possible malware called FISE in Accessibility (Privacy & Security)

I checked my Mac’s security and privacy and noticed this entry FISE. When I click Show in Finder nothing happens. I’ve googled around and found no mention of it at all outside of spammy sites.

Before I unchecked this software it had “control my computer” access. I recently upgraded to Mojave, so it’s possible this is an old program (this is on a 2012 Mac) which I had previously granted accessibility access to. However I don’t recall doing so.

I did find one reputable mention of FISE, in a technical paper from 2010. I don’t know if that is it. Given what the “control my computer” permission enables I’m pretty concerned that its a form of mal/spyware.

Has anyone else has ever seen this program FISE on their mac?

Do red “destructive” buttons hurt accessibility?

My organization currently uses red buttons for destructive actions, e.g. Delete A or Revoke X.

I’m wondering if this hurts accessibility, given that our primary CTA buttons are blue and our secondary buttons are gray. I believe colorblind users can make that distinction.

Is there a best practices guide on destruction patterns? One that takes into account accessibility?

Clear input button accessibility

I’ve a text input with a clear button (looks like “x”). When clicked, this button will remove all the text from the input:

enter image description here

The markup for this looks like:

  <label for="first-name">First name</label>    <div class="input-and-buttons">      <button       role="button"       aria-label="Clear"       tabindex="0">       X     </button>      <input id="first-name" tabindex="1"></input>    </div> 

How to best describe meaning of this button and its relationship to the input for users who use screen readers (like NVDA or VoiceOver)?

How to enable mouse control (accessibility?) for Java WebStart application?

We have an demo application that our salesman launches through Java WebStart. It works fine, exception on Macs (running MoJave) for a section that uses AssertJ Swing to drive the mouse and the keyboard.

I read here (https://github.com/joel-costigliola/assertj-swing/issues/224) that Mac OS X won’t let an application drive the mouse unless it is marked as an Accessibility application. Unfortunately, the solution there is for Eclipse, which we aren’t using. We do not see Java, Java WebStart or our application in the list for things that can be marked as an Accessibility application.

So, how do we mark Java WebStart (or our Java WebStart application) as an Accessibility application? Or is there another way to give our application control of the mouse?

Update 1

Java WebStart and AssertJ Swing work correctly under Sierra.

10.14.x App & Applet, Accessibility & Automation Madness

Just FYI . . . 

The following was submitted to Apple at https://www.apple.com/feedback/macos.html (788 character limit):

Greetings, folks!

With every boot into macOS 10.14.x (the best since 10.4.11!), I get multiple alerts asking for authorizations, especially those involving System Events.

The apps and [stay-open] applets that continue to request authorizations are listed in the Accessibility and Automation panes as having full permission to work with other apps, including System Events.

This is a serious challenge for admins who require workflow automation.

I emphatically request that sys. admins be allowed full access to the Automation pane so that we can add apps and applets, granting them full system authorization, and not have to list every single app and applet with which they are allowed to interact.

What is currently in place is, quite honestly, madness.

Blessings, and thank you!

Focus style accessibility – Is colored underline enough of a change?

I am currently assessing styles for accessibility for a project onto which I am working. Overall, the layout has a black background (#050000) and text and components are either beige (#FEF0D6) or white. All this is has a fine contrast, as per WebAim’s contrast checker.

My worry is that the focus styles are using an orange underline/outline (#E87C29) which is not contrasted enough with the white or beige (respectively 2.85:1 and 2.53:1), meaning that it is likely that the focus would not be visible enough.

There is an alternative color available in the branding styleguide, a green, that could be used since it has a greater contrast.

My question is: am I correct in thinking that the contrasting colors should not only be in a static reading of a layout, but also in between states?