Precision about distance between cities for “Glorious Reikland”?

I start the creation of a campaign for WFRP4e settled in the Reikland, the main country of the core rulebook. I use the map in order to create a path for caravaners, but I need to know distances between cities. I looked up for a map caption like the image below but found nothing. Same for the book section “Glorious Reikland p267.

enter image description here

Since I do not have information about the “size” of the country, I can’t guess. Is there any information, clues or anything else that allow me to deduce the distance between other cities ?

Map of Reikland

What assumptions do I have to make about monitors (in OS)?

I am taking a course in Operating Systems. I am going through old exams and there is a question about monitors. We are supposed to give a solution for the producer-consumer problem using monitors. That is quite clear. But, it also says in the question:

List also the assumptions that you make about monitor semantics

Can anyone explain what is meant by this?

We know someone is scrying on us. Is there ANYTHING we can do about it?

It would be unusual, to me, if there were no spell in the world that could “feedback” (as my DM puts it) on the scryer. We’re usually really creative about this sort of thing, but on this we have no ideas.

Otherwise, besides continuing to try to detect the scrying orb and then casting a spell (or throwing a thick blanket over it), or spending all our time in deep caves, there is nothing we can do.

I suppose we might be able to detect person somehow? That, at least, would be something—though we do not know who it is who is scrying. We just know that it’s happening regularly (’cause we are such big heroes, and about to try to foil a war, is why).

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did Rep.Elijah Cummings have to die instead of Sen.Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump? Why did a good person who cares about people die?

It is not fair and his death was an immediate shock to me and some of my coworkers as well. He will be remembered as a champion of the poor and their rights, a friend of Racial Equality and Women’s Rights. What do you think?

Is concept of virtual memory about memory isolation or about ability to swap? Or both?

Most reading I found about virtual memory, such as or always state that virtual memory is a concept that allows operating system to make it “appear as though you have more memory than you really do”.

But isn’t that what overcommit is about? Isn’t whole virtual memory concept primarily about the fact that each process has an isolated virtual memory pool, thus being unable to read or modify other process memory?

If not, what is this technology of memory isolation within own virtual memory pools called?