How to add an editable Access Desktop Database to Sharepoint Server 2016

I’m a university student summer intern at a government agency, so sorry if this comes off as a dumb question or if I don’t appear very knowledgeable, but our team of maybe 10-ish people uses an excel spreadsheet currently to store records of forms submitted by contractors, and in order to save time and make it easier to enter records, I made a very simple Access desktop database, with 5 identical forms for entering/editing records from years 2015-2019, and five tables to where the records go after being entered in the form.

My boss and I were both very happy with the Access database I made, and it was working perfectly the entire time I was using it. The trouble comes when I try uploading the Access database file to our Sharepoint 2016 Server. When I click our old excel document, or any other word or powerpoint file, I can edit them as I please then click save and they automatically sync to sharepoint. With my access desktop database however, it just downloads the file onto the computer of whoever clicked the link and then you have to not only edit it, but save it onto your computer and reupload to sharepoint in order to have your changes saved.

I’ve been looking all over the web for answers, and it seems that Microsoft has retired Access web apps, which is why clicking the database automatically downloads the file, instead of just opening it in browser as it does with excel and word etc.

Since I’m working in the government, I have no admin privileges or anything on our sharepoint server, and I am unable to even add access apps to sharepoint if they still exist (I have no clue), but I am almost positive that there has to be a way to have a collaborative database on our sharepoint server, so that we can all go in and edit/add to it when we need to.

I was really hoping someone would outline precisely what I need to do, as I have only had this job for about a month and I am still getting used to sharepoint/databases/SQL. All I need is a way to get my Access Desktop Database onto our sharepoint server where all our other collaborative documents are, and have the ability to edit from within sharepoint, without having to download and reupload the desktop database every single time. Thanks so much in advance!

Should access permissions and roles be included in payload of JWT?

Should information about the permissions and roles of the client be included in JWT?

Having such information in JWT token will be very helpful as everytime a valid token comes, it would be easier to extract the information about the permission about the user and there will be no need to call the database for the same. But does including such information and not double checking the same in the database will be a security issue?


Information like the one mentioned above should not be a part of JWT ever, and only the database should be used for checking the access roles and permissions of a user?

Allow Sharepoint REST API app access to a singular list and nothing else

By default the permissions of a sharepoint app seem limited to read/write/full control over the entire site.

I’m looking for a way to grant a supplier access to a list but do not want them to be able to access the information stored on the site other than the list.

Preferred solution would be to limit the app using user permissions like a regular user.

Is access control list blocking me and how do I disable it?

I have a partition that was handed to me for examination and can mount it in Ubuntu 19.04. However there are a number of directories where a period is appended to the end of the permissions in the directory listing. I found where this indicates that ACL (Access Control) is active.

If I enter, “ls -al” the following message is displayed:

foghorn-leghorn@foghornleghorn-Precision-M4800:/image$   ls -al special_parts ls: cannot open directory 'special_parts': Permission denied 

Permissions have been set to ‘444’ and SE Linux is not enabled in Ubuntu. This has been verified by entering ‘sestatus’.

foghorn-leghorn@foghornleghorn-Precision-M4800:/image$   sestatus SELinux status:                 disabled 

and checking the directory entry for permissions.

dr--r--r--   26 foghorn-leghorn foghorn-leghorn  4096 Jun 27 14:27 special_parts 

Using the ‘ls -lZ’ command to check for ACL entries reveals they are in use.

drwx--x--x.   3 foghorn-leghorn foghorn-leghorn u:object_r:customer_data_file:s         4096 Jun 27 14:27 user_die  dr--r--r--   29 foghorn-leghorn foghorn-leghorn u:object_r:customer_data_file:s         4096 Jun 27 14:27 special_parts drwxrwx--x.   3 root            root            u:object_r:customer_data_file:s         4096 Jun 29 14:29 special_parts_cie drwxrwx--x.   3 root            root            u:object_r:customer_data_file:s         4096 Jun 29 14:27 special_parts_die 

I tried removing the ACL references using:

setfacl -b customer_parts

Still I cannot display the directory listing. Rechecking the status of ACL on the directory revealed a restriction seems to still be listed but is now labeled “?”.

drwx--x--x.   3 foghorn-leghorn foghorn-leghorn u:object_r:system_data_file:s0         4096 Jun 27 14:27 user_die dr--r--r--   26 foghorn-leghorn foghorn-leghorn ?                                      4096 Jun 27 14:27 special_parts drwxrwx--x.   3 root            root            u:object_r:customer_data_file:s0         4096 Jun 27 14:29 special_parts_cie drwxrwx--x.   3 root            root            u:object_r:customer_data_file:s0         4096 Jun 27 14:27 special_parts_die 

Any ideas on how to remove the ACL references in the file and display the directory?

Access python os.environ var in virtualenv with sudo?

I am working on a django project where I have to keep secrete information to python’s os.environ.

by following below link code is working fine in local system.

Now when I run getting secrete key

$  /home/env/bin/python >> import os >> os.environ environ({'SECRETE_KEY': '000000') 

but while excuting same command with sudo getting different environ variables.

I need to get environ({‘SECRETE_KEY’: ‘000000’) with using sudo /home/env/bin/python

Also tried with
How to use a python virtualenv with sudo?

but it didn’t help me.

users with Edit permission level are able to access the site navigation, but will get “Access Denied” when they try to submit the change

we have a classic team site collection with publishing features enabled + we have a sub-site which does not have the publishing features enabled. now i granted some users Edit permission on the sub-site and Read on the root site. where those users will be able to access the sub-site’s site navigation as follow:- enter image description here

and also those users will be able to add new links and chnage the order of the navigation links >> but when they try to submit the site navigation page, they will ger this error:- enter image description here

so its weird that users can access the site navigation + add/remove links but can not submit the changes .. any idea what is going on? Thanks

Download Magento2 Enterprise Edition with access keys?

I just need EE complete pakage to view different modules in vendor. I have EE installed but it is as Docker Image so I can view files in terminal using vim. Which is not efficient way.

I tried by installing composer and using command:

composer create-project –repository= magento/project-enterprise-edition

But it throughs error

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1 – Installation request for magento/product-enterprise-edition 2.3.2 -> satisfiable by magento/product-enterprise-edition[2.3.2]. – magento/product-enterprise-edition 2.3.2 requires ext-intl * -> the requested PHP extension intl is missing from your system.

Actually I don’t need to install. I only need to download. Please suggest the solution.

No longer able to access Data Source Details when creating an empty data view web part using Sharepoint Designer

Using SharePoint Designer 2013 I can no longer access a list data source on SharePoint Online when building a DVWP

Steps to reproduce.

  1. In SPD create a new Web Part Page.
  2. Edit the new page in Advanced Mode.
  3. Place cursor in ZoneTemplate tag.
  4. Click Insert -> Data View -> Empty data view.
  5. Place cursor in newly create DataSources tag.
  6. Click Insert -> Data Source -> and select a list.
  7. In the data source pane click refresh Data source link

error The server returned a non-specific error when trying to get data from the data source. Check the format and content of your query and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server administrator

Ran a fiddler session. get 500 response on. /_vti_bin/webpartpages.asmx.

soap:ServerException of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.An error has occurred.

Also tried to refresh a data source on an existing DVWP with same result.

Anybody experiencing this issue?

Started within last week

Magento 2:Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions

I try to import product using csv file in localhost of wamp server but show error in Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions I add product images in pub/media/import