Does a Google Drive shared folder occupy storage space on all accounts?

Related to another question of mine about Dropbox, I’d like to know if a shared folder on Google Drive occupy space even in the accounts of the “receivers” and not only in the “sharer” one.


“A” creates a folder whose total size is, let’s say, 200 MB; the total storage space of “A” is of course reduced by 200 MB; if “A” shares this folder with “B”, “C” and “D”, even their total storage space is reduced accordingly, or the folder is considered to be “owned” only by “A”, and only his account is affected?

“Please sign in using one of the owner’s previous accounts for this device.”

After resetting my Huawei Honor 8 I’m asked to log into a previously added google account.

I clicked on “I forgot my email” and added my phone number. After this google showed me all the email accounts attached to this phone.

I then tried to log into the account with all of those accounts but I always get the same message: “Please sign in using one of the owner’s previous accounts for this device.”

This phone has always been mine so the account can’t be someone elses.

How to prevent email sent by other accounts appearing in Sent

My setup is as follows.

I have two Gmail accounts: a main Gmail account, and a secondary one that I have so I can use Google’s SMTP server.

This SMTP server account is used whenever I need a server/script/IOT device/whatever to send mail to me so that I don’t need to configure my main Gmail credentials (or more accurately, an app password) within the unsecured device.

My main Gmail account (say is setup to pull email from the SMTP account (say using the option “Check email from other accounts”.

An example setup would be a cron job on Linux emailing me its run result. This would be sent to root@localhost and .forward contains The server is setup to use Gmail as an SMTP relay with credentials for and this works great.

However, in Sent for I see all the mail that is sent through I have Send mail as configured for this account too, however, I have unchecked the Alias option which I thought caused what I am seeing.

Is there a way to prevent sent mail from appearing in Sent in

Configure Search Results Query to Exclude generic accounts

Working in SharePoint 2013, I am trying to configure the Search Results query, to exclude all generic accounts (i.e. System accounts, test users, etc.). Our AD has these users segregated into a separate OU, and I think I can use that exclude these users from the results of a People Search. But, I’m having trouble configuring the query in the Search Results web part, to do this.

There is an existing property in the User Profile called Distinguished Name which includes the value OU=Users.Departmental for these generic accounts: OU=Users.Departmental

I have configured a Managed Property called DistinguishedName, that is mapped to this field: Managed Property

When I go to the Search Results web part, I have created a query that uses:

{searchboxquery} -DistinguishedName:Users.Departmental 

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the query to exclude users that have Users.Departmental in their Distinguished Name field value. Any advice or suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated.

multiple POP3/SMTP accounts in Roundcube

I would like to add some POP3/SMTP accounts to my roundcube mail, in order to receive mails from different accounts and to be able to send from different emails (without having to login/logout between mail providers).

I found in roundcube the option to add more identities.

I can change the displayed name and the email, but there are no options to enter the corresponding POP3/SMTP settings. Where can I specify them?

enter image description here

Google Profile Photo “certain types of Google Accounts can’t change photos”

I am trying to change my profile photo for a Google Drive account, and I know how to do so and have done so before. However, for some reason, whenever I try to change it, either it says there’s an “error in saving” or, when through the “Personal Info” page, it says some types of Google accounts can’t change profile photos. However, I have changed the photo for this account before, and have had no problems. What could be the explanation and how do I change my photo?

Use multiple Google accounts, but allow only one to locate my phone in device manager

My question is basically identical to this question from 2016 (I would have commented on it but I don’t have sufficient reputation):

How to use multiple google accounts, but allow only one to locate my phone in device manager

I would like to know if there is a way to have two Google accounts added to my phone (one personal and one work account), while only allowing one account the ability to Find My Device and perform a remote wipe. Has anything regarding this changed since 2016?