getEscaper() is deprecated on Ui Component Listing Column Actions on Magento 2.3

getEscaper() is show deprecated, Actually, I followed a tutorial to create Magento grid and actions on it, but the getEscaper() shows deprecated.

So i go over one of Magento 2 default extension Magento CMS,


on line number 82, it shows the same.

Any idea what is this?

If Default Magento extension have this issue so then where I get the solution to it?

Send .exe (etc.) file via Gmail *without* needing special actions by the recipient

I read through this: How can I send a Windows executable via Gmail? (and similar questions here and on SO), but all of the answers I came across rely on the email recipient doing something special such as

  • changing filename extensions, or
  • accessing cloud storage services.

First, linking to another cloud service is not sending via Gmail. There are reasons you may not want to use an outside service.

Second…What about sending e-mails to people who are not tech-savvy?

There are many kinds of files that Google does not want attached directly (described here, but you should still be able to send them in some way that

  • leaves them accessible to casual computer users (who may have file extensions hidden, for example), and
  • does not require the use of other cloud services.

How to automatically attach folder actions to all added subfolders recursively?

TL;DR How do you make a folder action that attaches folder actions to added subfolders? Is that even possible?

My end goal is to convert gps/location-based reminders of specific locations (e.g. home/work) into iBeacon-triggered reminders. I have an iBeacon reminders app, but I rarely use it mainly because it’s buggy and it’s not as convenient as asking Siri to remind me of things.

I have the iBeacon triggering of reminders for these locations worked out. But I want to be able to create the reminders using Siri, e.g. “Hey Siri, remind me to ‘X’ when I get to work”, and have that set up the iBeacon-triggered reminder. Siri will already create a location based reminder in the reminders app and I know that related files are created in ~/Library/Calendars and I know how to tell which folder there-in contains the reminder events. I even know how to parse the ics files and translate which locations correspond to which iBeacons. I can do all that, but the hard part is reliably and in a timely and efficient fashion, catching the reminder-creation event so I can do the conversion to my iBeacon reminder system. All I have to do is, when a reminder is created, copy the reminder text into the place where the iBeacon event can grab it and issue the reminder.

I could poll the contents of ~/Library/Calendars every so often, but I have a lot of large calendar files with lots of events, so it would be better if I could do this via folder actions. Each event is a separate ics file. However, they’re distributed among multiple .caldav/.calendar/ directories. And I’d like this strategy to be able to cope with the creation of new directories/calendars.

So I was thinking that I could create a folder action attached to ~/Library/Calendars that itself attaches folder actions which attach folder actions which parse .ics files to pull out the location, arrive/leave event type, and the summary to create the iBeacon reminders. But that seems kind of fragile and complex. Theoretically it seems like it could work, though I don’t know what issues I might run into. I don’t even know if a folder action can attach a folder action. Has anyone done anything remotely similar to this?

Or does anyone know of another way to have Siri create iBeacon reminders? (For those curious: I bought an app called Beecon which can trigger webhook calls based on iBeacon enter/exit events. My plan is to have it trigger IFTTT iOS notifications, among other things.)

How to emulate swipe actions with keyboard for Android-x86?

I want to play some RPG games on Android, but I own a mediocre phone which does not run them well. Running them inside Android-x86 on my PC sure runs them better, but there’s just one problem: these apps don’t support keyboard/mouse control. They have virtual navigation buttons on screen, which need be both tapped and swiped. I can do that with the mouse, but that’s not useful. I need to bind specific tap and swipe actions with keyboard buttons, so that whenever I press that key, the corresponding tap/swipe actions will be emulated on corresponding part of the screen. Is there a solution for this? Or is it a far cry?

Do pull down buttons confuse users about the actions they perform?

Pull down buttons (if that’s their official name) are starting to pop up here and there. For example, if you look at Eclipse it seems that almost everything is a pull down button. Personally I find them misguiding, since the action they perform is sometimes context sensitive, sometimes it just executes the first action on the pull down list, etc.

pull down in eclipse

When is it okay to use a pull down button? Personally I’m having a hard time justifying their existence.

In-page actions in an enterprise with general Save button

we are building an enterprise where the user can register/edit customers. Each customer has a lot of information which is separated in multiple tabs (up to 10).

The enterprise has a general save/create button – the user can edit fields from different tabs and he needs to press the save button(visible from all tabs) for ALL of the changes to take place.

One of the tab is the document management tab. Here the user can upload customers’ documents – an ID, Certificate, Due diligence etc.


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

In the document tab the user has the possibility to replace or archive a document. Throughout the enterprise so far we have a confirmation screen popping out to confirm actions such as – replace, delete, archive, lock etc.

The problem that we are facing is that even if the user confirms in the pop up window he needs to click save, or he would lose all of the changes he has made (not only to the documents tab)

Should we:

  • leave the confirmation screen along with the general save.

  • remove the confirmation screen.

Have you encountered some similar case or know about any relevant information (best/bad practices)?

Thanks in advance

How to deal with players who take up most of the time by doing solo actions?

I am sure this has been asked already, as this is probably a very common problem, but I didn’t find anything.

I am playing in a campaign I made myself using homebrewed rules based on a German pen-and-paper RPG called Das Schwarze Auge (DSA; The Dark Eye in English).

I have a problem with a few of my players who tend to get very creative, but take a lot of time while the rest of the group can’t do anything.

  • Once there was a cook who spent hours running from shop to shop haggling with vendors to buy supplies for the group. At first this was tolerable, because everyone had something to do (supplies to buy, armor to repair), but he kept running to each baker, fisherman, butcher, herbalist etc in each town/village to look for rare ingredients for his delicious meals and was taking a considerable time haggling.
  • Once I had an assassin, who tried to kill a few NPCs he didn’t like while the group was on a ship. He took quite some time to sneak around, prepare traps, check for any witnesses and kill these guys without anyone noticing him while noone else could do anything as they were sleeping.
  • Once my group was exploring an old villa and they lifted the smallest of them on the second floor through a hole in the floor. He then proceeded to explore everything in detail, but the rest was standing beneath the hole waiting for his return, which took quite some time.

I don’t want to restrict the actions of these players, as they are often the most dedicated ones and roleplay every of their moves and are often the most fun to interact with as the DM, but the rest of the group often gets bored and frustrated, because they can’t do anything. In most of these situations I could neither ask the players to do this between sessions nor could I find anything meaningful to occupy the rest of the group in the meantime.

How can I find a fair balance without restricting these players too much?

Can magic items let you cast spells with long casting times as actions?

Magic items like the Staff of the Magi let you cast certain spells from it as an action, including Conjure Elemental which normally has a minute long casting time.

The Staff of the Magi is not the only exception; a more extreme example is the Staff of Woodlands which can cast Awaken this way, which is normally an eight hour long spell.

Is there any resolution to how these different rules interact?