What to do when I accidentally kill the whole party?

So, my players’ PCs were fighting 11 fifth-level orcs. They are five 5th-level characters in D&D 4e. It ended in an unexpected TPK.

Thing is, their bard was new (he was put in place of their cleric), with not enough magic items to be as strong as the others and, as everybody knows, a bard is not as powerful as a cleric.

It was a damn hard combat, though my players were used to it and they used to play very well together, making some combats easy even when they were meant to be overwhelming. This one was supposed to be quite hard, but not overwhelming.

What happened was: the wizard miscalculated his Color Spray, hitting the fighter, who lost his Rain of Steel stance. They didn’t deal with most of the orcs during the crucial time they had with many dazed enemies, because of the Wizard’s mistake. It was brutal. They didn’t get a break after that for the whole combat and finally, were obliterated by the orcs.

Now I feel like I killed 5 characters, but only one had it coming. The other players were disappointed because they all feel like it was the wizard’s mistake that killed them all (and I also believe it, BTW). And the one who plays the wizard was the only one who was “Yay! Finally I get to play my hybrid wizard/warlord!” which pissed me off a little bit more, I’ve gotta say.

They are all making new characters but they feel like the campaign ended prematurely. They also don’t wanna go back to level 1, but for that matter, I don’t feel like GMing for brand new characters that already start as strong ones.

So, how to deal with this situation?

Making a notebook unsavable, so that I don’t accidentally mess up the code

I have an algorithm in a notebook that I don’t want to change. I used it regularly. I’m afraid I might accidentally modify a parameter. I’d like the notebook to be executable, perhaps editable, but permanently unsaveable. I’ve tried to accomplish this byHowev Preferences>Advanced>OptionsInspector>NotebookOptions>FileOptions>Savable->False. However, it appears that this setting is lost when I quit Mathematica. Is there a way to make it permanent>

Does an accidentally true belief that I am nearby constitute “awareness”?

From the Core Rulebook:

If you are unnoticed by a creature, that creature has no idea you are present at all. When you’re unnoticed, you’re also undetected by the creature. This condition matters for abilities that can be used only against targets totally unaware of your presence.

Am I unnoticed if an enemy genuinely and correctly believes that I am lurking about, but the reasons for which they believe it are incorrect?

In the scenario, a castle guard on patrol enters a room for the first time that day, finding the door broken open and the room itself a mess. Upon seeing this, they believe some intruder must be nearby. I am an intruder and do happen to be close by avoiding notice, but the room is in its state because another guard, drunk on duty, came through a short time earlier and wrecked the place.

My GM says the guard is aware of my presence, thus making me noticed. I think that would only be the case had it been me who forced my way in and made the mess.

Can you accidentally cause significant downtime by making a typo in a CNAME or A rec?

Let’s say I need to change the CNAME for my subdomain test.mysite.example. I want it to go to a load balancer endpoint aws-my-endpoint.example.

But in creating the CNAME, I type it wrong. e.g. aw-my-endpoint.example.

Since it’s possible that a client can cache DNS for up to 48hrs (despite what the TTL setting is), could this cause test.mysite.example to be down for 48hours? Even though I immediately fix the CNAME after noticing the typo?

I accidentally downloaded a .bin file, should I be worried?

I accidentally downloaded a .bin file on my computer, but I didn’t click on it or open it. I did use my virus scanner to scan it (result: no threats) and then deleted it. I’ve read somewhere that .bin files can be extremely dangerous, but is my computer in any danger since all that happened was the file briefly existed on the hard drive (and was scanned)? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, I know very little about computers and I’m just a bit concerned!

Accidentally clicked spam email link on android, risk of malware?

I was browsing my spam folder on my phone in the gmail app and stupidly let curiosity get the better of me. The app had blocked images by default but I clicked to allow them as well as accidentally clicked a link in the email while scrolling through. A page began to load but I closed it before anything visually loaded as soon as I saw the URL.

I was on a Oneplus 5 android phone connected to my home WiFi. Android version 9 with August 1, 2019 security patch. Gmail app last updated Feb 12th 2020. The gmail app had permissions to my contacts, calendar, and storage at the time I clicked the link. The phone is rooted with magisk but no root prompts were given so I don’t think this is an issue..?

The email was a spam email about someone who had viewed me on linkedin recently. From long-pressing to copy the url, the link I believe I clicked was http://mycity.citywork.vn/wp-content/uploads/2020/twisterrt.php

I’ve already run a malwarebytes virus scan from the mobile app on the phone (came up clean) and changed the passwords (from another PC) to all 5 emails that I had linked in the gmail app as well as cleared the app caches and storage.

I was wondering if any experts could let me know what damage could possibly have been done considering the scenario (android device, home network, gmail app, clicked links in possibly malicious spam email causing a page to load, but no further prompts, user input, or changes as far as I was able to see), as well as if possible to investigate the link to determine what it was attempting to do/load.

I’m a fairly technical (and fairly paranoid) person looking for a fairly technical answer in terms of the potential of whether something malicious could have been run/installed on the device and whether a full device wipe is recommended.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Accidentally let party wander into a high level situation, how do I help them get out without cheesing?

TL;DR – due to poor planning on my part in my sandbox-esque game, a party of four Level 5s (fighter, warlock, non-healer bard, wizard) is about to wander into a high level situation and I’d like them to not die while still letting them accomplish something.

Here’s the situation.

The party recently emerged from the Feywild to find that two months had passed on the outside. They ended up near the capital city. Okay, cool. I prepare some rumors they can dig up so they can help find out what they missed. One character in particular has a lot of backstory in the capital, so we hashed out some of the relevant NPCs.

In an attempt to set up and highlight how tensions are escalating in the kingdom with the threat of war on the horizon, as well as to set up an NPC Big Bad later, I let them find out that some people around the capital have been “disappearing” on order of the Queen’s Spymaster because they were suspected of being spies for the enemy empire. The Queen herself has been rumored to be ill and has definitely become hard to get a hold of. One of the NPCs who disappeared was one of a character’s school friends, who we’d hashed out the existence of between sessions.

Now, these disappearances were all on trumped up charges. The character who’d spent the most time in the capital actually is a spy for the enemy empire and would know this. She was adamant – and correctly so – that her friend was innocent.

What I expected to happen – and this is on me – was that they’d hear that the second most powerful person in the kingdom had a direct hand in these events and get out of town. The entire group is Level 5. I expected this entire setup to be set dressing for stuff they’d deal with later. It’s not like they don’t have a lot of side quests and leads to chase down elsewhere.

Instead, they resolved to do whatever they could to rescue this girl and get to the bottom of the situation.

Here’s what I know that they have no feasible way to find out at this point:

  • The Queen’s Spymaster has defected – she’s orchestrating events to deliberately try and undercut faith in the government as well as generally sow chaos
  • She’s not operating in the good faith the group assumes she is. This is not an innocent mistake or paranoia they can assuage.
  • The Queen’s Spymaster is actually one of the six heroes of long ago legend and is thus a Level 15 assassin living in secret.
  • The Queen herself is not even in the city at this time, and (as a high level sorcerer) she’s left a simulacrum in her place to help allay suspicion.
  • The group has rolled really badly on Perception checks to see if they’re being tailed and they are, in fact, being intermittently tailed.

    I don’t want to punish them for jumping in to this plot with both feet. I don’t want to stonewall them from finding this missing girl since they’re super invested in doing so, and they know she’s still in the city.

How can I help arrange things so they have a chance of succeeding while still putting them in a reasonable amount of danger?

Accidentally added a PPA twice

Today, using add-apt-repository, I accidentally added a PPA that I had already added a few weeks ago.

Do I need to undo this, and if so, how do I undo it?

This is not a duplicate of this question. I want to know whether adding a duplicate PPA will cause a problem. There are no duplicate files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d.