How to schedule export and import of Aurora snapshots across AWS accounts

I am trying to build the following process, to be ran on a schedule:

  1. Export, from an AWS account A, the content of an Aurora database
  2. Transfer that dump to another AWS account B
  3. Import the dump in another Aurora database on the account B

Here are two of my constraints:

  • I need to be able to put the system in place for multiple databases with different target DBs
  • The import DB might not have the same name as the export DB
  • Both databases are in the same region

I looked online quite a bit and I was able to find the following article: Automating Cross-Region and Cross-Account Snapshot Copies with the Snapshot Tool for Amazon Aurora

However, it doesn’t cover automatically restoring the backup and my attempts at finding a way to do so (using a Lambda for example) have not yield great results.

Is there a way to do so?


Scanning multiple hosts with Nmap’s Default Accounts NSE script not producing the expected result

I’m utilizing Nmap’s default account credential scanner. I’ve built a couple of my own fingerprints and I’ve tested that the fingerprints work when scanning one host at a time.
Example command line usage:

nmap -p80 --script http-default-accounts --script-args http-default-accounts.category=web,http-default-accounts.fingerprintfile=./my-fingerprints.lua 

When I try to scan more then one host either using -iL (input file) or by defining multiple IPs at the command line, nmap is not identifying that all of the hosts are utilizing default credentials. Nmap is only reporting that one of the hosts is utilizing default credentials. And the host nmap identifies as utilizing default credentials varies (it is not always the same host). I have also tried adding –scan-delay, but that does not change the scan results.

Example command line usage (input file):

nmap -p80 --script http-default-accounts --script-args http-default-accounts.category=web,http-default-accounts.fingerprintfile=./my-fingerprints.lua -iL hosts.txt 

Example command line usage (command line):

nmap -p80 --script http-default-accounts --script-args http-default-accounts.category=web,http-default-accounts.fingerprintfile=./my-fingerprints.lua 

Has anyone had experience with getting different results when scanning multiple hosts? Is there something I need to change when scanning multiple hosts?

MFA for multiple accounts?

The question may be “too broad” or “unclean” but I’ll try to ask for advice.

We are thinking about to enable 2FA with Google Authenficator for all our services.

But the only concern for me now is that users will have to have a dedicated Authenticator’s account for every service, let’s say:

  • Github
  • AWS
  • Gmail
  • Jenkins

Maybe there is a better approach? Something like using a self-hosted TOTP service… Although this I guess will require to have an SSO enabled between all account as well, but SSO is out of the scope of current tasks.

How can I see backups for corporate accounts in Google Drive?

I have a personal and a corporate Google account, the corporate being in the domain of my company. When I head to my personal account, I see a tab “backups” in the left side of the page as shown in the below image enter image description here

from there I can manage the backups made in that account. However, in my corporate account I can’t see the backups tab even though I’m perfectly able to backup my data using said account, as shown below

enter image description here

I’m aware that clicking the gear -> “configuration” -> “manage apps” will show me all the apps, but I want to show the “backups” tab of possible.

Is there any way of showing the “backups” tab in a Google Drive corporate account?

How to make Google ask for password when switching between accounts

When using Gmail, have the option of switching between accounts by clicking the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Currently, can switch between the accounts listed when clicking the icon without any barriers (not having to enter a password or anything).

Why is this? Is there a way to change this so that would have to enter the password for the account before just being able to switch from one to the other?

Latest macOS Mojave update (10.14.4) and Google accounts issue

After updating to macOS Mojave 10.14.4 two days ago and still, I have an issue with taking online Google accounts in Apple

This problem appeared immediately after the update, although it wasn’t there before. Also after this update, Apple Mail requested to re-login through Safari and it was simple authentication.