Hi, would anybody know what the file name must be for adding html code to a child theme. for example, must the file be custom.php or custom.js

function my_scripts_method() { wp_enqueue_script(       'custom-script',       get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . "/js/custom_script.js        array( 'query' ),'',true );           } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_custom_script.js' ); 

Ive tried putting this code in functions.php and header.php to call the javascript. doesn’t work

The countdown javascript animation is in a file named custom_script.js in a folder named js, which is in the child theme folder named wpbdemo. The animation also had css and html, but that is working I think, as the countdown template is showing, its just not doing any movement. So, I think its the javascript code not working. The css is in style.css file and the html is in footer.php.

MS SQL Creating Tables and Adding Values by a Trigger

I have a table for products. They have product name, id, and quantity. By using a trigger whenever I insert a product to this table for example id =145, quantity= 10 I want that existing table get updated and the quantity of the item with an existing id will be decreased by one and autmatically by the trigger we will create a new table only 2 columns, id and quantity, and it will be id=145, quantity =10. How can I do this?

Adding arbitrary data via wp_style_add_data?

I stumbled across wp_style_add_data while reading though someone else’s code. I can see a list of keys that the function accepts and trying to add my own data-foo for example didn’t product any output however title did

Is there a filter to add any arbitrary key into this function? I tried following the source down but didn’t find anything

Pagespeed insight score low after adding Googel Analytics & Adsense [closed]

I Added google analytics and adsense code in my html. After that my Google Page Speed Insight score becomes 65 from 90+. Is there anything I could do to optimize both these.

Insight link –


Prevent block editor from adding overlap by default to columns

When I create a new columns block, the editor adds the overlap option by default, so the class “is-style-twentytwentyone-columns-overlap” gets added.

I do not want this, but I can’t seem to get rid of it although the class is not in my inc/block-patterns.php file.

I’m using a created child theme for Twenty Twenty One theme.

I also tried to unregister the block style with custom js file:

wp.domReady(() => {     wp.blocks.unregisterBlockStyle('core/columns', 'twentytwentyone-columns-overlap'); } ); 

Here I can not see the option anymore to choose it, but when creating new columns it’s still added by default.

Any idea on how to get the columns without overlap by default please?

Adding block programmatically to InnerBlocks

I am building a tab-style block, where you can choose tab in a header and enter the content in the section. For section, I am using InnerBlocks where you can insert specific "Tab" blocks separately created. I set InnerBlocks property templateLock to ‘all’, so user cannot add tabs via usual interface. Instead, when "new tab" is clicked in header area, new Tab block should be programmatically inserted (via dispatch('core/editor').insertBlock()). This works only when Innerblocks template is not locked. Any solutions? Unlock then lock Innerblocks? How? Is there more elegant solution?

Possibility of adding meta description to harvester engine settings ?


i have a new question. 

Is it possible to use the “Aditional header / settings”  optin in the harvester setitngs to also grab meta description/ or meta title  when harvesting urls?

And can i display it (the description) in the main window?

Why –  in my experience it is MUCH easier to understand if a site is or is not relevant from URL AND meta description than from just url alone.
so, its way faster to filter out bad results.


Problem with the Table function when adding together

I am a newbie, I have a problem with the Table. Can anyone explain to me understand? For example> I did the expression Qk1, Qk2 with table function such : Qk1=Table[A[[i+1,1]].B,{i,0,4], Qk2=Table[C[[i+1,1]].D,{i,0,4] and then make Qk=Qk1+Qk2.

When I call again Qk to calculate another expression Mk=Qk[[i+1,1]].X, it only understands that Qk is Qk1 if I change Qk[[i+1,1]] to Qk[[i+1,2]] it understands that Qk now is Qk2.

For clearly: Results from Qk1={a,b,c,d}, and Qk2={e,f,g,h} => Qk={a+e,b+f,c+g,d+h} When calculating Mk=Qk[[i+1,1]].X the result is Mk={ax,bx,cx,dx} while Mk=Qk[[i+1,2]].X the result is Mk={ex,fx,gx,hx}. Following logically,It should be Mk={(a+e)x,(b+f)x,(c+g)x,(d+h)x}

Adding Tracking Details for Advanced Shipment Tracking Plugin without order details in complete order email

I am using Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin from Zorem and I want to include only tracking information in complete order email without order details but I can not separate them while editing "astra/woocommerce/emails/customer-completed-order.php." but they both are under the action " do_action( ‘woocommerce_email_order_details’, $ order, $ sent_to_admin, $ plain_text, $ email );" I wanted to know how can I just keep the tracking info without order details. Thanks