Does “Not Found” error always mean the app is unpublished or not active on Play Store?

I am having difficulty finding some apps in Play Store. A lot of times, when I come across a link on the older posts of this website and I load it, I get “Not Found” error on Google Play. I explicitly get:

We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

I do double check with the app on AppBrain and usually, it shows that XYZ app unpublished on some ABC date in the past, so I end up believing that the app is really dead on Play Store. However, sometimes, a user, whose post I deleted because of dead link tells me that the app is live on Play Store.

I do a check using Opera browser’s free VPN service (regions: Europe, Americas, and Asia), and also with a Chrome Extension for American/British VPN service. I again and again get the same dead link. I also ensure using Private Browsing to rule out browser caching.

Recently, a fellow moderator notified me that while I was not able to load the link, he could easily load the app Google Goggles on Play Store. AppBrain still shows the app is no more active on Google Play though.

Similarly, I came across the app MyAndroidTools which does not load in Google Play Store, also seems inactive on AppBrain, but had a fresh beta version, as seen on APKMirror.

How do I truly believe that the app is really dead for everyone? Alternatively, how do I know to whom the app is not dead, and how can I load at least the app’s page, let alone download it from Play Store?

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Systemd: how to keep the timer active after reboot?

I need to setup daily reboot of CoreOS machine. So I have /etc/systemd/system/reboot.service:

[Unit] Description=Daily reboot  [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStart=/usr/bin/sh -c 'reboot' 

…and /etc/systemd/system/reboot.timer:

[Unit] Description=Daily reboot  [Timer] OnCalendar=*-*-* 21:20:00 

If I activate timer by sudo systemctl start reboot.timer, I see it in the list:

core@node-011 ~ $   sudo systemctl list-timers --all | grep reboot Fri 2019-03-22 21:20:00 UTC  12h left  n/a                          n/a      reboot.timer                 reboot.service core@node-011 ~ $    

But after reboot this timer became turned off (not in the list).

How to configure it persistent?

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Old passport with Active Visa

I am planning to change my passport from Maiden name to my husband’s Surname. My concern is that my active visa from maiden name will be cancelled? Specifically visa for Germany and Canada. Or they will still allow me to use the old passport since it’s still valid upto the next year.

Idle time of a running third-party application and it’s active window

I would like to create a DLL in Visual C#, where the DLL can monitor a .NET -based Third-party Windows-application’s idle time and register it in a dedicated, local SQL Server database.

The thing is, that this third-party application’s source is not accessible for me, and also when the progress window comes up inside the application (i.e. processing a report or collecting data) meanwhile the user is waiting for the application to finish the task, this also should be avoided and registered as non-idle time generating event in the DLL.

What I found so far:

How do I determine idle time in my C# application?

How to get process id and thread id from a Window Handle in .NET CF?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


Write Logon Script for TO Write in Machine’s Description Field of Windows Active Directory from a MacBook Machine

I will need to write a script to modify the “description” attribute of the Macbook computer account in the Windows Active Directory with the values like username, serial number of the MacBooks, time of last login.

I had managed to write same script like this requirement for Windows machines, and the script is working well (VBS Code). I have give permissions in the Active Directory so the “description” attributes of a account could be modified from external sources.

Is this requirement is feasible to be done, if yes – could anybody guide me on how writing the required script. Thank you very much for your help.

Multithreading – 2 active running threads calling each other without blocking itself

I have an implemented UDP receiver which is continuously receiving DTN packets (UDP encapsulated) and performing some operations on them. This whole process is working on a single main thread. However this consumes time on processing the packets and results in packet lost when a sender sends a huge chunk of data.

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {     while(1)     {         std::vector<char> data(64535);         size_t len = sock->recvfrom(&data[0], maxlen, 0, fromAddress);         // perform operation on the packets received (a bit of time consuming)         ..................         ..................     } } 

I would like to use Multhithreading to overcome packets loss by moving the packet processing code to a different thread. My motive is to continuously receive packets on one thread (Thread 1) which is always running in a while loop and storing packets in a Queue (FIFO) in order to avoid loss of packets.

The other thread (Thread 2) will be doing operation on the packets received. Thread 2 should be called via event call from Thread 1 as soon as a packet is stored in a Queue.

Is the scenario even realistic? I am new with multithreading so just want to get some startup information to proceed in C++. Also if my format of asking the question is not according to standard, please let me know 🙂

USB ports detected but not active on Ubuntu 18.04

Soon after installing Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS on my machine, 2 of my USB ports stopped working. One was immediate, while the other stopped after a few weeks of use. I have one USB port left at the moment to utilize. Before resorting to reinstalling Ubuntu I wanted to check if I should change any possible configuration or execute commands to enable these USB ports. From the attached findings after running “dmesg | grep -i USB” I found that the USB ports are definitely identified.

I assume from this, the USB ports on the machine are fine. Is there anything with regards to driver packages that I should reinstall? It just seems odd that Ubuntu 18.04 can pick up on the hubs but when plugging anything in nothing appears to get picked up. My system runs on a Dell XPS L502x with an i7 CPU. The eSATA USB port is the one that works while the 2 other USB 3.0 ports don’t read anything. I’m just starting off in the world of Linux so I’m not as experienced as yet, so any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

:~$ dmesg | grep -i USB