Reason for fake academic pdf files found on sites like Google Scholar?

Using my web-browser, I clicked a link on Google Scholar that led to a fake paper (in .pdf format). The pdf contained many keywords and phrases related to the research topic, possibly for search engine indexing, but it was not a readable paper.

My question is: what is the purpose of these fake academic pdfs? Is it to install malware? Why upload a pdf filled with keywords, but nothing else? In my particular case, here is a link from Google Scholar that contains the site hosting these pdfs:

Visa for an academic conference iin Europe

I am registered for a conference in Switzerland on July 20-26. However, the Swiss embassy does not have an appointment till July 9, which probably won’t give me a visa in time for the conference.

I had originally planned to combine the conference with a short trip afterwards to another European country. However, if I change my plans a little bit, I can spend more time in one other country (France) than Switzerland.

Would it then be right to apply for a French visa (embassy appointments for France are available earlier than Switzerland)? I will still be providing documents showing my attendance at a conference in Switzerland, which makes it a businesss visit, but also hotel documents showing that I will be in France (as a tourist) longer than in Switzerland.

Note – similar visa questions have been asked before, but they were about only tourism and did not have the added issue of attending a conference.

I have a B1/B2 visa that was applied for a conference in US, but I missed the conference. Can I use my visa for an academic visit?

I am a Chinese national that studied at a US university before and am currently working in India as a postdoctoral researcher. Last year I applied for a B1/B2 visa to attend a conference in the US. I got the visa eventually, but only after the conference.

My question is: can I use the visa (which is multi-entry and has no annotation) for an academic visit? Specifically, I plan to visit my former Ph.D. advisor at a US university for one week but wonder if my visa can be used for this purpose and if there are any restrictions. Thank you.

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Mac Spoofing and academic literature

After discussing with some guy at the Finnish Ubuntu Forum and solving my Wi-Fi-router problem, he said that perhaps Snowden had to use MAC Spoofer -software during his escape travels when I asked him his opinion for MAC Spoofing for your network security.

My question appeal to Mac Spoofing Academic literature. How much there is it, and what do you suggest to be the relevant topics for the killer master thesis and even doctoral thesis about MAC Spoofing. If I¨ll discover some common topic about MAC Spoofing in my master thesis, is there any point to make kiler MAC Spoofing software (Open Source) for a doctoral thesis in Computer Sciences? How much there have been research around this topic and academic sources and what´s the current demand and value for this kind of work?

What would be the best place for sharing Call for Papers for NEW Academic Journal about UX and Urban Creativity?

The journal of User Experience & Urban Creativity (UXUC) is concerned with improving the experience of living in cities. Although all UX disciplines focus on improving designs for people to use, the human experience of the built environment is of crucial importance because a majority of people now live in an urban or suburban environment.

Worldwide, there are a myriad urban design approaches in cities both modern and ancient. People inhabit, decorate, customize, modify, and fit their environment to their purposes. We aim to cross-pollinate, across cultures, across time, and thus to help envision more human-centered cities.

We invite case studies, theoretical explorations, stories from UX practitioners, best practices, cautionary tales, and practical approaches for improving human-city interaction and the urban environment. We are interested in photo essays, architectural drawings, lessons from history, first-person accounts and interpretations, academic research, information about urban design working groups, articles on techniques, methodologies, explorations of bad design, before-and-after transformations, policy and politics of urban design change, and philosophical principles for urban (re)design and usability.

Call for Papers 2019, Theme: Urban User Experience: How can cities become better human habitat?

More info: