Spike in activity with port 3379 (SOCORFS)

My personal IPs on AWS are being scanned for 3379. Apparently, this is SOCORFS, registered to one Hugo Charbonneau. This port is getting scanned a lot more often in recent months: https://isc.sans.edu/port.html?port=3379

Does anyone know what this is? It’s possible someone found a vulnerability in this protocol and we’re not yet publicly aware of it.

UPDATE: I reached out to Hugo, will update if I have information from him.

UPDATE 2: Hugo used to work at Socomar International (over 20 years ago), which was a company who built technology for ship tracking. SOCORFS may be “Soco RFS”. Socomar was dissolved in 2006 though. All content I could find online was that it’s unlikely that this company’s products are widely used today. So, there’s a good chance port 3379 is actually being used for something else, nothing related to SOCORFS.

(kali linux) arp poisoning kills all network activity

I have tried to perform a man in the middle attack on my own smartphone in my home network. Whether i use Ettercap, arpspoof with dsniff. none of them work. i am using kali linux as a virtual machine guest in my windows 7 host. note that i have bridged network on, ”’ip_forward=1”’, and network interface eth0 since i have a bridged network. also when I run the chk_poison plugin in ettercap it says “no poisoning at all :(“é Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something? thanks 🙂

What counts as a “specific goal, event, or activity” for the Divination spell?

The divination spell states:

Similar to augury but more powerful, a divination spell can provide you with a useful piece of advice in reply to a question concerning a specific goal, event, or activity that is to occur within 1 week.

I’m not sure what limitations the language about “a specific goal, event, or activity” imposes. The immediate motivation for this comes from a Kingmaker campaign that I’m currently running. After an attack on their capital, my players came up with the idea of casting divination once a week to ask “Will anything attack our kingdom this week?”

I’m trying to figure out if this is specific enough, and if not, what would be specific enough. On one hand, it’s not a specific event – they aren’t expecting any particular attack. On the other hand, it’s arguably a specific goal – keeping their citizens safe from large-scale threats.

Also, I expect my players to use divination many times during this campaign, so I’d like to know how this language limits the spell beyond this one case.

What type of activity at the WAN port of router can cause massive data uploads, when no devices are connected? [closed]

I have Airtel Broadband PPPoE connection with Public Dynamic IP assigned to my router Dlink DIR 615 (It’s old model and now discontinued). Intermittently I have noticed instances of unusually high uploads from my Internet account. For example in say 10 hours over 80 GB of data gets ‘uploaded’ and against that only a negligible say 100 MB of data gets ‘downloaded’ automatically when no device is connected to the router. I later verified this with data consumption charts available in my account.

I installed data loggers on my mobile phone and no unusual activity or data consumption found. No PC / Laptop connected to the router when it happens. Router is secure, very long complex password WPA2 and WPS disabled. Port & Address restricted firewall, PING on WAN is disabled The massive uploads happen even if I disabled WIFI which means whatever happens, must be at the WAN port.

I contacted ISP and they said is that the connection has physical port binding which means that if another LAN cable is taken out from the hub or whatever device they have at the common area in the apartment complex, no one else can get on to the internet even if they know my PPPoE user id/password. The access is bound to a particular physical port on the ISP’s device.

I am sure this is not a data logging error as whenever it happened, I could see the Internet LED rapidly glowing on the router, so it was for real.

It stops as soon as I reboot the router as it generally takes another Dynamic Public IP from the ISP.

Nothing much found in the router logs. Router does not seem to be able to differentiate between normal uploads/downloads and such instances of massive uploads.

See the screenshot for ISP chart. Yellow bar is upload and brown bar is download.

What kind of activity, if any, at the WAN port of the router can cause massive data uploads when no devices are connected to the router and even WiFi is disabled? From where this data is generated?

enter image description here

Can Guidance give a bonus to activity that takes more than 1 minute?

Can the spell Guidance give a 1d4 bonus to an activity that takes more than 1 minute to complete?

For example, a character may have to find its way through a frozen wastelands. The activity may take several hours, and its success depend on a Wisdom(Survival) check.

Can the character cast Guidance to get a +1d4 to the check?

For completeness, the guidance spell has a duration of 1 minute and states:

You touch one willing creature. Once before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one ability check of its choice. It can roll the die before or after making the ability check. The spell then ends.

Is there a publicly available source/ list of blacklisted emails or emails associated with malicious activity?

I want to build a simple tool that just checks if an email or email domain is risky or not.

Is there a publicly available list of risky emails that I can do a simple cross reference on?

For example, check if the email person@dangerous-hackers.com or the domain dangerous-hackers.com is on one of these lists.

Any ideas?

Weighted Activity Selection Problem with allowing shifting starting time

I have some activities with weights, and I would like to select non overlapping activities by maximizing the total weight. This is known problem and solution exists.

In my case, I am allowed to shift the start time of activities in some extend while duration remains same. This will give me some flexibility and I might increase my utilization.

Example scenario is something like the following:

(start, end, profit) a1: 10 12 120 a2: 10 13 100 a3: 14 18 150 a4: 14 20 100 

Without shifting flexibility, I would choose (a1, a3) and thats it. On the other hand I might shift the intervals by 5 units (In real case even 1000x greater than original task duration) to the left/right. In that case I might come up this schedule and all tasks can be selected.

a1: 8 10 120 (shifted -2 to left) a2: 10 13 100 a3: 14 18 150 a4: 18 23 100 (shifted +4 to right) 

Are there any feasible solution to this problem?

Activity Selection with changable start time

I have been studying a problem in my work and I have reduced my problem to likewise Activity Selection problem. It is a problem that I know and I am familiar with the greedy solution.

However, in my problem, start time of my activities are able to shift(forward or backward) in some extend while the duration still same. Let say 15 minutes. I assume that this might give a better optimization than a traditional problem.

On the other hand, I am not sure how to solve this problem. One idea comes to my mind is like that:

 - Create 30 more activity from -15 min to +15 min for each single original activity which they forms a set of 31  - Run the original greedy search  - Chose only one of each set of 31 item. 

In this sense, there comes another issue, how to chose as in the 3rd step of the algorithm.

I would like to get your comments about my approach. Is it efficient? Would there be any better solution?

Thanks in advance

Where to put an “Activity Log” affordance on a page with fairly high info density?

Rule Builder page


I’m designing a rule builder tool and trying to figure out where to put an “Activity Log” affordance – basically a place where the user can click and see a complete list of the edits that have been made to a specific rule, as well as their timestamps.

Right now it’s located in the “Queue” button (see screenshot), which, when clicked, displays a modal list of all the changes to the rule. However, this doesn’t seem right, because the rest of those CTA’s on the top right are reserved for explicit actions, not necessarily “locations” where the user will be taken.

So I’m wondering where else this affordance can be on the page where it makes sense in terms of UI best practices + principles? It doesn’t really matter if it opens up in a modal or another page.

Also, making it a third tab next to “Live” and “Draft” is not workable because, prior to making a draft, there’s a little “+ Create Draft” button next to the “Live” tab, which creates the Draft tab – so squeezing the Activity Log in there with that interaction happening is kinda tricky.

Anyways, I hope that all makes sense. Thanks for taking a look! Looking forward to your input 🙂