there anything else I could be missing since its only a single user being affected?

I cant able to delete all items from cart using cart api

I am able to delete single single order item using cart api ( https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/commerce-cart-api/delete-cartorderitemsitem ) . But I am getting a 405 Method Not allowed error when trying to remove or clear all order items from cart ( https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/commerce-cart-api/delete-cartorderitems ) . In rest only patch method is visible. Any idea how to delete all order items using cart api?

enter image description here

Am I able to fly domestically within the US with just a B1/B2 Visa/Border Crossing Card without a passport?

I am a Mexican citizen in Mexico on the US border and cross almost weekly, so I am legally able to visit. My passport is currently expired and it takes some time to renew it. I am afraid TSA might not be able to except my B1/B2 even though it is an American issued form of ID. I have been looking around the internet and haven’t been able to find a similar situation. I have a valid I-94 form as well that grants me permission to travel pass the 100 or miles allowed in the state I travel in.