What does “$E$ is not bounded above” mean? I am confused. “Principles of Mathematical Analysis” by Walter Rudin Theorem 3.17.

I am reading Walter Rudin’s “Principles of Mathematical Analysis”.

There are the following definition and theorem and its proof in this book.

Definition 3.16:

Let $ \{ s_n \}$ be a sequence of real numbers. Let $ E$ be the set of numbers $ x$ (in the extended real number system) such that $ s_{n_k} \rightarrow x$ for some subsequence $ \{s_{n_k}\}$ . This set $ E$ contains all subsequential limits, plus possibly the numbers $ +\infty$ , $ -\infty$ .

Put $ $ s^* = \sup E,$ $ $ $ s_* = \inf E.$ $

Theorem 3.17:

Let $ \{s_n \}$ be a sequence of real numbers. Let $ E$ and $ s^*$ have the same meaning as in Definition 3.16. Then $ s^*$ has the following two properties:

(a) $ s^* \in E$ .

(b) If $ x> s^*$ , there is an integer $ N$ such that $ n \geq N$ implies $ s_n < x$ .

Moreover, $ s^*$ is the only number with the properties (a) and (b).

Of course, an analogous result is true for $ s_*$ .


if $ s^* = +\infty$ , then $ E$ is not bounded above; hence $ \{s_n\}$ is not bounded above, and there is a subsequence $ \{s_{n_k}\}$ such that $ s_{n_k} \to +\infty$ .

If $ s^*$ is real, then $ E$ is bounded above, and at least one subsequential limit exists, so that (a) follows from Theorems 3.7 and 2.28.

If $ s^* = -\infty$ , then $ E$ contains only one element, namely $ -\infty$ , and there is no subsequential limit. Hence, for any real $ M$ , $ s_n > M$ for at most a finite number of values of $ n$ , so that $ s_n \to -\infty$ .

This establishes (a) in all cases.

I cannot understand the following argument:

if $ s^* = +\infty$ , then $ E$ is not bounded above; hence $ \{s_n\}$ is not bounded above, and there is a subsequence $ \{s_{n_k}\}$ such that $ s_{n_k} \to +\infty$ .

What does “$ E$ is not bounded above” mean?
p.12, Rudin wrote “It is then clear that $ +\infty$ is an upper bound of every subset of the extended real number system”.
And $ E$ is a subset of the extended real number system.

Can I get a driver for my BT v4 adapter to the Android 8.0 and above?

Here’s my issue: I have an Red-mi Note 5 Pro and Android 8.0. I bought a Mode-Com Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth V4. I also bought an Ultron UBA-140 nano USB Adaptor to use with my Android but it doesn’t recognise it. I can pair the devices but can not use the speaker so the device and the Android supports Bluetooth adaptor.

My questions are:

Can I get a driver for my BT v4 adaptor to the Android 8.0 and above?

Or should I buy a different adaptor which is compatible with the Android ?

How can I know which adaptors are compatible with it ?

Is an 8th level and above cleric with the death domain harmed by channeled positive energy?

At level 8 a cleric with the death domain gains the following feature:

Death’s Embrace (Ex): At 8th level, you heal damage instead of taking damage from channeled negative energy. If the channeled negative energy targets undead, you heal hit points just like undead in the area.

So does that mean a cleric with the death domain is healed by both positive AND negative energy channeling, or does this in effect make the cleric react to positive energy like an undead and take damage? Further, is that cleric affected by healing/harm spells in the same manner?

Match two patterns patterns above each other

I want a regex that matches something like this:

asdffdasdfasdfd foo asdfdfasdafds asdfasdfasdfdas bar fadasadfasdfd 

But not this

asdffdasdfasdfd foo asdfdfasdafds asdfasdfasdfdasd bar fadasadfasdfd 

Where asdfdsadfsdf represent some characters that I’m not interested in. I want to be able to match a foo that is exactly above a bar. Is there way to match everything up to foo in a group, and then match a second group of exactly the same length perhaps?

If it matters, I want to do this in python.

How to stop Google Drive from sorting folders above files?

I’m stunned I can’t even find a discussion on this in all my searching.

Google Drive allows for sorting the contents of your drive by “Title”. However for some reason it places all folders above files, which is completely maddening.

Is there any way to get Drive to actually sort things alphabetically as would normally be expected in any standard filesystem?

Want to display the validation error message above the webform

I have a webform created in Drupal 8 using the webform module I have to submit the data to 2 different 3rd party API.

The scenario is I have to submit the data to the 1st API if there is no error response found then submit the data to 2nd API so now I have created a submit handler and attached the handler to the webform. Now the issue is when I got an error response message while submitting the data to 1st API and showing the message using drupal_set_message() function everything is working fine but the form validation js not loading at this point.

The used code is like the below:

drupal_set_message(t($  msg), 'error'); $  form_state->setRebuild(true); 

can anybody help me with this?