How to dynamically set a column to actionParams when using a format action in JSON – MS FLOW

I’m working on have to trigger ms flow from a link in sharepoint via the modern UI list. I can trigger the link and it fires the flow but instead of hardcoding the flow GUID i want to store them in a field in SharePoint and pass it in as an action parameter in the JSON. Is this possible? See screenshot below of the JSON for custome formating

{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "span",   "style": {     "color": "#0078d7"   },   "children": [     {       "elmType": "span",       "attributes": {         "iconName": "Flow"       }     },     {       "elmType": "button",       "style": {         "border": "none",         "background-color": "transparent",         "color": "#0078d7",         "cursor": "pointer"       },       "txtContent": "Start Flow",       "customRowAction": {         "action": "executeFlow",          //How can i pass a column field name there to the ID instead of the hardocded GUID?         "actionParams": "{\"id\": \"c42f9124-653d-468a-8178-07063e5f5c88\"}"       }     }   ] }