Не импортируется группа по умолчанию из Active Directory

Разрабатываю приложение, которое импортирует из Active Directory пользователей и их группы. База: CN=ivan ivanov,CN=Users,DC=perimetrix,DC=ru, Фильтр: (&(objectCategory=user)(objectClass=user)(userPrincipalName=*))

Не импортируется группа по умолчанию Domain Users. Однако, если пользователь состоит в 2 и более группах на контроллере домена, то группа по умолчанию в которой состоит пользователь импортируется верно.

Если пользователь состоит только в группе по умолчанию, то она не импортируется.

Как импортировать группу по умолчанию?

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How can I have two active ethernet interfaces at the same time in RHEL 7?

I added a second network interface to a vmware VM. The second network interface is on a different network. I used nmtui to define the new interface and then rebooted the machine. Both interfaces come up and have IP addresses on the expected networks. For the sake of this question, I’ll call these network interfaces nic1 and nic2.

When both the nic1 and nic2 are active, I can only ping nic2. nic1 times out. When I deactivate nic2, I can ping nic1.

What is going on here and how do I get both network interfaces working at the same time?

How can I set up azure active directory for azure devops? what is the difference between IAM and Active Directory?

Currently I am trying to establish Azure Devops pipeline to deploy into Azure App service. While Creating Pipeline it is looking for Azure Subscription. After selecting Azure Subscription it is telling that need to set up active directory.

My Question is For Authorization IAM is not enough? Why am I need to set up active directory in Azure?

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QuickTime Recording – Unable to record the active program

Likely a simple answer, but I want to use QuickTime to record so that I can provide instruction using another program. However, when I attempt to open QuickTime within that program, it minimizes/closes the window I want to record. And since QuickTime opens in the empty desktop, I can’t select what I want to record.

I want to run QuickTime over the other program, simply stated. I was doing this about an hour ago, but it stopped working and I can’t make it work again.

How do I remove the active class in the main menu?

One item in the menu has sub-items that point to the same page (just with different arguments) ex:

Products – List item 1 \products?pid=1 – List item 2 \products?pid=2 – List item 3 \products?pid=3

Drupal assigns the “active” class in the

  • and tag of the menu items since all the items have the same page url (\products)

    I’m overwriting the menu_link function in template.php to remove the active class but the class remains in the tag

    function mytheme_menu_link(array $  variables) {   $  element = $  variables['element'];   $  sub_menu = '';    if ($  element['#below']) {      if (strtolower($  element['#title']) == 'Products') {        if (isset($  _GET['pid'])) {         $  currID = $  _GET['pid'];          foreach ($  element['#below'] as $  Taxonomy) {            if ($  currTaxonomyID != $  Taxonomy['#localized_options']['query']['pid']) {             $  mlid = $  Taxonomy['#original_link']['mlid'];             $  key = array_search('active', $  Taxonomy['#attributes']['class'], TRUE);                         if ($  key) {               unset($  element['#below'][$  mlid]['#attributes']['class'][$  key]);               $  element['#below'][$  mlid]['#localized_options']['attributes']['class'][$  key] = '';             }             // remove active-trail class             $  key = array_search('active-trail', $  Taxonomy['#attributes']['class'], TRUE);                         if ($  key) {               $  element['#below'][$  mlid]['#attributes']['class'][$  key] = '';                           }           }                   }       }           }     $  sub_menu = drupal_render($  element['#below']);            }   $  output = l($  element['#title'], $  element['#href'], $  element['#localized_options']);     return '<li' . drupal_attributes($  element['#attributes']) . '>' . $  output . $  sub_menu . "</li>\n"; } 

    Final Result:

    <ul class="menu nav">    <li class="first leaf menu-mlid-44253">       <a href="/products?pid=1" title="Best Practices" class="active">Best Practices</a>     </li>     <li class="leaf menu-mlid-44254">       <a href="/products?pid=2" title="Checklists" class=" active">Checklists</a>     </li> .... 

    How can I remove the class “active” from the tag?

    My menu Structure:

    -Clients -Products   -prod1 (url:\products?pid=1)   -prod2 (url:\products?pid=2)   -prod3 (url:\products?pid=3)   -prod4 (url:\products?pid=4) -About 
  • “Expand all menu links” Menu Block selection shows all menu items in block not just active trail items

    I have a menu block that I have setup with Initial visibility level = 2 and Number of levels to display = Unlimited. When I check the “Expand all menu links” checkbox and view my menu block it is displaying ALL menu items at visibility level 2 VS the menu items in the active menu trail.

    What’s the be way to display only the active trail menu items without going into each menu item and setting them as “Show as expanded” individually.

    I’m using Drupal 8 and a customized Bootstrap theme

    custom win 8.1 pc will not sleep with an active internet connection

    Well, I’ve given the pc a complete os reinstall about 2 years ago out of its 4 year life for the same reason but it fixed nothing. From a fresh reboot it will sleep properly only a handful of times and then after that it that sits idle. I’ve tried wireshark and glasswire to look for odd happenings but I find nothing. No mater the type of internet connection abiet wifi, eathernet or moblie tether. If I disconnect its internet source it will sleep like its set up to contiouisly.

    Using Active Directory ObjectSid as Primary Key in SQL Server for Data Access via ASP.NET MVC

    I am designing an Intranet employee reward web app using ASP.NET MVC C#/MS SQL Server. This will only be accessed from within the network.

    Employees and managers will be able to give a reward to other employees for a job well done or for specific employee appreciate days. About 1000 employees total.

    I’d like to not require a separate user/pw, so I’m using Windows authentication.

    In order to work with/store data about the reward transactions, I’ll need to have a separate SQL db.

    My plan is to import all employees from Active Directory to SQL Server and use the ObjectSid as the primary key for the Employee on the SQL side. It is my understanding that this ObjectSid will not change unless the employee moves to a new domain (which is highly unlikely at this point). It will look something like –

    Employee:  ObjectSID - PK username - from Windows AD firstName lastName etc.  

    I’ll track the reward transactions, employee balances, etc in other tables.

    When they access the app, I’m able to grab their Windows username in my view via


    I can then use that username to match against the Employee.username, return the ObjectSID (the PK), and proceed to use that as the unique ID to store their activities in the app.

    Are there any major hangups that jump out to you with that plan?

    Ultimately, I will have minor data maintenance to do when an employee has a name change (marriage), but that is infrequent enough that I don’t see it as a major issue.

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to approach this differently are appreciated.