Mandar datos desde un Adapter (RecyclerView) a una Activity

Tengo poca experiencia manejando la herramienta RecyclerView en Android Studio. Si alguien me pudiera ayudar lo agradecería mucho. Gracias!

Planteamiento: Tengo una lista de CardView’s de Productos, cada tarjeta cuenta con la información básica del producto (nombre, precio y cantidad) y una ImageView en la esquina superior derecha que tiene cargada una foto de “Eliminar de la Lista”.

Problema: Al momento de eliminar un producto de la lista, quiero tomar el precio y restarlo al monto total. Ya logro eliminar el item de la lista, pero no restar su precio a la suma total.

Requerimiento: Quiero sacar el precio del producto al momento de darle click en “Eliminar de la lista” en el Adapter y mandarlo a mi Activity para que realice la respectiva resta.

Aclaro que mi Activity contiene la suma general, y en el Adapter llamo a la ImageView de eliminar y bajo la posición indicada tengo que mandar su precio a la Activity.

Espero haberme explicado. Saludos!

“Last Activity” on customer list dashboard

I would like to view a customers “last activity” on my full customer list but there is no option to include it in the view. But I do note that it is an option on the customers now on line report but this report does not give customer names. Ideally I would like to see the last activity noted on my full customer view dashboard. your assistance would be appreciated. thanks

Suspicious SMTP server client activity – non-ASCII queries

I’ve noticed some strange activities from some remote host connected to our SMTP mail server. Queries contains non-ASCII characters, below is the copy of one of them (to each query our server responded with “command not implemented”):

..._)....pz4.H.T7.&...4..rШ./.+.... ..

The hex representation is:

20 00 00 00 5F 29 00 00 00 00 70 7A 34 00 48 00 54 37 00 26 00 00 00 34 00 00 72 D8 00 2F 00 2B 00 00 00 00 20 20 20 20 00 00 

What is the goal of such queries? Is this some kind of security attack / searching for “black doors” or something?

Take turns picking the fitness activity for the week that the group can do together

Take turns picking the fitness activity for the week that the group can do together. Make yourself a log of the whole family’s fitness activities so you can see what you all are accomplishing. Help out each person in your family with discovering an activity they enjoy and are good at. Garcinia Vita Your strength program will differ based on your end goals, so figure out what results you are looking for before beginning a program. In order to keep building muscle, you’re going to want to increase the weight that you’re lifting after a while.

QR code mudar de uma activity para outra Android Studio

Bom dia/noite, gostaria de saber como fazer um QR code para avançar para uma nova actividade no android studio(java), sendo que a minha actividade esta no meu projecto

existe alguma maneira de usar o url do manifest.xml?

estou na actividade A ao ler o QR Code (quero que este QR code tenha uma ligação para uma outra actividade “B”).

Agradeço desde já

Netffos X9 always starts each app / activity as new

I have TP-Link’s Netffos X9 and from the very beginning I noticed a weird thing. Each application or activity is always started as brand new. Always, no matter, if I saw or was using given app just like 5 minutes ago, I see loader screen and a home / startup screen, instead of the one, which I left off.

I’ve been using around a dozen different mobile devices with Android 8.1 and hundreds other with other (older) versions of Android and this is the first time I see such a weird situation.

I have enabled Developers Options and tripple-checked that option Don’t keep activities / Destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it is disabled. I have also checked that a few applications in topic are listed among Developers options > Inactive apps as active. And yet, each time I start it up, they seems to be starting up as freshly new, showing welcome / home / startup screen.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to prevent such behavior?

What are the differences and relations between activity and action?

Software Engineering by Pressman et al says

A process is a collection of activities, actions, and tasks that are performed when some work product is to be created.

An activity strives to achieve a broad objective (e.g., communication with stakeholders) and is applied regardless of the application domain, size of the project, complexity of the effort, or degree of rigor with which software engineering is to be applied.

An action (e.g., architectural design) encompasses a set of tasks that produce a major work product (e.g., an architectural modell.

A task focuses on a small, but well-defined objective (e.g., conducting a unit test) that produces a tangible outcome.

What are the differences and relations between activity and action?


Can my online activity be detected with this set up?

Here’s my situation. In the past several months, I’ve had my credit card information stolen twice and Instagram account hacked into. I’m hoping this is just bad luck, but I’m a little paranoid now because of how frequent this has occurred in recent months. It got me thinking about my home network setup.

I frequently work from home with a company computer. The computer is connected to my company network via a secure connection using an Aruba network device (which has hardwire and wireless capability). This device is hard wire connected to my personal home router, which in turn is hardwire connected to my personal home modem.

I rarely if ever use my work computer for personal web browsing, online purchases, social media, etc. Obviously, however, I use my personal computer and phone to connect to my personal WiFi network for these things.

With this work/home setup, is it any way possible that someone on the other end of my work network can see my online activity and/or retrieve sensitive information when I’m using my personal devices on my personal network?

work computer --> Aruba --> home router --> home modem personal devices ------------^