4 Steps to Reach Your Goals Achieve Success FASTER Emotional Speech

4 Steps to Reach Your Goals Achieve Success FASTER Emotional Speech Set goals. Setting goals and putting them in a plan is important for achieving them, as there are some basics to follow when setting goals, including: Clearly define the goal, which is what needs to be achieved, and be measurable, in addition to its realism in order to challenge the person himself, while avoiding setting impossible goals to avoid frustration and failure, and a time limit must be set to achieve them. Setting…

4 Steps to Reach Your Goals Achieve Success FASTER Emotional Speech

How do I achieve Two-Weapon Fighting and Dual Wielder?

I’m quite new to D&D and as we finished our first adventure with preset characters we want to play the next one with personal characters. We would start with lvl 1 in the new adventure.I want it to be a Dragonborn Renegade with two weapons. Im not quite sure if its should be a Barbarian or a Fighter.In my imagination this fits best with holding two weapons at the same time. And because I love longswords I would like him to have two at the same time. So i want him to have Two Weapon Fighter and Dual Wielder, but in the Character-Builder of DND-Beyond I don’t find an opportunity to combine the two skills.

And the final question: how would that work in a fight? so how does the rolling work for that if its possible to combine those 2.

How can a classifier using lapacian kernel achieve no error on the input samples?

If we have a sample dataset $ S = \{(x_1, y_i),…(x_n,y_n)\}$ where $ y_i = \{0,1\}$ , how can we tune $ \sigma$ such that there is no error on $ S$ from a classifier using the Laplacian kernel?

Laplacian Kernel is

$ $ K(x,x’) = exp(-\dfrac{\| x – x’\|}{\sigma}) $ $

If this is true, does it mean that if we run hard-SVM with the Laplacian kernel and $ \sigma$ from the above on $ S$ , we can find no error separing classifier also?

Is there any WordPress plugin that can achieve this kind of design?

I know wix can do this but the cost is steep so I use WordPress hosting but just as the title says, Is there any WordPress plugin that can achieve this kind of design for a t-shirt store page on my blog?


I want this to be on a separate page by itself with just t-shirt designs and call to action. Any help with this is appreciated. and is posting an image like this okay to help out.

How can I achieve this?

I’m looking for a solution for WordPress with Woocommerce where the customer can type there own text in the choosen font…

Exactly like this: https://muurstickerstunter.nl/muursticker/eigen-tekst-muursticker-maken/

I’m looking for this solution a couple of hours but I can’t find something that fit my needs…

Why do Invalid Host header errors exist, what are attackers trying to achieve?

I have recently launched a new django based api, and quite quickly, I started to receive INVALID_HOST_HEADER SOME RANDOM URL errors. My understanding is that this is caused by somebody manually changing the HOST header, or proxying my API through some other domain.

This is probably a basic question, but what is the point? What are they trying to achieve? Presumably it’s not a regular MITM attack, because it would be easy enough to correct the HOST header on its way out of the middle server, and they’re not doing so.

Is it possible to achieve true anonimity?

I have been concerned for a while now by the complete disregard of privacy and confidentiality by service providers government agencies and big companies! so I was researching and eventually found this question: What is torrent encryption and does it make my traffic anonymous?

After which I realized encrypting your torrents does not make you safe, not even a bit. I believe that everyone should have access to education and information, especially in third world countries like mine but one’s ability to do this is being hindered a little bit more every day.

Also, evidence suggests that private companies hosting VPN servers can’t be trusted since they are subject to subpoenas or forced to log user activity and thus actively cooperate with ISP’s and law enforcement.

That being said, I am actively researching ways to reduce one’s footprint and continue with my life (may include torrenting) and I guess asking here may point me to some good resources, and this not about just torrenting is the state of surveillance we have to deal with and our data being sold in bulk.

I’ll start a PiVPN project next week but I doubt that’ll be enough since I’ve read it is not to be taken as a complete security measure. I’m also aware of Tor but torrenting are not recommended over this network either.

I kindly request guidance on this matter.


For what family of graphs does Dijkstra’s algorithm achieve the run-time upper bound

The question is in the title of the post. I am hoping to get some validation regarding my solution.

After some trial and error, my idea is as follows.

  1. Worst case complexity of $ \mathcal{O}(E\lg_{}{V})$ is achieved when nodes relax all of their neighbors when dequed.
  2. For the above to occur, longer paths to every neighbor of $ v$ must relax their respective edges into the said neighbors before $ v$ is dequed.

The two points above give rise to the following formalism.

For all paths $ p$ , $ q$ between any two nodes $ s$ and $ t$ , $ l(p) > l(q) \implies l(p \setminus \{t\}) < l(q \setminus \{t\})$ where $ l(x)$ is the length of path $ x$ .

enter image description here

For example, in the graph above, longer path edge $ A \rightarrow C$ is relaxed before the edge $ B \rightarrow C$ of the shorter path $ A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C.$ This property is true for every node in the graph.

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