nemo / nautilus: any way to only show non-service accounts on ownership dialog?

I’m on Mint v19.2 Cinnamon in case it is relevant. I am using Nemo (fork of Nautilus) as my file manager, which is the default for Cinnamon.

I am curious if anyone knows:

A) a way to restrict the selectable user/group options in the ownership the dialog to something less wieldly to use such as root + non-service accounts, range of user / group id, some configurable list. I’m looking more for configurations I may not be aware of / that aren’t documented or alternate linux file explorers which may provide this ability.


B) a way to make the user/group drop-downs pre-select on keypress. e.g. I press “r” it jumps to “root”, I press “z” it jumps to “zpangwin”, etc

I only have 4 real users (uid > 1000) and a handful of groups. So 99.99% of the time, being able to quickly select one of these from GUI would be fine. I think I could live with dropping to terminal for the 0.01% of the time when I am not dealing with root/normal accounts (which I don’t think I have EVER had to thus far) 🙂

I am aware that I could create aliases and just drop to the terminal… looking for a way to do this more easily without having to drop to terminal all the time.

Nemo Ownership dialog

Too many options

Have two steamworks accounts?

I am finishing my game project and I already have my steamworks registration, I am just fine-tuning details and preparing marketing for the start.

But I look a little short of cash, I would like to invest more in marketing, when I heard this, a friend recommended that I sell some educational games that I had done a while ago (type “dora the explorer”) but I don’t want to publish them in my account , since my current project is a game of gore, blood, violence etc. I don’t think it’s right that they are “together”, can I generate a new steamworks account to publish my other games?

I have not found anything in the document confirming that yes or no

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A platform designed to support both: subscribers and user accounts?

We’ve created a platform where users can subscribe to their favorite organizations’ newsletters (similar to Mailchimp). But we also want to allow subscribers to post content on their organizations’ page (similar to Yelp or Meetup).

We’re afraid that if we were to force everyone to create accounts, it might deter those that are new or just want to receive the weekly newsletter.

We’re in the early stages, and our focus is to expand our user base as much as possible.

Are there any past lessons or existing examples that we can learn from?