Programmatically create a trigger within abnormally shaped room

So I’m trying to create a trigger in each of my rooms. These rooms can be created by players. Basically, I need to know all the objects in a room. These rooms can be shaped in weird and wonderful ways. I’m struggling to figure out how to “fill” an area? The other problem is that some walls are curved.

My current thinking is:

  • Loop over all the walls in a scene. Do 4 raycasts from each side of the wall and see if we hit other walls. If we do, we are likely in a room.

  • From the offset, literally check each node adjacent to that until we fill the room. Once I have this though, Im not sure what to do with it.

How do I create bounds that I can check for collisions with this data?

How does a DM deal with a PC with an abnormally high Armor Class?

One of the Fighters in my party, who is level 5, has an AC of 21. He wears chainmail (AC: 16), has the Defense Fighting Style which gives a +1 to AC when wearing armor, and a +2 shield (found in an ancient cave) which gives him +4 to his AC. As the DM, I am having an issue with any number of creature hitting him. I understand that I allowed this to happen, but i’m starting to regret it. How can I at least give this Fighter an actual fight without being unfair?

Drush terminated abnormally

Drush version 9.7.0 Drush Launch version 0.6.0 Drupal ver 8.7.3 Open social dist 5.5.

The error I get at the command line when running drush topic or drush cr or any Drush command:

[warning] Drush command terminated abnormally. Check for an exit() in your Drupal site.

I have tried reinstalling Drush, removing and reinstalling, clearing cache via the GUI, but nothing seems to help.

I don’t know where to check for an “exit() in your Drupal site”.