Is the phrase “Justice is above the law” both in agreement with Hoar’s dogma and a LN alignment? [on hold]

We are playing using the forgotten realms setting 3.x edition and in our group there’s a cleric of hoar.
We have “free role” sessions where players talk among themselves trying to stay as much in character as possible. During one of these session the cleric said he doesn’t like guards because they just follow the law and law is not perfect since it is made by humans and it often lacks justice, which is above the law.

We discussed a bit about what he said during the session but we stopped in order to avoid blocking the game but we couldn’t reach an agreement on wheter such a phrase, said by a LN Cleric of Hoar, is in agreement with the dogma and the alignment

We were split into 2 sides.

  • One side says that he’s right to say that and it’s both something a LN would say and within hoar’s dogma (Uphold true and fitting justice and maintain the spirit of law, not the letter of law)

  • The other side says that being right (or better, agreeing with what he said) does not mean it’s something a LN would say. Even though Hoar is a special kind of LN, a LN character should still respect what law represents, even if he doesn’t agree with certain laws. And while the phrase might be something a devotee of Hoar could say, it’s not something a LN character would say

As said, we couldn’t reach an agreement on this

can’t remove roaming letter above signal bars

I’ve researched a lot and I can’t find any solutions to this problem. A couple of months ago I traveled by plane, and when I arrived and turned off airplane mode (I have it always turned on) I had this r above the signal bars. I think it’s because I got outside my isp area when I was on the air, but now I’m back in my city and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve trying manually selecting the isp, turning on and off the roaming and the mobile data in the configurations but nothing seems to work. What else could I try?

One directory rising above

I think there will be one directory which will rival search engines in number of searches. It would need to solve the problem of having insufficient sites on top with a search algorithm. Below are factors I believe would be importaint in the ranking. This way the directory can be searched manually or by offered listings.

Domain Strength

Microsoft Flow To Update Items With ID Above 5000 In A SharePoint List

I have an issue with an update automation I created with Microsoft Flow that I can’t figure out how to fix. I have two SharePoint lists in different site collections. I’ve set up a flow when an item is created in the first list to copy it to another SP list, then when that very same item is modified in the second list, to update the same item in the first list. Both are linked with each other based on the ID of the item created in the first list. Basically I have a field in the second list that takes the value of the ID of the item from the first list. And then when that entry is modified in the second list it compares the two values and if they match, it updates the same item in the first list. I made all that work to a test list that I created and it is working fine, but then when I tried to move the automation to an identical list having an ID of 15600+, it just does not want to update the item in the first list when modified in the second list. And what is interesting is that microsoft flow shows all actions of the flow as successful, but yet it doesn’t update the item in the first list. The list has an ID of more than 15600, but the actual items inside are about 3000. Is it because of the ID and how can this be fixed?

Let $z_n = x_n + y_n$, with $(x_n)$ and $(y_n)$ strictly increasing. Prove that if $(z_n)$ is bounded above, then so are $(x_n)$ and $(y_n)$.

Let $ (x_n)$ and $ (y_n)$ be strictly increasing sequences, and let $ (z_n)$ be a sequence defined by $ z_n = x_n + y_n$ for all $ n \in \mathbb{N}$ .

Prove that if $ (z_n)$ is bounded above, then so are $ (x_n)$ and $ (y_n)$ .

I do not know where to start with this problem. I know that $ (z_n)$ being bounded above means there exists some $ A \in \mathbb{N}$ such that $ z_n < A$ for all $ n \in \mathbb{N}$ , therefore $ x_n + y_n < A$ for all $ n \in \mathbb{N}$ . I don’t see how this helps finding some $ B \in \mathbb{N}$ such that $ x_n < B$ (or $ y_n < B$ ).

I have also tried proving the contrapositive but it did not get me anywhere.

Should textbox labels be above or to the side of the textbox?

At a former employer, the interface guidelines strongly insisted that the labels for form elements are always above the element citing that

  1. It’s more natural to follow
  2. It’s easier to translate since the sizing won’t need to change.

However, I often see this violated by placing the label to the left (or to the right for right-to-left languages).

Which is the better general approach?