Tomcat localhost private ip link is not accessible by another PC in same network

I have ip: link is not able to accessible by the another computer in the same network having the ip

I have disable IIS already. Through which the link was accessible. But through tomcat it is not accessible.

I have already enable the port in firewall settings.

Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance.

my drive is not accessible when switch between two installed win10

i have 3 hard drive on my laptop.

  1. 128g ssd (MBR) for my old win10
  2. 500g ssd (gpt) for my win10
  3. 2tb hdd (gpt) for hackintosh and store my file

i hibernated my win10 on the 500g ssd drive and switch to old windows. after that , when i wanted to switch again to win10(500g) , the repair screen show up and after after a few seconds windows cant boot . now i can only boot old win 10 and my ssd drive is not accesible in old windows .

my ssd500gb not accessible on old win10

have to open port 80 twice to have accessible website

Got a website set up with xampp server. Website isn’t accessible from other networks unless I open port 80 twice, Lets say servers internal ip is So I have to open port 80 for this ip, and justso website can be accessed I have to open port 80 again on any other devices ip connected to that network.

Any ideas whats wrong?

Server using ethernet connection, wifi shut down.

Easily accessible snow in Nepal

I’m planning to go to Nepal around November, December. Can I know of some places where we can stay and experience considerable snow, but that place has to be a village or town with regular transport to Kathmandu or another major city. From my search so far, it seems that you can only find snow high up in the mountains and this takes days of trekking, but I want a place that is not that desolate. Do any of you know of such a town or village or place in Nepal?

I was thinking about Kodari, but it doesn’t seem to have much snow.

Please don’t tell me to go to North India; I really do want to go to Nepal. Thanks in advance!

What is the best way to forward visitors to my homepage to an external site but leave the backlinks accessible?

Maybe not distinctly a Drupal question, I have an older Drupal 7 site that I want to leave up for backlinks, but any new visitors I want to redirect to a new external website. So would redirect to but is still accessible.

Is it possible to layer an API (REST, GraphQL, etc.) in front of data that is currently only accessible via an enterprise desktop GUI?

Currently, my thoughts are that GET requests would be feasible by using the concept of screen scraping combined with a cron job that runs at a set interval to scrape data from the GUI and sync to my own database.

However, I’m not quite sure how I would handle actions that seek to mutate the database that sits behind the GUI. I am quite certain I would need to interface directly with the GUI, but what tools are available that could help automate this by programmatically controlling the GUI?

Also, since an overall architecture such as this is far from conventional, I’m curios what strategies might be utilized to help scale a system such as this.

Note: It is acceptable for data returned from a GET request to be stale for at least as long is the cron job interval, and for POSTs and PUTs and the like to complete sometime in the future, let’s say half an hour.

Note: Maybe my train of thought is completely idiotic and there’s a better angle. I’d love to know.

Looking for a notes app or password manager that is accessible only at certain times of the day

I am on a Mac OS High Sierra

So basically I have an app locker device (to prevent myself from opening certain apps). However, I also need to somehow put away the password for that app locker or else its pointless. So I’m looking for a notes app or a password manager or some sort of text storing app that will only open from a certain range of times in the day (e.g 7AM-3:30PM). The reason being, at school I may need to use those applications but at home I just need to stay off it (trust me, I won’t need them at home / they may be distracting). Any ideas on apps or services like that (must be free)? I’m not much of coder so I wouldn’t be able to make my own app to do this.

All the other methods like getting a friend to remember the password, having a super long and time consuming password, et.. I have a bunch of reasons why that hasn’t or won’t work for me so bear with me here and forget about these alternate solutions.

Thank you for your time. if this is the wrong place to post please do direct me to the right place.

What are the best examples of accessible highlighting online?

I’m seeking Accessible Highlighting online and not seeing much.

I’m well versed in high-end accessibility, but I am having trouble finding ANY examples of accessible highlight, let alone best-of-breed samples.

Before I launch into reinventing the wheel, can anyone give me a few example links I can test out?

The requirements include the following.

  1. Must be screen reader accessible.
  2. Must be delete-able as well as add-able.
  3. Must be keyboard accessible to a non-screen reader as well. (not always the case)

Anyone have an example they can point me to?

Many thanks in advance…

It is additionally accessible for preliminary offer

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It is additionally accessible for preliminary offer

update.php accessible anonymously when $settings[‘update_free_access’] is set to FALSE

The value for $ settings['update_free_access'] is FALSE, but I am able to run script without logging in, and I get the following error message.

Access to update.php
Not protected
The update.php script is accessible to everyone without authentication check, which is a security risk. You must change the $ settings[‘update_free_access’] value in your settings.php back to FALSE.

I am working using Drupal 8.6.4.

How do I solve this issue?