How to track network file share accesses on workstations

I shared a folder created in my C drive with a colleague over the network and he was able to access it. Is there any log that will track this kind of activity? I am aware of Windows Security Event ID 5140: A network share object was accessed. Should this be on the workstation or will there be an AD authentication to the Domain controller to verify the person accessing it is actually the person whi is given permissions. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

How to fix the “Overlapping accesses to ‘self’, but modification requires exclusive access; consider copying to a local variable” error in my code?

I can’t continue with my app and I can’t test run it because something is wrong in my code that I don’t know how to fix! Here is the code:

import Foundation  extension Array {     mutating func shuffle() {         if count < 2 { return }         for i in 0..<(count - 1) {             let j = Int(arc4random_uniform(UInt32(count - i))) + i              customSwap(a: &self[i], b: &self[j])         }     } }  func customSwap<T>(a:inout T, b:inout T) {     let temp = a     a = b     b = temp }