manipulation of hardware or software is what active troubleshooting is all about

manipulation of hardware is what active troubleshooting is all about simply put you must know something well enough to manipulate it to a fine degree if you want to be a technician this means having the books, schematics, secrets or whatever necessary to exercise the entire device one piece at a time. Some persons can be much smarter than others at this. today the world is so overcrowded the bosses can pick and choose at will so this world is no longer in the hands of the common man. It will take a world war to give control back to the average human being. These so called bosses are now treating humans like they are in fact machines to be manipulated.

What is now the most active penetration os [closed]

kali was closely based on debian – it gave kali consistency and dependability. Kali is now based on debian bleeding edge testing distro, that makes it a bit more unstable than previous editions and as debian testing makes changes, kali will continue to have problems keeping up with package conflicts and architecture issues. (example ) there are far more documented issues than with a similar debian or ubuntu install. Compare similar custom iso tutorials or instructions to see a larger average number being experienced with kali.

Kali community has changed over the last few years spurring many new penetration operating systems to be created. (per admin- most current pen-test distributions have been developed in the last 3 years than during the rest of backtrack-kali history) Kali community now routinely deletes posts and restricts the reporting of (see above-documented) bugs. History says when a community begins to ignore bugs that is usually the time a new front runner is gaining rapidly. (per admin i.e. Windows overtaken by linux, and windowsCE discontinuing due to too many problems compared to android and ios)

So….who is the new front runner? Which os has the largest TESTED repo of software (per admin- i.e. Arch Linux repository for security professionals with tons of tools.[source: techviral{dot}net). Since the community behind the os is almost more important to the future of the os than the software installed (ie the success of linux is largely attributed to the strong involved and open community)….Which os has the strongest, deepest, most accepting community?

Dracos Linux BlackBuntu BackBox ArchStrike Linux Live Hacking OS Fedora Security Spin Knoppix STD Parrot OS (seems to be moving rapidly to the top as many started to migrate from kali to parrot years ago and that migration seems to be continuing) 

please share good/bad experiences with both the operating systems and the communities that support and maintain.

Does passive perception supersede active perception?

If a player makes an active perception check and it is lower than their passive perception, should we use the passive perception instead?

During our weekly game yesterday the party scout was actively searching for hidden monsters. He rolled poorly and ended up with a 7 on his perception check, seeing nothing. The claim was then made that since his Passive Perception was a 15, he would intuitively notice anything that he didn’t actively spot.

Can a Transmutation Wizard cast ritual transmutation spells to change the active effect of their Stone?

The text for a School of Transmutation wizard’s transmuter’s stone is as follows (PHB p.119):

Each time you cast a transmutation spell of 1st level or higher, you can change the effect of your stone if the stone is on your person.

Does this mean that if a ritual spell such as skywrite (XGE p.165) was cast, the wizard would be able to change what effect their Stone has active?

Is it possible for a caster to have 2 castings of Foresight active?

The Foresight spell specifically includes the following caveat:

This spell immediately ends if you cast it again before its duration ends.

Looking at this, I figured the only way to avoid that issue was to be a Sorcerer with the Twinned Spell metamagic, however, Foresight is not on the Sorcerer’s spell list. I also could not find a way to get it onto their list within the bounds of 20 levels.

Is there any combination of classes or features within the rules that would permit a caster to allow 2 targets (or more) to simultaneously benefit from Foresight?

[Android APP] Gym Buddy – Find a Gym Partner (3200 Active Accounts)

Selling Android APP

What is included in the sale?

  1. Domain:
  2. Full Source Code as received from Developer for the Android APP
  3. Full Server Side Code

What is required to keep the app operational?

  1. All you need is to pay for the Yearly Domain and Hosting Costs which are upto you.

Why are you selling the app?

  1. I don't…

[Android APP] Gym Buddy – Find a Gym Partner (3200 Active Accounts)

Is Tongue of the Sun and Moon an active, or passive effect?

The Monk’s Tongue of the Sun and Moon feature states:

Starting at 13th level, you learn to [touch the ki of other minds] so that you understand all spoken languages. Moreover, any creature that can understand a language can understand what you say.

“Touching the ki” clearly does not require the Monk to physically touch a target. But it does appear to be an active noun. Is “touching the ki” an active, conscious action, or a passive effect that happens all the time?

The new Bilgewater content contains 2 examples of this language, one for a passive effect, and one for an active:

Starting at 7th level, you learn to [exploit a foe’s weak spots], even if they appear to have none. The damage dealt by your firearm, including damage dealt via Firearm Upgrades, ignores resistances and immunities.

At 18th level, you learn to [channel the volatile force of your firearm’s black powder] into a single concussive blast. As a bonus action, you can either throw or set down a small explosive.

Tongue of the Sun and Moon doesn’t list an action, but that’s not to say that it is something that doesn’t require one.

Can my company track my web history when Opera VPN is active?

Today I brought my personal laptop to the office. My laptop connects to the personnel wi-fi automatically (not actual intranet). To mention, my work ID and password are needed to connect this network. I was working on Google Chrome and i wanted to look at something that is not work related, so i opened Opera Browser. And i saw that NSFW url on the tab (it was cached at home and it seems i forgot to close it) I closed the browser as i saw it even before any content was loaded. And now, i am worried about this situation.

The thing is, after i returned home, i opened Opera and i saw Opera VPN was active. And history was clean in working hours (Well, i can’t tell for sure because i am pretty worried so i can’t think straight. And i cleaned the whole history)

Long story short, it was a personal computer (not a work computer). It was on a company network with validation. Opera VPN was open.

1) Is it possible that my visit didn’t get logged in history as i mentioned above ? (due to fact that VPN was trying to start up and i closed the browser immediately)

2) Can Opera attempt to send that request without VPN as i open browser when VPN starts up?

3) Do you think it was logged by my employer?

4) What should i do in this situation? (It was a total mistake, i didn’t attempt to visit any NSFW website at work, i just forgot to close it and i didn’t stay there even a second. I even didn’t get to see if website was blocked or not)

P.S. I am working in a finance sector, so there is full security