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How Do Core and Accelerated Resolution Mechanics Differ?

The differences between the two versions of the game are quite noticeable, and also spelled out in the conversion guide. Differences in various resolution mechanics seem subtler, and easier to overlook (I definitely overlooked them in the past and am likely overlooking others still). For example, Create Advantage seems to work slightly differently, and it’s not something that stood out to me in the book; similarly, resolution of recovery isn’t quite the same between the two either.

Thus I’m interested in knowing what are the differences in resolution mechanics as written between the Core and Accelerated. I’m talking specifically about mechanics used outside of character creation/advancement – mechanics used specifically during play, according to the letter of the rules in these two books (not houserules/rulings, not any additional supplements).

Necessary disclaimer: I know that in some technical ways Accelerated can be seen as a subset of Core, but I’m asking about the differences between the default implementation as written in Core (also at times referred to as Hearts of Steel) and Accelerated.