Adding two BCD codes

enter image description here

Why is the correction I showed on the picture there? I was teached that i have to do correction when the digit is bigger than 9 and it isnt.

Does it have anything to do that I carried number from there to next digit? But then I was teached that in BCD code I cannot say if correction is needed based on the carry, I can only do that in Excess 3 code.

I am getting very confused with those things and if somebody has one good place where I can get some info about subtracting those number that I would appreciate that. I can find many places but none of them are complete and somehow they are all different

How can I stress my players’ resources while making the stressors feel natural without simply adding more combat encounters?

In a weekly campaign I’ve been running my players have recently reached levels where they are obtaining some of their core abilities. One of my players is a druid, who has chosen the wild shape-focused Circle of the Moon. Now that he can transform into a brown bear as a bonus action his character has made me notice a flaw in my session design: my characters seem to never be at a loss for abilities, spells, and the like. Encounters – combat encounters especially – are always too easy for them.

I should point out that this is my fault, not theirs – if anything they are taking fewer rests than what would probably be considered normal. I find fitting in the recommended number of combat encounters to be immersion breaking. Tossing so many random combat encounters at a group who is making a day trip to kill an ogre harassing a nearby farming village feels very manufactured. The timescale also feels a bit prohibitive – running into so many hostile groups in a single adventuring day seems odd.

The focus of my campaign is the story, not combat. Combat-heavy segments are definitely within scope, likely solving the problems I’ve mentioned, but they will not always be appropriate. I am specifically interested in solutions for when combat-heavy play is not a good option.

How can I stress my players’ resources while making the stressors feel natural without simply adding more combat encounters?

Adding domain name to a Vultr managed WordPress website

I have a managed WordPress instance on Vultr. I was able to access the website fine with its ip address. Now after adding the domain, I can’t access the website, “this site can’t be reached, server IP address could not be found.” The ip address does indeed redirect to the domain name though.

I’ve followed all the steps on the Vultr documentation,

I’ve changed the site url & home url in WordPress, and followed all the steps provided in this vultr discussion as well,

In Google domains, I have added both A and AAAA resource records.

What else have I missed?

Adding a “Delete Row” Button to Infopath form on SharePoint Online asking for Admin Approval

Been looking for a solution to add a “delete row button” for each row on a repeated table form. Migrated over to SharePoint Online but since InfoPath is being depreciated by 2026 some of the InfoPath toggles that was in Central Admin (as is Central Admin) is gone from SP Online.

I get this error Error when publishing from InfoPart when I tried to publish a form where I used the edit code button (for a button element) and added this code:


It works perfectly sand-boxed but since sand-boxed solutions have also been depreciated I suppose I am getting this error. Is there a way around this or another solution to make a ‘Delete Row” button in a Repeated Table Form? Yes I have Farm/Admin rights. SP Online, InfoPath 2013.

SharePoint adding -Grp to the end of site names

I’ve made a couple of sites on SharePoint before, but now when I try to edit the name of one or create a new one, SharePoint says the name is available in my organization, but then appends “-Grp” to the end of the name. For instance, if I name the site “My New SP Site,” SharePoint says that is available, but then names the site “My New SP Site -Grp” instead.

I’ve never seen this before. Does anyone know why it’s doing this or how I can stop it from appending to the ends of site names? I tried researching the issue but haven’t found any similar cases.

user gets access denied when adding new document in folder

In my SharePoint 2013 environment I have a site where the admin user group has design rights + security management rights. A readers permission group has read access on the site. I have a document library with one folder. On the folder I break the inheritance and give the readers group contribute access.

When the user from the readers groups wants to add a new document (Ribbon –> new document –> document) he gets a pop-up with an access denied message.

Why can’t the user add a new document with contribute access?

Adding manual iptables rules to UFW

I have a use case that needs iptables’ ability to restrict a rule to a group id (–gid-owner). Ufw doesn’t have support for this in its rule syntax.

From my experiments and reading online (e.g. UFW rules disappear after manually adding them to user.rules ubuntu 16.04) it seems ufw will reject any manually-added iptables rules. That is to say, I can edit /etc/ufw/user.rules and add -A ufw-user-output ... --gid-owner ... but because it’s not prefixed with a magic ufw-correct comment (since no such syntax exists), it’s ignored and erased.

Do I have to pick one of ufw or iptables or is there a way I can get the best of both worlds?