Can not Export SharePoint 2013 list to MS Access

When attempting to exporting a list I get the error message –

“Export to Database Failed. To export a list you must have a MS SharePoint Foundation compatible application.”

Note we have SharePoint 2013 and MS Office 2010. If I click on export to Excel I have no issues.

I was told that the reason this occurs is because I do not have MS Access 2013, but to me that makes no sense. If I can export a list to Excel and we have Office 2010 which includes MS Access 2010 and MS Excel 2010 why do I get this error message?

What is my resolution.

How can I as middleman verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on the referrer link and blocks any other access methods?

How can I as a trusted user of a middleman company (such as PhishTank) verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on a unique referrer link(randomly created) and is blocking any other access methods?

To throw a threat scenario into scene.

An attacker sent an email to a local bank officer, the email looks very similar to a official email of an employee in their company at a higher tier and the time was planned. Later they detect it was a spear-phishing attack from an old employee. They report the attack on PhishTank (for example), but there they can’t verify it because the link doesn’t allow direct access (only with a unique referrer as in the email). How can they still verify whether it was a valid report of not?

Now the real question,

On a technical view, how does such an attack work?

How unbalanced would a feat that allowed access to other spell lists be?


There are times where I feel like a certain spell would very much suit a certain character or concept, but because it’s not on that classes’ spell list, they can’t have it.

The classic example in my mind is that Tempest Domain Clerics can’t have Storm of Vengeance (even though it used to be on the Cleric spell list in previous editions) or Whirlwind or other spells that suit their theme. As it stands, you’d need to take 17 levels in Druid (or 18 levels in Bard for their last use of Magical Secrets) to get those spells, at which point you’re not really a Tempest Cleric anymore, you’re a Druid or Bard with a dip in Cleric.

I wanted to come up with a way to allow certain classes access to certain spells that they otherwise can’t get. I thought a feat might be an acceptable cost for this benefit (aside from a DM just saying “just have the spell anyway” or “I say that this spell is on the Cleric spell list for my games”, etc).


My proposed feat would be that, if you have the Spellcasting class feature (i.e. you are of a class that can already cast spells) or Pact Magic (because Warlocks spellcasting class feature isn’t called Spellcasting), then you can gain access to one other classes’ spell list and “they are X spells for you” where X is your spellcasting class (if you’re a multiclassed spellcaster like a Bard/Sorcerer, then pick one of your spellcasting classes).

So for a Cleric gaining access to, say, Bard spells, the Cleric would use Wisdom rather than Charisma; this idea is based somewhat on the Divine Soul sorcerer, who has access to all Cleric spells but uses Charisma to cast them.


My question is: Is this balanced? If this is overpowered, would restricting it to only a school or two from the other spell list help to balance it? If this is underpowered, I’d probably throw in a +1 to your spellcasting ability to help balance it. Or is this so broken in a way that I haven’t anticipated that I just shouldn’t do this at all? Perhaps this is something that is only unbalanced if Warlocks are included (so simply excluding them from this removes a bunch of balance concerns)?

Also note that, although I’ve recently asked questions about Rangers using the Wizard’s spell list, this is actually nothing to do with that. However, I am currently assuming that Paladins, Rangers, Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters are to be included in my proposed feat. Any or all of these can be excluded as I suggested for the Warlock above if this is unbalanced.

Copy SQL Server DB into another instance without SA access

I’ve two SQL Server databases and both of them are on cloud.

  1. First server is source
  2. Second server is destination

I only have a non SA access. And I’m using DBForge Studio for managing the database. I’m trying to copy the database from the first server to the second server through DBForge→Database Sync→Copy Database and then select copy (I’m following this article).

Note: The database already exists in destination with same name, but no tables yet.

I got an error message when trying to copy:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘xp_fileexist’…..

Then I try to copy & overide but I got the same error message.

So I try to use another way like export & import. I export the database from source server into .sql, but there are only queries for insert, it didn’t serve the query for create table schema, and I tried to import into another file like .csv and .xsl but I got the same, it only contain data without schema.

Is there any better way to copy the database without SA access?

How to access ubuntu shared folder in vmware from local area network?

I share a folder inside ubuntu by right click – Local Network Share. when I check it with

net usershare info –long I am getting the result as

[testom] path=/home/edadmin/Public/testom comment= usershare_acl=Everyone:F, guest_ok=y

From windows explorer I tried the path like this\testom – Nothing comes up ? when I input IP only its saying folder is empty ? Please help me to resolve this I dont know much on linux. Please advice. Thank in advance

External user gets ‘Access Required’ could it be down to these two factors?

I have an external user who’s trying to access a SharePoint online site but keeps getting the Access Request page.

I’ve been doing some rooting around and found that when I checked their permissions I get this:

enter image description here

There’s a lot of Deny in that list! I read in another post that I should go to Application Management in Site Collections and select Configure quotas but can’t find Application Management in Online

Also when I was in Active Sites and clicked on the site in question I saw a message on the right hand side saying ‘We couldn’t find the Office 365 group connected to this site’.

Could either or both be causing the access issue and how would I resolve?

Thanks in advance

“An error occurred when navigating to:” error occurs randomly approximately every third time certain users try to access particular documents

At my company, certain users, when trying to access documents via links outside of our SharePoint environment, are getting an error saying “An error occurred when navigating to:…”. This error is happening for the users irregularly. If they get the error and then click the link again, the error goes away and they get access to the document. I am not an expert in SharePoint, but would this imply that one of our content servers in our load balance is not working properly while the others ARE working? Can anyone tell me how I could go about solving this issue? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

PROBLEMA CON CONEXCION PHP A MYSQL: Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user

tengo un problema conectando PHP a mi servidor MySQL usando el dominio.

<?php $  con = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'XXXXX', 'XXXXX'); if($  con){     echo 'Conexión exitosa con Localhost'; }else {     echo 'Conexión fallida con  Localhost'; } echo '</br>'; $  con1 = mysqli_connect('', 'XXXXX', 'XXXXXX'); if($  con1){     echo 'Conexión exitosa con Dominio'; }else {     echo 'Conexión fallida con  Dominio'; }?> 

Esta es una prueba que hice DENTRO del servidor, donde se conecta tranquilamente si pongo Localhost, pero no se conecta si uso el dominio.

El resultado es:

Conexión exitosa con Localhost Warning: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 

Esto es un problema porque realmente necesito pasar ese código a una aplicación externa que utiliza una conexión remota. Obviamente me he percatado una y otra vez de que estén bien escritos el usuario y la contraseña. También he agregado el nombre de la base de datos en la conexión. Además he intentando hacer la conexión remota añadiendo mi pc como anfitrión de acceso desde mi CPanel.

La verdad no sé qué demonios estoy haciendo mal jajaj. Agradezco su ayuda de antemano.