Accessing scripts from inside a sub-folder in Unity

For a Unity project I am using this ROSBridgeLib from GitHub. There weren’t any clear instructions for how to import the library, so I just cloned the repository into my Scripts folder inside my project’s Assets folder. This causes Unity to throw an error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'ROSBridgeLib' does not exist in the namespace 'ROSBridgeLib' (are you missing an assembly reference?). How can I fix this issue?

I want to be able to organize my Scripts folder so I can keep C# files inside sub-folders. How can a script in the root of my Scripts folder access the ROSBridgeWebSocketConnection.cs script inside the folder Scripts/ROSBridgeLib?

Thank you for your help!

Accessing Gmail if you are the owner of domain that someone else uses

Say Person A (Adam) owns the domain, but is allowing free use of the domain name to his friend, Person B (Bill). As the owner of the domain, Adam logs into his registrar and points the nameservers to Bill’s host, GoDaddy. Bill hosts on GoDaddy and wants to use G Suite and Gmail. Bill then configures the MX records in the GoDaddy control panel to point to Gmail (e.g., ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM, etc), and everything works.

My question relates to security of Bill’s email: As Adam owns the domain name and is the only one with control of the registrar control panel, can Adam do anything from the registrar level to ultimately view Bill’s Gmail messages? Or, perform a sequence of steps to reroute, or make copies of Bill’s mail without their knowledge?

HIPPA Compliance: Employees/Contractors accessing patient health info from another country?

We are a digital health tech startup dealing with mental health. Our tech team is remote (South America & Asia) and our operations are in Australia & US. I haven’t been able to understand whether allowing remote access from another country affects HIPPA compliance.

Bringing in more controls on data access/requiring a VPN etc isn’t a problem. I can get those in place. But I wasn’t able to find anything in the legislation (which does not go into specifics) or industry blogs about the impact of remote access from another country. Is all remote access the same for HIPPA?

Accessing part of y_pred in customized loss function for calculating loss

I want to develop a neural network with three inputs pos,anc,neg and three outputs pos_out,anc_out,neg_out. While calculating loss in my customized loss function in keras, I want to access pos_out, anc_out, neg_out in y_pred. I can access y_pred as a whole. But how to access individual part pos_out, anc_out and neg_out

I have applied max function to y_pred. It calculates max value correctly. If I am passing only one output in Model as Model(input=[pos,anc,neg], output=pos_out) then also it calculates max value correctly. But when it comes to accessing max values form pos_out, anc_out and neg_out separately in customized function, it does not work.

def testmodel(input_shape):      pos = Input(shape=(14,300))     anc = Input(shape=(14,300))     neg = Input(shape=(14,300))      model = Sequential()     model.add(Flatten(batch_input_shape=(1,14,300)))      pos_out = model(pos)     anc_out = model(anc)     neg_out = model(neg)       model = Model(input=[pos,anc,neg], output=[pos_out,anc_out,neg_out])      return model  def customloss(y_true,y_pred):   print((K.int_shape(y_pred)[1]))   #loss = K.max((y_pred))   loss = K.max[pos_out]   return loss 

User getting unexpected error while accessing SharePoint Site

We have one user getting unexpected error while accessing SharePoint Site.

User can access any other sites in that web application with no issue.

I did fiddler trace and it shows that browser (any) request for favicon and it can’t find it. The site is http://intranet/sites/teamB and browser requesting the favicon under root site (/favicon.ico). Since it’s not there returns error 404.

I asked the user to navigate the favicon url (http://intranet/sites/teamB/_layouts/15/images/favicon.ico) directly and he gets error 404 which works fine for rest of users.

Here is Fiddler trace. Please let me know what is going on. Also if he uses different computer it works fine.

Result  Protocol    Host    URL Body    Caching Content-Type    Process Comments    Custom 232 200 HTTP    intranet    /_layouts/sp.js?rev=SpGB4%2FzYmCWpwoPWNG2dsg%3D%3D  72,868  max-age=31536000    application/x-javascript    iexplore:4956   [#232] 233 401 HTTP    intranet    /sites/teamB/sitepages/home.aspx    0   iexplore:4956   [#233] 234 200 HTTP    intranet    /sites/teamB/sitepages/home.aspx    429 private text/html; charset=utf-8    iexplore:4956   [#234] 235 404 HTTP    intranet    /favicon.ico    0   iexplore:4956   [#235] 238 401 HTTP    intranet    /sites/teamB/sitepages/home.aspx    0   chrome:6540 [#238] 239 401 HTTP    intranet    /sites/teamB/sitepages/home.aspx    0   chrome:6540 [#239] 240 200 HTTP    intranet    /sites/teamB/sitepages/home.aspx    429 private text/html; charset=utf-8    chrome:6540 [#240] 241 404 HTTP    intranet    /favicon.ico    0   chrome:6540 [#241] 

Accessing dictionary values that resides in a list of dictionaries that reside in a list of objects

I am calling on a REST API that is returning a list of Objects. Each Object in the list is a Dictionary object which in turn contains a list of KeyValuePairs. I think I have that right, but I’ll post what the list hierarchy looks like in Visual Studio debugger:

list (Type=object[])    -->[0] (Type=object{System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, object>}        --> [0](Value=end_at, 2019-07-01)(Type=KeyValuePair<string,object>            --> Key = end_at            -->Value = 2019-07-01 

My question is how do I get the Key and/or the Value for this scenario?

Es File Explorer Pro Troubles accessing a smb share on ubuntu

With a Windows machine I can connect with ip user and password to some Linux shares. With es file Explorer Pro I get strange “server not found” messages. This is what I do: open es file Explorer Pro. Search the lan.(the machine is listed) Access the machine (I notice it’s getting all the shares listed) entering a folder gives a permission error. So I add the folder to es file Explorer server bookmarks and try to Access it again, but I get a “server not found error”. Then I edit the bookmark: (and notice it’s logging as anonymous user) so I set domain with the machine name, server adding smb://ip/share/ to the address , user and password. And still I get “server not found”. All the other machines some linux and some Windows are accessing Just fine. Except the android devices with es file Explorer Pro. What am I missing?

Squid Proxy error 503 when accessing SERVER IP ADDRESS

I established a good squid proxy connection. I can connect to all sites after putting the setting “http_access allow all”.

but the problem is when I want to access it’s own SERVER IP ADDRESS (error 503). (my proxy) (my server)

I used VM azure and testing it on my Windows PC with the proxy but I can’t access the server address. Any tips?

Accessing the GPIO pins on the Dell Embedded Box PC 5000 from Windows

I am having trouble accessing the GPIO pins on my machine. It was pretty straightforward to achieve this on ubuntu through straightforward C code using functions like ioperm(),outb()andinb()from the <unistd.h> library but alas I require this to work on windows too.

According to the manual, to control the GPIO pins I need to write/read to certain IO ports located at different addresses like 2Eh,2Fh and so on.

I am a complete novice in systems programming so I may be wrong here, but from what I’ve understood this is not possible through assembly code ( I tried) as the code is run in user mode and windows doesn’t permit accessing IO ports in user mode.

Which means I have to write when in kernel mode so I need to write a kernel mode driver for these operations. I have tried looking at online code and tutorials for help but I cannot find anything comprehensible to my basic knowledge on the subject.

Any help on how I can start writing my driver or some explanation if I am wrong in my understanding (and there is another way to achieve this),anything at all would be deeply appreciated.