Manipulate multiple game accounts [on hold]

In some online strategy mmo games, like Clash of Kings, Final Fantasy, Last Empire – War Z and etc, players use one main account and often some alt accounts for farming. It takes lots of time to sign in every of them and sending resources to main account.

My question is the next: is it possible to write a program in any language (like c++, java, python and etc.) to manipulate alt accounts or are there any ready-made programs for it?

How to save Google Authenticator accounts in Oreo-to-Pie upgrade without second phone?

I know that you can migrate accounts to second phone: see the thread How to migrate accounts to new Google Authenticator app?, which would work also here, but I would like to be able to do the thing without second phone. Last time, when I updated the phone from Nougat to Oreo, I lost all accounts in Google Authenticator.

Phone: Onelplus 3T

How to ensure that my Google accounts sync frequently?

Since I upgraded my S7 to Nougat I notice that the syncing of my google accounts is particularly slow.

If on a computer I create a calendar event, or I send myself an email, I often do not see that as an Inbox notification, or reflected on my Google Calendar widget, until I actually open either app.

I guess (but I am not sure — how about push notifications?) that this is related to the Google Account syncing being too slow, see attached below (“Sync Calendar”, “Sync Gmail” and “Sync Inbox”), taken on 6/20 8:15am.

The things I already tried:

  • I do have continuous internet, tried switching between WiFi and 4G mobile internet, all work. I receive near-real time notifications for e.g. WhatsApp and Slack.
  • In Settings > Apps > Special Access > Optimize battery usage, I added the below to “not optimized”:

    • Calendar
    • Calendar storage
    • Gmail
    • Google Play services
    • Inbox
  • In Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps, I added
    • Calendar
    • Inbox

Merge ~/Maildir between two servers that use system accounts

I have looked at the following and didn’t see a solution to my issue:

Migrating from any IMAP/POP3 server to Dovecot

Creating Dovecot Master users/passwords doesn't work

Move Maildir safely on running server

Sync between two Mail Servers

I have server A that was setup with Postfix/Dovecot and using ~/Maildir format in a system users account (i.e. not virtual users). I also have server B that has been configured in the same manner, and may or may not have mails existing in ~/Maildir.

If ~/Maildir doesn’t exist for a user on server B, then it seems safe to assume I can just rsync the server A ~/Maildir to server B ~/Maildir and it will preserve folders, mails read, other meta data, etc.

If ~/Maildir exists on both servers each with existing mail, how can I safely merge the data from server A into the ~/Maildir on server B? In principle the data files themselves should be unique, and it should just come down to the Dovecot meta data files that would exist on both servers.

I was looking here, but that is a generic move, and I think since the server configuration is similar if not identical, then my scenario should be much easier:

This last one makes it seem trivial and oversimplified given the content of other questions. It isn’t clear to me if this is intended for virtual users or system users.

Inheritance for 3 types of accounts

I’ve seen this code which is really helpful. I’m facing problems to inherit three diffent type of classes for saving, checking and business account. How can I do that with inheritance?

class SavingAccount(BankAccount):     """Class for a bank account"""     type = "Saving Account"      def __init__(self):         ##calls functions in the module filestore         self.username, self.userpassword, self.balance = filestore.cusaccountcheck()         print(             "Thank you %s, your account is set up and ready to use," % self.username)         time.sleep(2)         self.userfunctions() 

How to sync photos from two iCloud accounts to one photos library?

My wife and I each have our own iCloud accounts. Mine is synced with the photos library on my Mac, and I would like to have her photos sync to that library as well so all our family’s photos are in one place.

My current idea is to have an iPad sync her photos from her phone, and then set it up to auto import into my library when I plug it in to my laptop.

Is that a good idea to sync photos from two iCloud accounts or is there a better way?

How Gmail knows duplicate accounts

I’ve two Gmail accounts; one is personal and the other one is created by the company I’m working for. I’m only opening the work account in the Gmail app. I noticed that the Gmail app is offering to merge the two account. My question is ‘How does it know my personal email address although I’m not using it from my cell phone?’.

Android device logged out of all google accounts and asked me to log back in

This happened to me recently and I haven’t seen it before ever. I was wondering what this is caused by, and if this is common.

I have logged into all my accounts so I don’t remember the exact phrasing of the messages, and hence I haven’t been able to search for the exact error message.

I didn’t get logged out anywhere else (e.g. my gmail tabs on my computer)

I’m on android P if that matters. Last time my phone updated was a week ago, so I think that shouldn’t have had any effect on things.