RPC and Command Calls OR Network messages for syncing variables across Server and Client?

I’m currently making a Unity Multiplayer game that relies on the synchronization of variables across the Server and the singular Client. I’m already able to use [SyncVar] to sync variables from the server with the client, but not the other way around. The thing is, I don’t have a player prefab that spawns in the game. Am I still able to make Command and RPC calls? I tried this code below which didn’t end up working when I played the game. Would Network messages work better for my situation?

bool officeBought = false;  void Update () {     if (!isServer)     {         CmdSendBuildingBought(officeBought);     } }  [Command] public void CmdSendBuildingBought(bool buildingBought) {     buildingBought = true; }