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ZFS Snapshot size exceed actual data Size

I have an issue with the ZFS snapshots

I’m trying to keep only last 7 days of the snapshots but still, snapshot-size exceeds original data size

Do you have any idea?

[root@rds1 ~]# zfs list -o space -r pool NAME                  AVAIL   USED  USEDSNAP  USEDDS  USEDREFRESERV  USEDCHILD pool                  1.25T   142T        0B    205K             0B       142T pool/Lab              1.25T   142T     89.2T   52.5T             0B         0B pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  5.33M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  4.56M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  4.99M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  4.66M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  4.95M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -   160G         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -   698M         -       -              -          - pool/Lab@autosnapdaily   -  47.8M         -       -              -          - [root@rds1 ~]#  

Thank you Nasir

Is there any actual data about websites using parallax scrolling?

There are a LOT of opinions and personal anecdotes about parallax scrolling websites, but there seems to be very little actual data. So can anyone share the results of user testing a parallax website? Or A/B testing a parallax version of a site against a non-parallax version for conversion? Or any other form of evidence not based on your personal experience and preferences?

The only thing I’ve been able to find so far is this graduate thesis from Purdue University. It showed that the parallax version was superior in “fun” but otherwise equal to the non-parallax version, which somehow has been interpreted as a point against parallax scrolling websites.

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Make a list of up servers and pass that list to work with my actual playbook?

I have an ansible playbook as shown below and it works fine most of the times. But recently what I am noticing is it is getting stuck on some of the servers from ALL group and just sits there. It doesn’t even move forward to other servers in the ALL list.

# This will copy files --- - hosts: ALL   serial: "{{ num_serial }}"   tasks:       - name: copy files         shell: "(ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no 'ls -1 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/copy/stuff/*' | parallel -j20 'scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no{} /data/records/')"        - name: sleep for 5 sec         pause: seconds=5 

So when I started debugging, I noticed on the actual server it is getting stuck – I can ssh (login) fine but when I run ps command then it just hangs and I don’t get my cursor back so that means ansible is also getting stuck executing above scp command on that server.

So my question is even if I have some server in that state, why not just Ansible times out and move to other server? IS there anything we can do here so that ansible doesnt pause everything just waiting for that server to respond.

Note server is up and running and I can ssh fine but when we run ps command it just hangs and because of that ansible is also hanging.

Is there any way to run this command ps aux | grep app on all the servers in ALL group and make a list of all the servers which executed this command fine (and if gets hang on some server then time out and move to other server in ALL list) and then pass on that list to work with my above ansible playbook? Can we do all this in one playbook?

Do I need to hold an actual copper piece in order to cast Detect Thoughts?

The “Detect Thoughts” spell has as its material component “a copper piece”. (Yet another in the long list of punny material components.) The rules for material components say,

Casting some spells requires particular objects, specified in parentheses in the component entry. A character can use a component pouch or a spellcasting focus (found in “Equipment”) in place of the components specified for a spell. But if a cost is indicated for a component, a character must have that specific component before he or she can cast the spell.

Does requiring “a copper piece” mean that a “cost is indicated” and so it requires one to actually be holding a coin, rather than just using a spellcasting focus or component pouch? Usually a cost being indicated is worded like “something worth at least 25 gp”, so since this isn’t phrased as “a copper piece worth 1 cp” or even “a one-cp coin” I’m not sure that it means that a “cost is indicated”. It seems to more just be describing a random object associated with the spell like other “normal” spell material components. But then again, I can see a good argument that a coin used for currency would be the most straightforward way of indicating a cost that there is.

Obviously in general adventurers won’t usually have a lot of trouble finding a copper piece during their travels, but I could imagine some circumstances where it would be inconvenient for a spellcaster to need to dig a coin out of their pouch while their spellcasting focus is already in hand.

Update the actual file associated with a file entity while keeping the fid?

Media module provides a generic.png file that it copies into /sites/default/media-icons/generic. That file is used on my site ~300 times, but I’d like to replace it with another PNG. Is it possible to replace the actual file that is associated with that file entity? Ideally I’d keep the generic.png name, but I can use an updated file name if needed.

I’ve tried simply replacing the file in /sites/default but that had no effect.